The Stockholms Compilation: Season 1


437 tis. pregleda299

    Want to binge watch The Stockholms? Watch all of season 1 in this new compilation!

    Want to skip the intros? We've included chapters so you can jump right to the action!

    0:00 Episode 1
    4:11 Episode 2
    7:39 Episode 3
    11:01 Episode 4
    14:48 Episode 5
    18:45 Episode 6
    22:36 Episode 7
    27:13 Episode 8
    30:34 Episode 9
    34:57 Episode 10

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    "The Stockholms" is a hostage situation comedy from the creators of "Cyanide & Happiness". The series follows a bank robber who spends months in a bank with his captive "family", all thanks to a pushover negotiator.

    Cyanide and Happiness delivers daily comics to your face-hole on since 2005!

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    1. OverdoseBeats

      Hated this until I saw the negotiator

    2. Kylexenon Medrano

      Who thought this was so you know sad about santa

    3. Roasted Toast

      I love how Jasper just always has a gun

    4. Playful walrus

      The ending of episode 7 reminds me of that one scene of Pokémon movie Mewtwo strikes back and the good ending in smash bros ultimate

    5. Damon Aura

      C U Y

    6. LOLH


    7. unforgetable0chaos

      this is the worst ending

    8. End Lord

      Still a better love story than twilight

    9. jimbobbyrnes

      i see what you did there. you had to choose Chris Pine just to make sure the song rhymed.

    10. Phantomrider One

      Season 2 for both this and purgatory in very needed

    11. Chase Black

      Noooooooooo he died

    12. Bakary Secka

      Sniper always be like craps

    13. Steven Ruiz

      That prom song sounds close to a real song

    14. Foxyct E

      Damn you guys missed a BIG chance to call it " stockhome "

    15. Matija Zdravkovic

      I knew it was coming just did not want to except he will die

    16. shrexy ogre

      36:14 666

    17. Andrewson Max11

      Were in a world where Santa exists there is no God cracked me up a little more than it should

    18. Muhammed Mamanji

      Day 400 of waiting for season 2

    19. Sebastian colin

      MOREEE PLZ!!!!!

    20. Edwin Frerichs

      Ohh that chief sounds very familiar, I hope Tony didn't reincarnate into him, might need to lower some of that stress. Might I suggest spending some time with CB?

    21. that one animator

      I like the play on words in the intro where they say I'm lovin' all the way to the bank instead of I'm lavin' all the way to the bank

    22. Gremlin :)


    23. Porco galliard

      Fun fact the name the Stockholms got its name from Stockholm syndrome where a person falls in love with their kidnapper

    24. OwO ea

      It took him a fucking year to shoot him

    25. Đông Phát Nguyễn

      An him !!! ; n ;

    26. Đông Phát Nguyễn

      Santa he is die? ; n ;

    27. Kiera Creed

      Theme song forever stuck in my head

    28. Andrei Raducan


    29. T   O   X   I   C

      Money Tight .. Wallets Light

    30. Zoro Ghost

      Am I then only one who actually cried when santa died

    31. Zachary Meier

      This is beautiful I love it

    32. ZsaZsa De Guzman


    33. Sam Johnson


    34. Sam Johnson

      Yay, a show that encourages Stockholm syndrome.

    35. doc grim 64

      Is the cheuf voiced by Tony purgatelli

    36. Lil Rabbit

      The Police Chief has got to be Tony’s father, there’s just…no way

    37. TheIrex10

      The intro music makes me think of Toy Story.

    38. jesse ferret

      9:30 all might fell off

    39. Sam Webb

      Were is the f.b.i or the s.w.a.t

    40. Dan The Pizza Man

      This must be the funniest thing I’ve ever seen

    41. Kim Richardson

      More more! MORE MORE!!

    42. Stinky Whizzleteats

      They actually got Psychicpebbles. Best part of this series

    43. EJ cartoon and games

      Stockhomes seson 2??? i hope PS i hope jasper is not dead

    44. VidLurker

      nooo the ending i want more tho

    45. T S

      My sniper skills in a nutshell 1:04

    46. a flippin child moe foes


    47. diggie Constalation

      I like the fact that they kill the main character so they'll won't make season 2

    48. LOLOL veryfun258

      He smart enough to never let go of his gun even if he is blowing a balloon

    49. Mothana Algannam

      Lmao the song in the ending ( even if he got shot in the head he is gooing to be okey)

    50. J-B-L

      Yeah Zach Hadel WOOOOOO!!!

