Cyanide & Happiness Compilation - #28


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    12 HOT shorts in this compilation. #8 will surprise you

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    Sad Larry Begins
    Mr. Magnet
    Clobe-O-Rangers 2
    Gender Reveal Party
    Dating App
    Jonh Battman 3
    The Asteroid
    Noisy Neighbors
    Cloud Dad
    Cloud Dad 2
    Deserted Island

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    1. Some Dude Named Aron

      Mr.Magent:Into The Magnetverse when?

    2. Porg 212u

      Your power arash IS *monke* 4:02

    3. RyaNN

      I was expecting monke to be like a giant gorrila like kong

    4. RTC

      And we got Wow-A-Woman

    5. Arielle Wasiak

      "We have Wow-A-Woman"

    6. Eli

      I fucking love hearing Zach's voice anywhere he randomly pops up. What a funny little creature

    7. "fire attack! earth attack! wind attack! heart attack!"

    8. RIXRT

      Walter pls send me the app link

    9. Rubi Edgar


    10. TheOgMulitverse Collab

      Oh no, magnit man

    11. صلاح ايمن

      17:37 ;achievement You got the ??ending

    12. Stinky Whizzleteats

      Wait... Is Kyle Eddy from Ed Edd and Eddy???

    13. Cubic Water Bottle

      3:59 YOUR POWER IS: m o n k e y

    14. Alex Abplanalp

      10:54 is that freaking Zach?

    15. Emmit Risch

      Adavavavo abdabdabo (1:22)

    16. Alex Balkaran

      Wait did the baby died dang

    17. Alexander Jihansson

      lol 1:20

    18. brayden reed

      1:21 something that is not normal is how sad larry has hairy butt cheeks

    19. Hoobrocks27

      He tried: 9:06

    20. Lysander Lanning

      It’s all took me this long to realize why he’s always sad. She gave up drinking for three months the rest I think you know.

    21. dont need to know

      Copper and lead being attracted to a magnet?

    22. Rusty Boi

      Nobody: William afton after entering spring Bonnie 2:19 to 3:01

    23. Eh Kalu

      Plot twist. Kyle saves the monkey and becomes Dora the explorer

    24. KGB gaming

      2:18 William afton's springlocks be like

    25. Mad Rass

      Im larry

    26. Angela Smith

      4:02 monke.

    27. Roombainator

      And they were birthmate...

    28. Rajendra Devasani


    29. SnatchedOwl

      Wait babies come out happy in the Cyanide and Happiness world?

    30. Mother Macabre

      Was not expecting literal vore at the end

    31. Doggy Dude

      3:10 I don't know if I was suppose to laugh or not

    32. BOTW  gaming

      Every John Batman episode I swear everyone talks likes a robot except DS

    33. Someone  On The Internet

      Mr magnet could cintroll his powers in the very beginning, now he just attracts evrything magnetic.

    34. muizzuddin Mustafa


    35. Tommy Yang

      Do some jokes for kids

    36. Exploding Dragon

      Uh monkey rings would be probaly be very powerful because humans are just evolved monkeys so u could controll humans

    37. Volxle

      I loved how Ryan Reynolds was the guy from Waltr. ( well, at least it sounded like him)

    38. muhammad yahya taimoor

      You guyzzzzzzzzz are Aaaaaaawwwsomeeeee🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    39. Seahawk23

      When you realize the fire guy had red hair and the earth guy was black

    40. RANDOM exp.

      It fucking sucks too

    41. Muhammad Aziz

      If a baby cries keep hitting him ~lary's dad

    42. Will Huey

      Poor Lary

    43. Gregorio Tambis

      "heart attack"

    44. Sdingo Mthembu

      I dont understand gender

    45. skipie

      I don't understand about baloon joke thing's, can somebody explain

    46. Suzanne O'loughlin

      Stop killing him 😭😭😭 hello we need a abundance

    47. Sparky


    48. Sage Murnane

      Lol love this

    49. Kevin Rama


    50. Kevin Rama


    51. Kevin Rama

      Im dying at *heart attack* 😂😂

    52. Raine Wilder

      I love how they took "Justice League" and turned it into "Just Us Friends" XD

    53. potato with a gas mask

      The robber in magnet man was kinda like a person do do something bad then apoligive more than what he did

    54. 20 Shivam

      1:39 laaaarrrrryyyyyy....

