Cyanide & Happiness Compilation - #7


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    What a handsome compilation!

    Harry The Handsome Butcher
    Final Test
    Vending Machine
    Sexy Car Wash
    Circus Trick
    Waiting for the Bus
    Harry the Handsome Butcher 2
    Step on a Crack
    Pull My Finger

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    1. crafter Kelly


    2. Kayvonn Jackson

      That plane one really got me

    3. Minehead Blockfeet

      We now now that Harry the handsome butcher can move his face without muscles

    4. That, Scrub,

      How to make 1/4 of an hour last one minute.

    5. Å.T.L.Å.S


    6. Pixel King

      The dude who pushed his finger was out for blood

    7. The Duke

      The 50 MPH Man was more cyanide than happiness

    8. Lin Stevin

      The bus driver too

    9. Lin Stevin

      And dead

    10. Lin Stevin

      50mph man regains his super speed power as 50 years old

    11. king exploiter seven

      6:51 this was just so sad man

    12. dont need to know

      #2 reason I don't go to the movies.

    13. LOL Look at my YouTube picture

      Harry the fucking butcher

    14. LOL Look at my YouTube picture

      Do another Jurassic Park video

    15. LOL Look at my YouTube picture

      Spider-Man is a bitch

    16. Daizy

      13:51 i thought she was gonna say step on a rock break your daddy co-_-

    17. leo lol maniac

      5:36 PLOT TWIST! the people who watched the circus show are lions.

    18. Will Huey

      14:09 would have been better if it had been the mailman or a milkman.

    19. Cow Onaboat

      The sound effects after the shorts like the barf during the lion circus one could’ve been a visitor in the crowd barfing after seeing the disgusting sight of two dead people and even for others the sound affect is basically a after credit seen.

    20. Junie Quinones

      You made my night better

    21. Mason Varnum

      I wish for my actual rl to be as easy as the runners.

    22. Kayden Clark

      12:10 JOE MAMA

    23. demoman suffering gaming

      You know what!? Screw this *un pulls your finger* 15:15

    24. Ibad Ur rehman

      I love that “must be a Monday!” Is basically a meme to explosm entertainment now

    25. Austen Chen

      If only the bus had gone 500mph, then 50mph would still be alive

    26. AI

      2:10 is like my dreams

    27. The weird squad leader

      The movie one is SO realistic BC I ALWAYS HAVE THAT 💀

    28. Lava Beast

      8:34, notice in the background, everyone is making the same face

    29. Leyon'Dre

      The loin should have just breathe through his nose

    30. Realcjace082

      what the there is another neon wolf

    31. Y0UR_M3RCENARY

      50 mph man is really sad

    32. Widbud

      50 mile man already beats the flash

    33. Erik Muniz

      Chuck's Anus Gets Pain: 15:25

    34. Peach Kun


    35. Yelena Gura


    36. Mike Jones


    37. MsBright Eyez

      The vending machine 🤣🤣

    38. theggmaster

      Bruh 1:59 was one of the best parts of this video

    39. L U M I D I U S

      50 mile per hour man and pull my finger has to be my favorite

    40. -Kevin Da Bacon- 10 years ago

      50 miles per hour man vs lightning Mcqueen

    41. JasonYT1219

      I don't understand the last part can u tell me?

    42. Harrison Love

      50 miles per hour man cries like a little bitch Xd

    43. Menzi Ndebele


    44. Topaz Nebula

      12:12 Harry the handsome butcher pog?

    45. The Killer Clown

      Why is there a jail NEXT TO THE LEFT OF A BANK???

    46. Sophisticated Axolotl

      The 50mph man was such a sad story.

    47. can pweas be my fweind? ٩(๑òωó๑)۶

      😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂it's funny

    48. Alastor

      Bank next to the prison is good idea

    49. Annie Harrison

      The captions are all messed up and not saying what the person said, or they're missing some parts completely. Also, the grammar and timing on the video are totally off. I love these videos, but they just need to be more accessible. Thanks!

    50. Murchie Adriam

      (Pushes on his finger) Me: WAIT! THATS ILLEGAL!

