The Stockholms Ep 8: The Canine Caper


312 tis. pregleda212

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    With his job on the line, Ned resorts to drastic measures to free the Stockholms, who will ultimately be okay.

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    Datum objavljivanja: Prije 2 mjeseci


    1. certifiedengimain

      fun fact, the voiceactor for tony in purgatony is the same as the voiceactor of the chief

    2. Aiden Marin

      Purgatory reference

    3. Random date with cringe content


    4. Queen Dev

      I am glad the whole episode ended on the right note....what the f..

    5. Noah the sheep king


    6. Asia Jervis

      Boss gives me Benson vibes

    7. Mike Ock

      I could honestly watch 6 seasons and a movie of this

    8. wolfgaming

      This is one of my favorite series

    9. Nobody Studios

      Does he even have a bullets in the gun

    10. The Calebrated Archives

      The shortness of this episode combined with that ending had me rolling 😂

    11. Ron C

      I guess dressing up as pets would be their next trend to free their escapes. :)

    12. ExileWhile

      Bruh that sniper has missed more shots than Timo Werner

    13. Ahsangamer 27 #4


    14. General of RNG

      Did you know that the chief is like BENSON FROM THE REGULAR SHOW

    15. Deejayjr09

      F-Fired o no he didn't say fired

    16. Lailai

      1:39 Is that korean?

    17. Ahredhak []

      I always laugh when i hear de intro song de voice is overheaven

    18. DarkStudio Tv


    19. Jalmaurer Gaming

      Randy Newman?

    20. Azariah Adonis

      Yeah I agree with those cop WTF🤣🤣

    21. Makise Kurisu

      I want those two cops job.

    22. Douglas Roach

      Omg the chief is Tony from Purgatony! He's a little darker but it's him! 😂

    23. NerdLama

      Is the chiefs name tony by any chance?

    24. Oreo and Mocha

      +spot -negotiater

    25. Gimpy

      The halo 1 sniper rifle sound just sent me back 20 years lmaooo

    26. Zap the Demon

      Plot Twist: The chief is Tony Purgatelli’s father.

    27. Jesse Laakkonen

      3:20 "what the ff..." made the whole video🤣

    28. tae_ themain

      "용산타" 🥲

    29. Killer talent

      Wow Tony purgatelli's cousin is very mean

    30. Michael Babylous

      "There more people in there than when we started" 😂 😂 😂

    31. GDGH 432

      what the Fu-

    32. Iver Gjerde

      I wish that purgatony would continue i like how he returned in this episode

    33. A123 123

      Why the character is a muslim? It's not an insult to the muslims right?

    34. AgentKam146

      A fully grown man in a poorly disguised dog costume licking children in order to make it look as if he is a dog so he can successfully nab the children and ran them out of a hostage situation that has been going on for 17 months....... Where in the hell do we find this stuff. 3:04

    35. Sony Choza


    36. Ram Kumar Jain

      The ned game of thrones needed😁

    37. EnderTheGamer853

      I love how he’s liek what th fu-

    38. Crim Zen

      Dog costumes to a credit card? That isn't the father of the "dog" that went for a late night "swim" is it?

    39. Toggle Mutt


    40. bill nye the Russian spy

      Ok maybe there’s another meaning to this but the text behind the switch reads “dragonSanta” in Korean wth?

    41. Soldier333

      Ned literally became a furry because he got bullied at work I don't really have much to add to that

    42. Kurumi Tokisaki

      3:31 i laughed hard to this scene

    43. Jeanette pei pei

      Ah yes every time the intro

    44. Andrew Sanchez

      What does the Korean or Japanese on the back of the switch at 1:39 mean

    45. Cheetah the Cat

      Reject Humanity. Become Furry.