    55. BoryenkaBoris

      *You god damn margarita!*

    56. AddSkipper

      This isn't funny at all!!!, just some stupid video. Maybe it's for some 80s people

    57. Barfyman362

      Holy shit Zach is so good in this

    58. yo dazo!

      Wow-A-Woman got me 😭😂😂😂

    59. MC

      Larry needs a good ending

    60. Athar Karim

      Sad Larry Origins!

    61. Erif The fox

      Play doom metal Similar to bell witch 1 note a year


      These memes are TOO DARK 😰😰

    63. Israel Hamid

      13:38 is it sad that I know the explosion they used was from hentaiheaven

    64. Emil Salmon

      The super man knock of is just Logan Paul with superpowers

    65. Hello Hello

      The situation that baby was in, is relatable

    66. Sanjay Pandey

      1:39 "I HATE GODDAMN MARGARITA" All's fun and games, but one more word and you'll be annialated for good.

    67. Lazer Studios

      "I could've done Cumulonimgus"

    68. Tatenda Chilongo

      Wait was that Walter how the hell

    69. hdoesYT

      If they stayed quiet their band name would be quiet kids

    70. Mr Red

      3:08 jojo reference

    71. Tomáš Straka

      3:30 I know it is a joke but where is ice or water

    72. Josh Young

      After Milton the Cloud Guy finishes performing cumulu-lingus, he can receive rainfall-atio! Haha! Ha! ... ... I'll show myself out

    73. Y0UR_M3RCENARY

      The super Dan one I think is bad idea to through nukes into the sun

    74. Y0UR_M3RCENARY

      I love how they don’t even need monkey to summon general globe

    75. Y0UR_M3RCENARY

      Dude magnet man one is gory as fuck

    76. Redhayden07

      Walter made Walter..... how does one make himself

    77. Sergio Missaglia

      Magnet man is a JoJo reference :)

    78. Dreamy Wolf

      What is more sad than sad Larry's begin ? The fact a lot of people who watched this had memories on their mind as they lived similar things

    79. Jamessen Cineus

      Did he just stop said the 11:32

    80. Tracy McMinn

      What's wrong with you baby sad for no reason making the parents yell at them make videos actually make sense some kind so people can Shamu about the world because HRaero video like about dragons being kind and innocent art bonus of a baby angry makeup videos that haves a baby happy and that's a baby dragon

    81. A Terrazas


    82. InKhornate

      Zach?! Zach is in Cyanide and Happiness?!

    83. ThePlagueDoctor

      Not to sound like a smartass or anything but the mr magent one doesn't make sense due to both copper and lead are both non magnetic so if anything the gun would shoot like the gun shot a whole bullet shell(Cartridge). I still liked the mr magnet one though so don't change a thing.

    84. Elle Po

      3:59 monke

    85. Raymond Charles

      RIP raj

    86. Gadriel Van Orion

      I am surprised Mr magnet made it that far

    87. NoBody

      Monkey is best power

    88. Ronnie the smiley


    89. Ronnie the smiley


    90. PAPI

      0:57 should have been 9 but OK...

    91. SUPRIzE!

      I laughed at none of these

    92. Plagg the camembert king

      The gender reveal was unrealistic. All of California didn't burn

    93. gangsta cat

      So is Valter cheater app🤣

    94. Mr. Person Man

      sad Larry suffering feels like modern squidward suffering. it's not funny.

    95. Shapphire the wolf

      I think Babies are supposed to cry like that not because he’s sad.

    96. Jefferson Warner

      When you remember that lead and copper arent magnetic.

    97. James Piskorz

      I like how piggily fart show respect to him when he's dead

    98. iMl_lAbsolute

      Dud the deserted island was funny it but it has something dark tho he's Mark was hungry and the other guy saw a boat it basically mean the guy with thought was a boat it means he wanted them bot to survive but the other on thought it was food and he didn't think twice but thx fo making up my day brooo

    99. Alladocious

      Sad Larry the origin story