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  1. Julynda Josefa Antiporda

    Wow u soh cool 😊👍 i subscrlbed

  2. Julius M.

    I remember supporting it on Kickstarter with the hope to get it for my PS4. But it didn't made it to Ps4. :(

  3. DreamToon - Official Channel

    Praying that everyone falls asleep quickly and has a peaceful sleep. Hope you all wake up happy and well rested 😜🍊😍😜😆

  4. Allen Naorem


  5. Napoléon I Bonaparte

    Modern Christian parable, “Parable of the Pizza Thief”.

  6. Toca Family ☆

    My stomach.

  7. Smile Gate

    I wonder how the females use the invention

  8. david roblox

    Jupiter and satern are just gas

  9. Trishia Temporal

    dad the god of ladders

  10. Ruv


  11. shaidatus solehah ahmad jamil

    you are good ok

  12. Tdoyr

    More barbershop quartet

  13. the-guy-with-pc

    I only just now noticed that his name is Oscar

  14. GlaringFerret

    so many questions. such little time

  15. 蜡笔小新

    呜呜呜😍💋💝💖❤ 很棒的视频👌👌👌,太棒了,你是一个很棒的频道。绝对棒👍👍👍

  16. DreamToon - Official Channel

    Whoever is reading this I just want to say that hey you're not alone. Stay connected 🍊😘🍊😘

  17. Ee Weีปสกอำ


  18. C_Burrow28


  19. ThatOneGuyFromSchool

    We should do it

  20. unforgetable0chaos

    wow they really put the fun in the funeral

  21. 人間失格

    Finally, a prank that also acts as a PSA. Not that that would be required, but it would be good to see how many people fall for it when they realize its 'free'.

  22. RaPZaD

    Oh that’s funny?

  23. GamerKing2020 | Casual Gaming

    That last bit had my dying harder- I mean louder- I mean- never mind....

  24. AvatarRaziel92

    Unexpectet but damm good

  25. ChA0TiC_iDi0T  ͡(ಥ ͜ʖ ͡ಥ)

    The last one.. made me cry of laughter. xD

  26. Joshua Richards

    Technically he didn’t steal food becuase there wasn’t any in it, so the pizza man is just angry for no reason.

  27. r12esh

    But i really ordered a pizza

  28. Marshall Mathers

    2:36 3:22

  29. Ron C

    I ordered the Stab Factory book back in 12/18/2017. What I enjoy about these comic books is that it never gets boring. It's always funny. I still have the book too. :)

  30. Ron C

    Spelled "milk" wrong. There's no "E" in milk.

  31. Ron C

    Also maybe somewhere on that box is a hidden camera.

  32. Gavo Moya

    0:35 🤣😂 :)

  33. daniel suarez

    bruh i can comment on my school chromebook lol since when?

  34. 45 Potato

    Here to teach morale lessons and instill fear!

  35. 45 Potato

    Forget ironman

  36. Nayef not funny

    But im stealing to feed the hungry meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  37. are u winning son?

    How every anti police people think the police is like

  38. XCAL 345

    People who disturb food robot should be punished

  39. XCAL 345

    It's a nice way tho

  40. The Bacon

    Jaws but that one rifle guy with a moustache doesn't die

  41. byczykotlet

    anyway, this guy is spending his time better than me waiting for graphics cards to be at normal prices

  42. byczykotlet

    ...and car theft is also not the best, and stealing your enemy's life already sounds better, but stealing virginity is already a legendary feat

  43. Adrian Dayao

    No hands classic 😂😂

  44. P. Johnson

    They disliked it but we did

  45. Henry Gerecke

    The dude on the couch resembles me

  46. Tucker Dunkel

    Never play pretend!

  47. 101 Gaming

    For sure one of the best videos on youtube

  48. pan cake

    Were​ so​ pround of​ trolley​ tom:)​

  49. Aaron Clark

    That’s creepy

  50. Georgie Ippolito

    someone should actually do this!

  51. Dust Toh

    The pizza is already in his house the moment he open the door...

  52. Sweet Like Honey

    Now just imagine this, but with Chris Pratt

  53. OverdoseBeats

    Hated this until I saw the negotiator

  54. Onion Evil

    turns out Pizza man is actually jigsaw

  55. Mike McConeghy


  56. Corey Colas

    I was wondering why Mr bitch was so goddamn thicc

  57. Lisya Albo

    Baby:*says fuck* Parents:*are happy and join him* Me:wtf

  58. The Unkown

    Maybe put dog

  59. Shad0w_InSpace

    dont curse kids

  60. cayman03

    So simple

  61. JammieBear

    This is the kind of thing a social experiment youtuber would do even though its obviously faked

  62. Max Ball

    I went Jason Bourne on a nurse at 13 when she didnt warn me about a shot.... that was 27 years ago... wonder how she healed up?

  63. just another commenter.

    cindy is a dude. dudeeee

  64. Andrew Caballero


  65. JellyfishJames

    Didn't even tip, that's disrespectful.

  66. Tincho


  67. Dillon Banh

    Still waiting on my free pizza from Domino's 😂

  68. SMToon Surprise

    He just goes from house to house to shame everyone who decide to take the pizza

  69. OutlawedgamerX

    mario has been been replaced chris pratt

  70. Poophead 27

    I got notified 6 DAYS LATER HRaero WTH

  71. Dramatic Ass

    free pizza

  72. Rising Lords

    Stealing pizza is a war crime

  73. André Felipe

    I just want to say that I'm addicted to this video. I keep rewatching it every week since the release and can't stop repeating I'm my mind "SEEEEEDS BRO" 😂 🤣 😂 🤣 😂. I even share every week on my WhatsApp Status, because I want to spread this MASTERPIECE to the world as much as I can. Thank you for this C&H 😍

  74. Pizza Time

    Some might say its *insert my username here*

  75. lupulinfinit

    2nd story ending was so unexpected.

  76. Mike Raja


  77. Mike Raja


  78. Mike Raja


  79. Mike Raja

    hail satan