    46. Soviet Union

      That chief gives me Benson Vibes

    47. Wiiblii

      The nedgotiator is dog now, I repeat Ned is am dog

    48. Chris Perrien

      Police negotiator = government employee+ hostage situation = OVERTIME ! for 19 MONTHS! +per diem! Not a bad job, he can pay -off his house and buy a boat and another house already , even if, fired. Retirement looks good. Instead, he puts on a dog suit . LOL

    49. Crucial

      Hey don't knock it, people can make absolute bank off of quality fursuits

    50. anru

      i feel like i watched this a long time ago

    51. William Frenxh

      The chief sound like Tony purgateli

    52. Atomic Bezerk

      Ned is a furry

    53. Rockstar Foxy

      Tony's life really went downhill after he got fired from the police department

    54. Jochem Venhuizen

      EEEEY other Tony

    55. 아환생했당


    56. corvanj8 gaming

      Major benson vibes from the chief...

    57. Charlie Diep

      I never knew Tony Pergatelli became a police chief...

    58. Race Tucker

      “Woof, bow wow, bow, wow.” Said the totally normal dog👌

    59. Jin


    60. WisK

      *F U R R Y*

    61. Edgar Gaitan

      I already watched this video

    62. Late_Prince

      I'm with the other cops on this one. wtf?

    63. Nortio

      Ayyyyyeeee so this is what Tony would be like if he wasn't so fucking pathetic? Nice

    64. Maria Cecilia Brito


    65. Ginlock45

      Ned is about to find his real calling

    66. Brass Gears

      I have so many questions

    67. badguy ch.

      Nice ending

    68. WIERDO_555

      Mondays are always better with this.

    69. TheCaptain

      Why is ned the one getting fired when all the other police have done nothing and the sniper can hit a single shot

    70. Timothy Weststrate

      Literally as I was saying “what the”....

    71. Weeping Walnut

      I think this episode broke me. I mean, the series was weirs in the first place but this is- This is? This is.

    72. Dominic Underwood

      Wait, is this a reupload? I swear this was released months ago...

    73. Trust-tea

      The chief yelled so loud my device shook alot

    74. Cool Beans


    75. Joaco

      I don't get why they took down the series and now they are uploading it again :/

    76. ThatOneElite

      What the f-

    77. SassyB

      Wasn't there a video of this allready

    78. Joe dirt

      Well I wondered what happened to pugatony, guess he got another chance at life and he's pissed.

    79. Traintimeboy


    80. pant Trans

      1:39 for someone curious 용산타 is a korean language that machine translated by "for santa" to "santa's"

    81. Luigi336 Raphael

      man the game and the series is too much good

    82. Jax3 Animation

      Why does the narrator remind me of the guy that sang, you got a friend in me from toy story 🤔🤔🤔🤔

    83. Prometheus Lens

      3:29 no he got Chris McCandles out

    84. Rat-a-tat Skate

      I didn’t know Tony had a police chief brother

    85. Rodríguez FRANCISCO

      2:21 thats me every time i play cod warzone

    86. yequane blair

      ..... WTH how da hell do u mess that many shots PLUS U LITERALLY OPENED THE DOOR AND CAME IN LIKE CMON NOW

    87. le hung

      How high are you when you wrote this shit anyways ?

    88. 1A2_08_EdenBoey

      I really miss jasper

    89. NewBoomerangmiaro 777

      I swear that police boss reminds me of Benson from regular show

    90. lane

      I just realized that the Stockholm's is for Stockholm syndrome

    91. Dusty Boot

      Completely out of ideas.

    92. Tinker Bella

      Bro he said what the fu-

    93. TrapsVibin

      What if the guy who was singing the intro was a hostage

    94. Joshua Estrada

      The sniper always missing 🤣 and also wtf

    95. Jesus Christ

      3:19 me after watching anything from explosome entertainment

    96. Supervisor

      The robber died from a shot with a sniper bullet.

    97. Supervisor

      Ive seen the dog suit too

    98. Supervisor

      Ive watched all these episodes. A year ago...

    99. Aléxis Carvalho

      Where's the next episode?

    100. NatoNGP gaming

      I feel like that sniper will kill him at some point