Spooky Tales of Spookiness | Cyanide & Happiness Monday Mashup


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    Top 3 plot twists you didn't see coming!

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    1. ha_itsJadira

      The first one was 😂😂😂😂😂

    2. Hotdodge fastfood

      Shitt they know, we need to call the mother skip right NOW!!!

    3. Jake Whitehouse

      That is by far the scariest nerve racking big foot I've ever saw

    4. Offbeat Groove

      0:05 well technically he isn’t wrong (Unless he did all the paper work or was born in America)

    5. Ema Works

      I don’t get why they killed the girl but not the guy

    6. Laktch

      If this didn’t channel didn’t exist I would t exist

    7. Ahsangamer 27 #4


    8. Dønąl Devąssy

      Aw nooo 🤣

    9. Demon King Diablo

      I dont under stand what the last part meannn

    10. why creepy

      F*** Samsu‌ng

    11. cyber the animatronic fox

      0:00 Look who's dumb now, Billy's Mom!

    12. Junray Segales

      Huh their big foot is a truck

    13. Leatherface123

      The Bigfoot one made me laugh so hard cause I’m a huge Bigfoot4x4 nut

    14. Corey Colas

      Wait did she turn into a man

    15. GunWithTheSilencer


    16. Tyler Russ

      Man I love the pump action double barrel, the greatest weapon of all time lol

    17. Tim V110

      Just noticed at the end of the first one, the gator that was pretending to be a stork haha

    18. Michael Mira-Lopez

      Spooky tales of slaughter, sounds like a good metal album 🤘

    19. Bacon general

      Big foot more like big car

    20. wir_superise

      Why does it say 2010-2021 at the very end of the first one? Did you stop producing?

    21. Emma Chavarria

      Scary Moments From New York (1998).

    22. Xy Xy


    23. Jay Money

      See anything

    24. The kill count guy

      2:22 so 1 and the man she killed to get the man body so 2 kills?

    25. Monday B like


    26. Attila Debreceni

      0:43 what is up with that shotgun

    27. Jaime Jimenez

      Bigfoot ain’t spooky! Men with guns, now that’s spooky…

    28. Marshall DuBois

      On 1:08 It reminded of the song bad meets evil by Eminem ft. Royce da 5'9

    29. Roger Counts

      3rd one the guy was casually looking though drawers with no light.... and didnt even notice the light turn on.... cmon you guys can do better!

    30. Roger Counts

      Lmap, while the second one may be stereotypical it was funny

    31. Dave Corsair


    32. Like Man

      HRaero recommends this video Me: Wtf this should be age-ristricted

    33. ꧁𝑁𝑎𝑉𝑒𝑟𝑖𝑎꧂

      good thing the mom wasn’t racist tho lmao

    34. Jesus Christ

      I never got the last one can someone explain to Jesus

    35. MR. MYSTERY

      Everything I just watch was basically "they had us in the 1st half not gonna lie" in an Animation, 3 times.

    36. Soe Oo

      whats the game called that you guys made?

    37. 1 Minute Memes


    38. Skid and Pump

      Did someone say spooky?

    39. night killer

      So she had a d in her before him

    40. WholeQuill


    41. helo universe

      0:24 the mom: finaly IM FREE

    42. Max Izrin

      He turned on the light, and the big guy didn't notice?

    43. Ryan Deschanel

      So... She turned herself into a man?

    44. DangerIncreased

      0:08 - No parent should hurt their kids, our world must change. Beating children isn't always good...

    45. JRSiebz

      Best flying saucer sound effects ever

    46. S- Tale

      So *that's* how I could get abducted? As long as if I can see them, I'll be separated from the world? Neat! Now I don't have to commit suicide!

    47. Phresh King

      First one should have took him back a Mexican

    48. Silicon Programming

      POV: You didn't watch the whole vedio yet

    49. Silicon Programming

      I'm early

    50. Naruto Uzumaki

      That alien bit was just straight up racist

    51. shadow the wolf

      Billy always believes that aliens are real and so he's right LMAO

    52. RaviShankar

      Last one was actually sad

    53. Christopher Henderson

      How can you have a creepy Cyanide and Happiness without the demon baby one!

    54. SMToon Jupiter

      nice story video 😍😍😍

    55. Noxion Scamander

      The after Credits of big foot were the best😂

    56. its_o9ine

      The third one is weird… but where did she get the other skin??

