Cyanide & Happiness Compilation - #26


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    Here's a fresh compilation to spice up your quarantine!

    Cyanide and Happiness delivers daily comics to your face-hole on since 2005!

    The Bet
    Something Spacey
    Dog Tricks
    Bundle of Joy
    Shark Attack
    The Morgue
    The Tall Boys Hit The Town

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    1. Drip Bunny

      9:06 he wishes he can do that

    2. Kakashi hatake

      The guitar song at 1:21 anyone knows?

    3. Scrambled Frank

      9:05 THAT CAMEO THO

    4. Game2Game

      0:25 among us: dead body reported!

    5. Chase Dean

      I guess you can say the football guy had a challenging experience

    6. Piepie Guy

      Wanna smell something spacey is the new drugs on the block

    7. Brett Harrington

      4:42 thumbnail

    8. GenocidalSharkCum

      can we just appriciate the fact tahat they animated an acid trip??

    9. Jin Sheng


    10. Colby

      The music on the spacey one

    11. Erif The fox

      The second one was beautiful

    12. ChatwithDenzel

      "He cut em in half!" Classic Half Off Oscar.

    13. Storm

      Cut em in half

    14. Alexander Cerna

      The first guy is so powerful that he broke reality and made a clone after he was sick

    15. nate


    16. Redwolf Maddox

      He got high from snorting his flesh

    17. Ac Kelpie

      The stork one got me 😂

    18. Cameron Sweers

      The Shine On You Crazy sound at 1:40 is a nice touch

    19. Buddy Lummus

      He's gona get life for this. Lmao

    20. RihisKing RR

      love the Charlie brown reference at the end there

    21. ItsNotABanana

      This has more racial diversity than any american film.

    22. Big Cow Productions

      While I *enjoy* most all of what I see of these, the first one in this comp is one of the few to make me genuinely laugh out loud.

    23. Nathanielahand


    24. Lachy The Potato

      Something spacey would smell like burnt steak. Because… that’s what space smells like.

    25. Maxwell

      On closer inspection, many characters like the life guard seem to have black teeth.

    26. Lucas Dozeman

      how can they not run out of ideas

    27. Ben Hairston

      I don't know if that spine bone in the first skit was anatomically correct..... Nevermind, I googled it. Spot on.

    28. jamil Jalili

      And that's how human came on earth

    29. Operator Yeehaw

      0:27 kinda sus

    30. FLASH MEME 9963

      Here's the most epic sound 1:15

    31. Raid Shadow Legends Spokesperson

      6:33 eyy it’s Gus

    32. MKlargekarp

      What was the music for something spacey holy crap

    33. The countess

      " You wanna smell something..... S P A C E Y !?! " *epic 80's style rock starts playing*

    34. Grandmaster Yoda

      You going to the hospitel for a long time. Genius

    35. John Starbucks

      3:42 🤣🤣

    36. TOZhemiel TheFirst

      5:49 Cops switching jobs be like :

    37. Vemund Berget

      Whoaw he cut him in half

    38. Roger Counts

      Police brutality!!! He wasnt even black!

    39. Fallsias_

      We need more storks they’re so cute

    40. samishi

      Poor kid at the bottom 😥🥺

    41. Mohamed Mosbah

      No 👎🏻👎🏻👁👅👁😭😂🤣😂😅😂🤣

    42. Mad Jester

      Meds looks like a good show....

    43. Samuel Allen

      I would pay money to see meds as a real series

    44. Bruh Moment

      Is it me or are these getting worse

    45. CoreyZek

      That dude flossing in the club had me ded 😂

    46. Prince Josh Calimquim

      they are all among us characters

    47. NeroToxic

      1st one hit deep

    48. Random Bastard

      We’re they on crack

    49. Zerœ’

      7:54 anyone remember that short where they stole the drugs from the doctor???

    50. MR.JAMBAM64

      Meds needs to be a show

    51. Corrupt Kitten

      Omg. They only have one massive bone. They're the among us ancestors

    52. Shank Pyrite

      In that delivery ep i was wishing, please don't be a baby don't be a baby.. ahh relief it just gamepad.

    53. big_sprout

      1:06 time to do some human drugs

    54. Ash 13L

      9:09 Oscar: He cut him in half! Also Oscar: that gives me an idea!

    55. Red D3A7H

      5:21 Bruh, That dead guy drives better than half the people in Atlanta.

    56. Kira Gaming

      This is just soo stupid lmao I laughed so hard

    57. Allen S

      That stork Switched their child at birth.

    58. Zombified Gaming

      Me at 2 Am waching this: pov : your lone and no family

    59. George Feser

      Goddamn pelicans

    60. H°e•a°r•t°l•e°s•s

      N-N-N NO SHIT 2:55

    61. Clinton ROBERTS

      I love this youtube channel i use to watch it when i was so small

    62. Jacob Anderson


    63. Max NGaming

      0:30 when the impoter is sus! 😳

    64. Eclat Shwartzbaum / cybertune

      I have wondered if ambulances pull people over sometimes lol .

    65. And Count Peggy

      Did anyone notice the umbilical cord was still attached in Meds?

    66. Caleb Whalen

      Why didn’t that stork drive the truck away

    67. Cléber Moura

      1:10 dont use drugs kids

    68. 503Music

      Amazing how they got GUS JOHNSON to act on this

    69. Fuzzy Frog

      I just noticed 9:06 the guy who has series of cut in half apper as guy waiting in line in this one and had dialogue "he cut in half" because in his video he cut everything in half😂😂

    70. The people who wrote the spacey one, there on something.. *and I want it..*

    71. Bocephus McClintock

      Pretty sure smell something space is a dmt trip lol

    72. Mr.Goodman

      I wanna do drugs after i saw that spacey one

    73. denny playz_14

      The something spicy one, explained acid on a cartoon level

    74. Reynaldo Abreu

      The peanuts style dance at the end did it for me, lol

    75. RandomUser223

      7:41 southern hospitals be like

    76. Teggy 173

      It's all fun and game until the meds show up

    77. Stxr_Child

      Yo 1:59 this guy is Ripped

    78. Tsz Yu S1C10 CHOW


    79. Athan Garcia


    80. 5:51 thanos

    81. °CaTtY°

      In the first one The dude was literally a Living two seconds not 15

    82. Anarchy !

      Rip kid on bottom

    83. bunerio

      2:56 WHAT DID YOU TEACH HER Sent from iPhone 6

    84. Mimi Wael


    85. Themrlupo

      First movie: Jaws next movie: Humans

    86. MalekAhmed Haha


    87. purple_guy

      is that jontorn

    88. Gg Ee


    89. Itz_Jaydyn

      2:38 why is there a plane in space

      1. Itz_Jaydyn

        Nvm rocket just ignore me im blind lol

    90. Birdie Flips

      Now I wanna snort a human too

    91. Mathew Callis

      Best part every time dah what the fu...!😂😂😂

    92. XBlack_ RosesX

      *Something Spacey* he be trippin doe😵😎

    93. Rocky Raccoon

      “Something Spacy” is me when I was 10 and I ate the white stuff my dad told me not to but I ate it anyway thinking it was sugar

    94. Jake Gough


    95. The Fun Playz

      Impostor kills crewmate reports body

    96. Oraninja


    97. SerpentStar

      These are so funny 😆🤣