Cyanide & Happiness Compilation - Wholesome


947 tis. pregleda524

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    A nice and peaceful compilation of wholesome shorts :)

    Cyanide and Happiness delivers daily comics to your face-hole on since 2005!

    The Dump
    The Waterpark
    High Noon
    Don't Talk
    The Dookie Boys

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    1. Kishor Biswas

      Do the dookey boys world broke the reality at the end or I'm just stupid? 😟

    2. RandomMasacist

      I forgot Summer 96 is prob best short

    3. thermal kermit

      clickbait >:(

    4. why creepy

      F*** Samsu‌ng

    5. MiMikyu Games

      2:25 put 1.57x speed


      eyo what the fuuuuuck

    7. SgtChip6356

      Cyanide and Happiness, he only place there's a Mexican Standoff with pirate ships and MP5 wielding soldiers. And that's where the Happiness comes in. It's a happy place for us.

    8. Nikhil Gowda

      The treasure skit was definitely boring

    9. {PFG} Professor Frankly Gaming

      1:51 wander if someone look at that and said, GAY

    10. anony

      wholesome in C&H include deaths, very wholesome indeed.

    11. Skipper

      0:25 this man teach us that wherever you need to follow the rule to put your trash in a trash can

    12. Colby

      The Dookie Boys

    13. Legitimate

      3:12 how did i just guess that he was gay.

      1. Legitimate


      2. Legitimate


      3. Legitimate


    14. The Dorkey Tree

      The treasure one hit hard. Damn….

    15. The Dorkey Tree

      Is it bad that I actually wanted them to end bad

    16. Dulaman

      wait. that's illegal.

    17. HI DE

      I wish that they change the credit scene music when the video is wholesome ರ╭╮ರ

    18. Notfie


    19. Varun Gupta

      That kid in the comma was homophobic, that's why it was wholesome.

    20. Gamer And Cager


    21. Cheese Farmer

      If only my coming out went that smoothly

    22. khalyllife


    23. pan cake

      For​ some​ reason​ the​ most​ whole-​some​ one​ isnt​ in​ here

    24. Vizzini

      Love how the dad threw a paper in a trashcan.... in the dump

    25. shadowsa2b

      I would ruin a movie if it meant i got to ride around in a giant woman's cleavage lol

    26. ☞𝕟𝕠𝕠𝕕𝕝𝕖𝕤☕☽#5863

      Who watch them as a child 🤭

    27. Barnetta Johnson

      always been my fav.. this is great.

    28. chimyshark

      In the friendship treasure clip, the first cowboy is voiced by Shark Rad!

    29. ShadowSlay3r111

      So, anyone know the music on that western one?

    30. Ben Nasseri

      1:40 and that son, is how I met your mother

    31. Hailscope

      dookie boys 2?

    32. Augustus Rojas

      I want five seasons of dookeie boys on Netflixs

    33. Meow Meow

      Person drowns: “many have died for gay marriage” is what i got out of it

    34. Jake Jonasen

      Teh treasure one hit ma feelers

    35. fludd 63

      The real treasure was family

    36. Loretta Henson


    37. Dire Raven

      Bill jones

    38. EH

      Okay how did the Pimp get in

    39. Takenshadow

      8:03 so thats how it started

    40. Awi Sintaro

      The fact that he has a trash bin in the dump is wholesome

    41. Heith Helton

      High noon best one ever made

    42. 盧俸蓮


    43. Matthew Cole

      I'm crying on the first one.


      5:02 that’s gotta be the best goddamn pirate I’ve ever seen

    45. Big Chino 414

      Kinda unfunny now big fan tho

    46. Chris the Trans

      Trevor is really lucky to have such accepting parents, wish I could relate. Sadly when I came out my parents weren't so accepting

    47. •[]Hanta Sero[]•

      The kid screaming when they are reading the water slide 😂😂😂

    48. GeckoCraft

      The summer 96 one was actually sad

    49. TMM

      Why is there a trash bin in a junkyard?

    50. microoowave

      1:46 there is a mistake here. In the scene the door is open into the stall, but in the next angle it closes from outside the stall.