    51. Ricyroo

      I was actually hoping that they would have a new hostage every video

    52. Zodiac

      This is the most ingenious shit I’ve ever seen

    53. Gloria Miles


    54. Sam S.

      Santa's death was almost pretty heartbreaking

    55. Kelli Wallace

      they were right to name this show what they did the title fits perfectly

    56. Lazy Gamer

      That was a surprising ending…

    57. Kyle Banaag

      No new purga tony eps😭😭😭

    58. Mushrief Ismi

      Please cyanide make a seven episode

    59. sasuke65743

      Damn it, i want this series with real life actors! XD

    60. planet kolshini

      This could be a real sitcom

    61. Cool Dude 876

      best show of the year 2021

    62. Lilwolfpup08

      Jesus Christ what an ending

    63. Duckity

      I hate the ending D:

    64. Super Song

      the fact jasper has to hold a gun to whoever he speaks to lol

    65. Z

      With how long the cops been there if u thing about Santa Claus have Christmas powers and he can like call he rein deers lol

    66. Z

      I do not get it When the door open why the cops just run in lol

    67. L Cupp

      You know what just for that ending I'm disliking this video and unsubscribing to your channel

    68. L Cupp

      You know

    69. Melvin Sánchez

      Still waiting on Purgatony 👀 i liked this though ..

    70. Jesus Behind the Wheel

      "... crap!" Best character in the show.


      on episode 9 i thought it was fart in a jar marting 😂😂😂

    72. Sei

      I demand a season.2 of purgatory pls

    73. Curty Meier

      This is a funny video

    74. RyaNN

      Marley crying lol

    75. Jonathan Camacho

      The Randy Newman song we needed

    76. dont read my username ولې دې ولې لوستلو؟

      i love how the sniper was called a hero after he missed like 5000 shots across 18 month on a mostly non moving target

    77. a A

      I watch this for th 3th time now

    78. SoloSlayer

      Why is cyanide and happiness trying to force their opinion every chance they get trying to make people atheists like them 🤦‍♂️ 🤡🤡🖕🏼🖕🏼😐😐

    79. -Little Miss Lugubrious-

      Why are children just randomly at the bank..?

    80. Elijah Frost

      This has got to be the funniest sitcom I’ve ever watched

    81. Thug Vida

      just saw the whole thing for the first time thru this. One of my favorite parts is how the 2 cops were shipping chris pine and others. and the chief negotiator was shipping the cops

    82. tigerbaby98

      when are we getting season 2 of purgatony???

    83. DerangedVoices

      Ohhh... All the possibilities to bring this back for a season 2.. I've seen some pretty good ideas in the comments, like he survived, he goes to purgatory, his twin fills in for him, one of the hostages takes over as the robber... What other ideas could keep this going? Sound off your idea!

    84. Esmie Rmz

      I just notice all the officers r black love it

    85. Lilspark YT

      I love is stupid thing

    86. anony

      i like how the police ships hostages with each other lmao

    87. Missy Citty

      I'm sad now. Jasper's dead and no season 2. Dammit.

    88. Carl Lrac

      The song is catchy and gives me vibes! :3 Fck! The ending... :(

    89. Deno

      This is fucking amazing

    90. Anthony Harris

      Press F to pay respects

    91. Ya Boi Doge

      Christmas Mourning was so fuckin’ sad

    92. Ya Boi Doge

      Christmas Mourning was so fuckin’ sad

    93. The Mythical Legend

      Better than any modern TV show ever made

    94. Logan

      What if this is the origin story of jasper the friendly ghost

    95. Craftedseven09

      They… made a series…this is just dang

    96. Heinrich's Adventures

      O.o was not expecting that ending.

    97. Incongruous Chameleon

      “Skilled sniper stops seven season standoff” - I’m dead lmaooo

    98. KaptainGhostz06

      🔫 Season 2 now

    99. MooNay Soe8x

      Does Santa wife have a magic or not🤔🤚

    100. potato with a gas mask

      I killed the sniper danced on his grave after peeing on his grave danced on