Cyanide & Happiness Compilation - #3


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    Wow, compilation #3! Which short was your favorite?!
    (We don't actually care... or do we)?

    Tell My Wife
    Totally Forgot
    The Beard
    The Wardrobe
    Public Bathroom
    Ted Bear
    Put 'Em Down
    Mother's Day Cake
    Man's Best Friend

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    1. polynumerous

      *Put em down* so many parents in 2021 like this

    2. melothegamer

      20:01 Wat the fuck just happend😐😑

    3. froggo 7

      I give everything to live in that food island alone..

    4. Liwiathan

      Bear Grillis is a pos

    5. Jax Myers


    6. Arthur Pitman

      What do you guys smoke befor makeing your shorts

    7. Gene

      The tampons XD

    8. Michal Baranowski


    9. gogo daal

      You want to take this outside?

    10. ZsaZsa De Guzman

      I love the captions

    11. Haunt AJ

      The Put Em' Down one was great. FURRY POWER YALL

    12. CanShades

      Please someone turn T H E B E A R D into a SCP

    13. Stephen Lyons

      Actually, it's " firedash " , sums up that generation.

    14. Dante Starks


    15. Dante Starks


    16. Leah Rose

      i really miss this era

    17. King Prater

      5:34 MAH BOI!!!!

    18. KoneWick

      They say Firedash still lives on in those waters 👁👄👁

    19. Usman Sysavane

      Am I the only one who thought Ted bear was hallucinating all the while

    20. The Soliloquist

      'Dessert'ed island.. just got that..

    21. นโม อุษาพันธ์ เลขที่ 14

      It not just a Beard , Is A Beard Parasite boi.

    22. Aden_nation

      sus aaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

    23. Newmoonclaw

      I'm a furry and this made me laugh.

    24. Gecko Gaming

      Can we all agree that Ted Bear lives in candy land

    25. Yu Pei


    26. Harvey anderson

      "were under a bacon tree" vegans: noooooooooooo

    27. Jamie_ Po21

      Ted bear is on some LSD i want what his having 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    28. Felix pogbean

      Firedash(kert) : Im a trigender pyro fox me: furry? :3

    29. Xaiver The G.O.A.T

      idk why but turning on CC made it funnier

    30. EvanoEAB

      "Tri-Gender Pyrofox" Homeboy sounds like if Twitter was a person

    31. Hannah Peto

      Umm im late by me 2021

    32. Ghallange

      Someone happy: :D ExplosmEntertainment: we don’t do that here we do plot twist

    33. PESERTA _Farisan Lisedama

      BACON TREE!!

    34. Lunar does everything

      That island ted is on actually is really cool. I hope some billionaire in the future develops a island of junk food.

    35. Chong Lor

      Your main thump nail like that small circle it's funny 😂😂😂😂😂

    36. Extreme_sniper737

      owh my FUKIN SANDWICH

    37. Cruz

      I wish they put "firedash" down

    38. Crybabies

      8,1k furries saw watched this video

    39. I Be Wither

      How the fuck is that van driving itself?

    40. Corpo _Ethereal

      The Lion, the Paedo and the White van.

    41. Tater Man

      Thaats not a woman's bathroom there's no couch

    42. Oil Lantern

      I’m hit. ☕️🤏🧐

    43. Zero royal3627

      6:30 was funny

    44. Banana Boy

      4:18 this guy should be an scp

    45. Jacob Heim

      16:41 (that’s literally every dentist out there 😂

    46. greeny


    47. picrew me

      Dirty mind

    48. James Tamang


    49. Ann's Gaming Channel

      Rip furry sadness

    50. Luke Hermary

      I wouldn’t eat a sandwich prepared made by a seagull.

    51. PajAndsam

      I’m still questioning if the dog won or if the man is inside the dog

    52. gl!ch ki6

      Plot twist: the cameraman was the one who set the bear trap

    53. Robbiewags

      A fish and a crustacean mix is the head of the fish in the legs of a crafted

    54. Idk how to put thumbnails on my vid, LMAO

      6:59 he could just tell a guy can u give me some paper

    55. Dat one boi

      Rip ted bear

    56. Ovick09

      I’m surprised Ted bear died of a BEAR trap and not diabetes

    57. Ace Kit

      If you think about it Since furries dont identify as humans they have no more human rights so its totally acceptable to euthanize them

    58. Farming with Austin

      now thats what i call a Bear Trap

    59. VR Lolathan

      He lungshot.

    60. Stonemane

      please... please... contact the YT stickfigure MISINFORMED, and give him a cameo... it will be

    61. Sasha Best

      I could totally see that beard thing being some sort of SCP

    62. Keflyn CARTER

      One thing I never realized wile watching the mother's day cake thing is that the boy was literally trying to kill his own mother with rat poison and other stuff (I didn't get to read the rest)

    63. Spooky

      Something about Ted Bear poking the dead lizard and staring back at the camera killed me. 🤣

    64. Sights and Sounds

      What a dark episode lol

    65. Gazzy G

      Should've made the time tooth-hurty

    66. Zed Kon

      8:00 they predicted the future in america where they fight over toilet paper 😂😂

    67. soggynuggys

      15:17 Gen Z be like


      The ted bear one is me when i lose my mom on supermarket

    69. Captain Wiggler

      Rip TED BEAR

    70. Luke Wilson-Draper

      I own a beard that's why😂😂😂

    71. Luke Wilson-Draper

      On point. Just don't show me

    72. Andres Andy


    73. C. Harrison

      I swear the beard looks or is and scp any scp people please respond

    74. Annie Harrison

      Also, the captions on the video just stopped at around 9:15, and for the rest of the clip, so it's harder to follow along with what he's saying. How are deaf and hard-of-hearing people supposed to know what's going on?

    75. Annie Harrison

      For whoever did the captions, stop adding useless commentary in there and changing the words as a joke.

    76. The Music Duo

      Bacon trreeeeee

    77. OgonPlayzGames

      10:10 YOOO MY Birthday!!

    78. FNG True wolf


    79. Quinn Justice

      The beard is a symbiote

    80. Kcnl

      Even their mothers dont love furries and alphabet people 🤣

    81. Jimmy H.

      tri gender fire fox was on point 100%

    82. Saranbileg Puntsagjav


    83. UNCLE SAM

      Ted Bear. Survivalist in a Toriko Island world.

    84. Blue Jumper Skull Man

      The hipster apocalypse

    85. AD Drac

      For an even better experience, turn on captions

    86. Emanuel Avila


    87. Mahmut Hamdullah

      13:07 - would've done the exact same thing, if my child was mental ill.

    88. Sus


    89. R.I Peter

      4:45 is that a new SCP or something?

    90. Tiffany Miranda

      3:02 I when i say b**** when i was 22

    91. Thelambsauce

      15:51 she did the right thing

    92. Zally

      im surprised, this hasnt gotten taken down yet

    93. Bomber boy

      *EUGH* raisins

    94. Baybe Heem

      I’m a tri-gender pyrofox

    95. BetsyPeeps95

      Fuck, the lion killed the man!

    96. S.e.a.l The Furious

      Thanks woman. You cleansed world from furry scum. Thank you.

    97. uncreative guy

      10:24 R A I S I N S

    98. Alex Willett

      Why does that hot women have such a manly voice?

    99. Reon C.

      Ted Bear Killed by a bear trap yes

    100. The kill count guy

      5:21 the wtf