Le Telepathé - Cyanide & Happiness Shorts


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    Datum objavljivanja: Prije 7 godina


    1. KRANOZ


    2. 3Clod

      I thought they'd serve him human meat... ... ... and I was quite right!

    3. Jumpy the Fox

      Dare I ask where all that "meat" came from?

    4. Pablo Abaroa

      2:03 This is Unholy

    5. nuutti pelander

      "What in the fucks name is this?"

    6. Joseph Gillilan

      Glizzy gobble life!

    7. Gonzo El Ganso


    8. Super_Pyromaniac

      Judging by my pfp i don't think you guys would want to know what i would want them to bring me...

    9. N1k4


    10. sagad ali

      1:16 "your, D*cks" I'm laughing so goddamn hard.

    11. deadbone the skeleton

      They would bring me chocolate bones

    12. It's Me

      We cannot just replace the D I C K S you ordered

    13. BrunoMartino


    14. Xaven Bedeau


    15. Soto Escalante Jonathan


    16. [UglyBarn 58]

      Is this an SCP or some shit?

    17. K-lostMaster

      I wonder what my brain would Oder😁

    18. Tasneem Hasan

      2:03 😂😂😂

    19. Guy Zo

      Do not replace the D you ordered

    20. Raine Wilder

      Gasp... OMG... she left the bacon!!

    21. Lauryn McAdory

      Im surprised this didn't get age-restricted

    22. Will Julian

      So I guess I would get fried chicken and tacos because that's what I crave the most of the time 🍗🌮

    23. MR.805

      2:30 Ahahhahahahah now he eats it

    24. Ed Lawn

      Definitely a case where you do not want to know how the sausage is made.

    25. Dennis

      I knew it would be something sexual for at least one of them.

    26. BlankAurora

      So I put the French subtitles on. Was not disappointed.

    27. OOF And A Half


    28. excuZza

      I was just thinking about this video and it popped up. 🧐

    29. Vahe Poghosyan

      We cannot just replace the *DlСКS* you ordered because you canged your mind.

    30. Mike Ellam

      I think his wife should ordered that.

    31. Lam-ang


    32. Tennessee Jermyn


    33. Forever_dav

      Ah yes,the classics 🧐😏🎩🥂

    34. Mindraker1

      That upright hot dog in the beginning is very phallic

    35. Traxadel

      yup, me plus 18 million other has just seen that

    36. Omar Hernandez

      hands down my favorite short

    37. Mason Prater

      gayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy that is

    38. Kordyuursaalm L

      This guy is probably a closet furry with a fox fursona.

    39. drago king

      Well you are what you eat

    40. NCS Nightcore

      Sir we cannot replace the dick's... Due this make me crazy.

    41. supanerd reviews

      This waiter is the embodiment of smug energy. He just stands there and says dicks like “yeah. Yeah we know what your head wants. Eat it bitch”

    42. Veng3r

      Funny & strange, butt I still don't get it...

    43. Gamerops

      the was straight up hilarious i was laughing my head of. :() :()

    44. مصطفى السوداني


      1. Mortal Knite


    45. Kuro

      Its been 6 years, but the "your dinner sir, DIICCKKKSS" still gets me

    46. BrunoMartino


    47. BrunoMartino


    48. Chris Hickory

      They should make one of Gordon Ramsay going to the Le Telepathé

    49. Chandler Alves

      Wait... So she wanted him to eat them? Just to avoid making a scene?

    50. Kurumi Tokisaki

      Wait are we all just gonna ignore the fact that how dafak did they obtain all of that dig bicks?

    51. J.P

      I still firmly believe this to be the best Cyanide And Happiness comic ever made, seriously, it's perfect

    52. Wurm

      Headcanon: the waiter's name is Sebastian

    53. HumDog

      I came for the video, but stayed for the comment section 😂

    54. A Person

      My question is… _whose are they?_

    55. Why even think about it

      Dixquisite dinner, he had.

    56. Shanni Gabica

      Hahahaha... 😐🙃🖕

    57. Random Meta

      I guess mine would be a mess of things. A turkey 🥪 with 🐔 nuggets and 🍩 with.. some salmon on the side?

    58. Danielle King

      This one kills me every time. 👌😂

    59. Some Random guy


    60. Randomassname

      Hes in the closet lol.

    61. Lead


    62. Matt Gregorowicz


    63. Ed Rascal


    64. EroticBallStrecher

      1:22 2:03

    65. Fuljo Strujec

      this deserves an oscar

    66. Jamie Hill


    67. El Othemany

      I would never visit such restaurant.. I don't want some poor hot Latina chick to lose her ass..

    68. Chris Velazquez

      Have fun with your plate of dics

    69. Kai Enjin

      Your dinner sir. *D I I I I I I I I I I I I I C K S*

    70. nerdycookiebunny

      2:01 the part everyone loves

    71. Zuwi Delmundo

      1:20 he said diiiiiiiiiiiiicks that was so funny ,😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    72. Nnadozie

      I will ask, since all are wondering: Were these fresh, never frozen deeiiiicks? Regardless of the answer, I feel like it will lead to more questions...🤔

    73. xxx Dre

      When your cat throws up something weird 1:18

    74. Charles Hampson

      2:01 "We cannot just replace the... *DDIIIIIICCCKKKKSSS* ... You ordered because you changed your mind."

    75. Delta-62

      Any going to say how the fuck are they running the restaurant like caviar is expensive and idk they charge them how much it cost or is is estimated because sounds like you’ll be in debt what you think of going there

    76. FBI Stat Major


    77. The Serious Chicken

      Why do I feel like the chef is a telepathic space octopus

    78. Meme Iselfaneye

      I’m more troubled by the woman eating a vertical hotdog with a knife and fork than I am the plate of diiiiiicks.

    79. That One Animator

      1:13 This went from 1-100 real fast.

    80. Robert Andersson


    81. Bloodstar

      You drew it first and then added censorship?? why??

    82. Nawang Sherpa

      2:43 His smile with the teeth made me laugh so hard🤣🤣🤣

    83. T. B.

      His chef is Patrick Bateman.

    84. ButterknifeSwordsman

      "We can't just replace the *DEEIKS* you ordered"

    85. Springtrap

      Can these people read minds bc they didn’t even tell what they wanted they already knew by their brain telling them?

    86. OcularZombie

      2:43 peashooters:


      You got leftovers? I'll take some.


      Plot twist: they gave him the deeecks because they couldn't monitor his brain.

    89. Zimo CASTLE RAIDER

      What if he imagined his wife with dieeecks

    90. Lukas Sofron

      SO FUNNY

    91. Hello Random Person

      yummy *w u m m y*

    92. D3vilB4sket

      I love how the waiter is just like "Diiiicckkks."

    93. Steek-Mün

      What did I just watch

    94. Brand X

      She didn't take the bacon!

    95. mira

      Gay or *vore*

      1. ד ̣213


    96. 2ndPartyCrasher ✓


    97. flower_ girl

      "*Ur mAkInG a sCeNe"* Yeah bcos he got a order he could refuse

    98. Vanessa Evans

      "I'm sorry, but we cannot just replace the 𝐃𝐈𝐂𝐊𝐒 you ordered just because you changed you mind, sir."

    99. Samaya Nunn

      I really wish that was a restaurant