      1. Right Boy KA-POW

        Whow, I never noticed that! Not gonna lie, my brain actually froze for a moment while trying to understand that something's wrong. 😂😂

    51. NamBam

      Where the HELL is AIRPLANE DAD

    52. Benas Granskas


    53. Adolfo Quispe

      Imagine ur mom has brown and and ur dad and the baby has blonde hair ummmmm and yea how DID he get there lol its cool also the bigger questoin is how is it filling uptheres no pipes or anything also where was the arrows and the knife jokes also they ran out of fuel and can't they get them there and they look so weird breaking 4th wall u broke a rule from the book the dookie boys bru

    54. give_meat


    55. International Harvester

      That kid probably would have died in the slide

    56. Georgie

      So wholesome a kid drowning.

    57. QERX

      I hope they get a new house

    58. Alex_W1308

      Why does high noon make me cry every time?

    59. dragonfist 119

      3:54 now that wasn't very wholesome🤨

    60. juan estrada

      Ok I loved the 3rd one it was nice

    61. Og Slammmer

      Does no one care for the guy in the slide

    62. Gino Jansen

      Very wholesome i loved the part where some kid prob drowned in the "," almost brought tears to my eyes

    63. Mofe Ephraim Koloh

      Kind of funny how there's a trash can in a junk yard😂

    64. The Bean Boy

      The Saddest part Was in The Dump

    65. Frog Boi

      Impossible he must be mind controlled!

    66. Roger Counts

      Those commas man' i always hated them because i never knew where to put them,

    67. Roger Counts

      What is this prison? You cant just pull a checkard board out of ur ass

    68. the_nerd

      1:50 that what they are do in the restroom stall

    69. Millsy 19

      Yes everyone has a checkers board when goin to a long ass restroom

    70. IloveJell0

      oh so thats what that guy and girl where doing in the restroom stall, but it sounded like she was trying to chew on the checker board though.

    71. Fatima Sesay

      Can u create a short that shows what happened to the kid stuck in the comma??

    72. Unorganized

      5:22 LOL when you find an island u.s. government be like that

    73. E E

      1:30 why yes I do too keep a box of checkers in my back

    74. Dimples

      Beautiful how there was a trash can at a dump site

    75. Bobby

      Dookie boys predicted Wanda vision

    76. Rodriguez Family

      1:52 I was expecting a unexpected event to take place

    77. phantom the diamond back

      Oh this is gonna be short

      1. phantom the diamond back

        Pun intended

    78. Evan Landis

      8:19 YEA BOIII

    79. Logan Roberts

      I like how it said wholesome but I already got to the second one occupied at the ending that was not wholesome

    80. Just some random bird with internet access

      There was a perfectly good schoolbus they could shelter in

    81. Saidscoot

      Not cyanide and happiness Just happiness

    82. Moosh

      sad noises*

    83. Bobby

      Court was built around the car

    84. Garçon

      I love how the guy throws away paper in a trash can at a dump

    85. 0:25 did did he just throw something in the trash... At the dump

    86. Steve Marley

      Nice tune at the end

    87. clavelhernan yahoo1345

      just copy the photo im sure the other world has a duplicator

    88. Vikavolt

      1:48 God damit

    89. bigdaws321

      I never thought I would see cyanide and happiness have a wholesome compilation.

    90. An Epic Man

      The summer of '96 one is so wholesome

    91. ᏉwᏉ

      When you come out it’s like building a torture slide for yourself/everyone who experiences your pain because of your ruminating, and when you come out before you know who you are it’s like being stuck in a comma, all because you thought you’re parents didn’t give a shit about you, and then you realize they couldn’t give a shit who lubes your tubes let alone remember after getting Alzheimer’s in a decade from now.

    92. CubecAnimations

      Girls in the toilet be like 1:45

    93. random gamer489

      HOW IS tHe dOoKIe BOoyS WhOlEsOmE

    94. Ramzplayz

      Man I love these

    95. Rex Graphics мσтιση ɗєѕιgηєя

      What's the music on 6:10?

    96. Ciara Foxx

      That Dukes of Hazard parody could have been a real episode

    97. Depressed Lynel

      I feel like there’s a resident evil joke in don’t talk

    98. Nullblaster The Voidmaker

      Anyone else feel bad for that sherrif?