    57. Reid Bathgate

      The hunter caught the alligator from the stork short.

    58. Mc. U.D.S

      Am Mexican but that is fucking funny

    59. Lillian Collins

      The kids face when he was right

    60. earth

      Shit, I need to tell Mars to put a fucking mask on so I don't get aliens again...my god...

      1. John Sittler



      2:49 I just got this clip

    62. Micah Hudson

      How did he make her say "Oh No" if his hands were covering her eyes and not moving her mouth. :O

      1. Executor Tassadar

        He is a ventriloquist. (Google it if you don't know)

      2. chad chaddington

        Same way you control elmo

      3. Youcrafter XD.Trader

        Plot Twist he has psycho powers

      4. Kiki loves FNAF

        @Fennec Draws :o

      5. Fennec Draws

        Who said HE was making her talk

    63. Lateef The one

      Guess his gonna go visit the Maxiverse.

    64. Angry Kittens


    65. Elisha Doa-Lereigh

      I thought the kid would smack her mother back saying “u dumb bich”

    66. Look at it go

      Not even spooky month shakin my head

    67. Natasha Meeks

      Yo how did that kid know that’s an alien 👽

    68. sans

      What if this turns into a fnf mod

    69. ARGPM

      Movie Night is the most Cyanide & Happiness, Cyanide & Happiness short I have ever witnessed! It seems like their other shorts just try & be this one in predictability!

    70. Shawn Cash

      Must be a Monday🤣🤣🤣

    71. Ariea Ilezion

      i never noticed! theres a trans character in cyanide and happiness. love to to see the representation although that transition isn't quite accurate 🤔

    72. عباس العتابي


    73. Pipe cleaner Master

      They only got noticed because they moved,or because they were a cat

    74. Lundsford Rex

      Nice video but despite all happening in the market now,Investing in crypto is still and will be the only big chance of making money without stress.

      1. The Blue Dragon

        I just reas het mnae borert larc os muhc I thanc E hid strank

      2. bobby

        @Carolien van tilburg Yes I can believed that,I got victory with him was so sad after receiving the first pay knowing I invested so low with fear😓😫.

      3. Ralph Lauren

        Seeing alot of success stories, he must be honest and trustworthy for people to talk this good about him🤔

      4. Carolien van tilburg

        Really y'all know him?, I even thought I'm the only one he has helped walk through the fears and falls of trading

      5. Angela Hamson

        @NAOMI Thanks for he's contact info I'll get to him right away

    75. Rob Babcock

      Holy shit that's dark!☠️👻😂

    76. ian Gutierres

      I expected that the mom found out that it was a dream and that billy was still with her

    77. Kade Brockhausen

      Trans rights?

      1. mixed sandnigga


    78. K9

      Bigfoot was fake because it wasn't blurry.

    79. Michal Wysocki

      The kid thought the mexican man was an alien and his mum did like ur cut g on her son xddddddddddd

    80. Mr Drew

      Can't build a wall for those aliens.

    81. identity theft is not a joke Jim

      These ain’t spooky :/ spookiest cyanide and happiness animation remains the Pedo one

    82. Vero_vento alt account

      Looks like Halloween coming early.

    83. Lang animates

      omg they know

    84. Jesse James

      1:25 Bambi's Mother :(

    85. whYLiE09

      Idk man, for my money I would've made a much better compilation....

    86. Marty Jenkins


    87. Dolari GD

      It's June

    88. ZakRoger Roger

      I don't get the last one creepy and I've never seen it I watch all of cyanide and happiness

    89. Karlo Youtube

      ur telling me that hes new wife in movie night didnt realize did dude turn on the lights

    90. GreenMetalicDevil

      She's still the same guy he fell in love with!

    91. John Allder

      What's with everyone's obsession over aliens as of late?

    92. IPONJ

      The horror... THE HORROR!

    93. Dr Paperbottom

      Lol XD

    94. Ainahau Harold

      Did you see it that on purpose or did you see that as an actual alien in the Hat

    95. TheGalek

      AHHHH this is so spooky

    96. Kyle G-Rover

      These tales were the spookiest, of the spooky

    97. My opinion is better than yours .7

      0:10 Call me a nitpicker but these sentient-life are too humanoid to be scientifically possible.

    98. Leon Adam

      wait if he covers her eyes with that hand how did she move and speak

    99. Damian Flores

      That was pretty spooky