    51. Kirbö Mäins

      Testing testing 1 2 3 Y O U H A V E A I D S

    52. Human Haker9

      Hello Skedadudlers

    53. Baka zero

      50 mph man would have better luck in grey hound racing.

    54. DaBabyMan

      Whenever Harry the handsome butcher plays I sit think Chad Bradley

    55. A Youtube channel

      The short from 6:53 - 11:07 hit pretty damn hard.

    56. Minily

      The 50mph guy skit is the saddest skit I’ve seeen

    57. Zach

      These fuckers know how to make you laugh, cringe and cry lmao

    58. Strider whiston

      the subtitles are so shit lmfao

    59. Crazy Mega02

      the animation of the guy running at 50mph was the first one that I've evere saw and it made me cry all day back in 2013

    60. The Cat Channel

      1:33 god damn he turned into aggravated SCP-096

    61. youtubeus ername1

      The super power to reverse must be probably one of the best ones. Go to a far away place, then when you return, just reverse. You will get the fuel back and the car will be as new as when you left. Reverse gravity and you will have anti-gravity. Reverse the rotation of earth and the humanity will be destroyed in just seconds. Reverse time and boom, you can cowboy the fuck out of T-Rex

    62. Dank2015


    63. NGFL YT Official

      6:19 This is where the lip bite originated from (Look closely at the girl's mouth)

    64. No name needed🦋✨

      I love how unpredictable these are

    65. Jeremy Roersma

      15:47 but it says explosm not implosm

    66. Johnny H

      In regards to “Pull My Finger” like the great poet Sonic the Hedgehog once said; “Huh, neat!”

      1. Johnny H

        @Fat Penguin Dad? Is that you?

      2. Fat Penguin

        Shut the fuck up

    67. Jason Voorhees


    68. BruvdontYT


    69. Danardo Brown

      The dude that pulled tho

    70. DELTA 5 [Damascus Squadron]

      Heck the roadkill washer wouldn't have been scared of the bugs... cyanide and happiness logic i guess

    71. Luke Belgiovane

      Bro mad he lost a foot race to a f-1 race car😂

    72. Evolutia

      I assumed "SH" stood for "Shit Head" lol.

    73. Slibbee


    74. TriggK4T.011

      you may be the fastest man on earth but you aint beating the indy 500 only going 50mph

    75. Carlo Pineda

      When I first saw pull my finger I was so confused to what happend to the other people that had been sucked

    76. Nagham Jamal

      I really really really enjoyed "waiting for the bus"

    77. Ethan Doire-Borek


    78. BK Khasake

      Harry the handsome butcher killed me 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    79. Worldwide railfanning productions


    80. Neonflash61

      "Waiting For The Bus" Has To Be The Darkest One Yet Because The 50mph Man Had To Risk His Own Life To Win All The Races (by the way the ending was kinda funny)

    81. Harold VR

      1:58 YOU HAVE AIDS!

    82. revan skywolf

      How much does a superhero

    83. Gamer Player1

      What idiot would put a jail near a bank?

    84. RacingBruh

      He is died because he's runed on a wall and he's dead now and is so 😭😭😭

    85. Eric Castelazo


    86. JARREDCE

      Can u beat joe high score

    87. Samyar Inanloo

      50 mph man story was a real toxic 😪.

    88. The Engineer

      I feel so bad for the quick fast boy wonder

    89. Hayden Yanson


    90. buddy's channel

      The fastest man in the world was a little sad and happy and was he really fast before or not and why did he try kill himself

    91. John Page

      13:19 two aliens

    92. Oofy Oof

      “YOU HAVE AIDS” -Doctor Testing

    93. Julia :3

      5:07 - Fredbear in Bite of 83 be like

    94. Purp Pancake

      May you Rest In Peace 50 mph man

    95. Amanda Boughton

      When the butcher took off his face Me AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAhhhhhh

    96. Patrick_is_a_god

      The alien one got me

    97. Bag

      "This trick is perfectly safe... for me"

    98. Luiz Henrique Schlender

      I always sing: Harry, The Handsome Butcher

    99. Greeber