Cyanide & Happiness MEGA COMPILATION - #1


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    Craving more Cyanide & Happiness shorts? Regular compilations just aren't long enough for you? Then check out our first MEGA Compilation!!!

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    Serial Killer
    Sad Ending
    Love Story
    Don't Stop
    Don't Talk
    The Note
    Crane Game
    This Old Store
    Prison Pie
    Mothman 2
    Who is Mothman?
    Cookie Jar
    Don't Go to Space
    The Boxer
    The Boxer 2
    The Spotlight
    Arts and Crafts
    Opposite Day
    Grandmas House
    Sweet Flips
    Staring Contest
    The Comedian

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    1. Marshall Mathers

      2:36 3:22

    2. Ciara Mae

      they r bad there are kids watching this and they might follow it



    3. TramwayTony

      they were so invested in that context they gained normal eyes

    4. Nate Jones

      15:43 Poor kid. He only wanted some cookies.

    5. justAlex

      Whats with him and eyes

    6. Rya Cajis

      When the purple is sus

    7. Hitler

      Sorry for the dog

    8. unforgetable0chaos

      the auto break caught me off gaurd also breack fast in bed is what we need

    9. Maggie M

      wait a minute ITS PURPLE GUY 0:16

    10. Romiyah Scott

      “Welp time to ph and cry 😁" that got me rolling ☠️

    11. Sherri Sheffield


    12. Wood Dummy

      0:39 when purple guy see a child

    13. John Clinete

      Cartoon network adult swim in your future!

    14. John Clinete

      You guys are up there with Rick and Morty and South Park!

    15. Bruh

      1:47 How the fuck is he playing that

    16. Essa Knight

      The sad ending was funny af 🤣

    17. Nighty!-!Funkin


    18. Liwiathan

      A perfect example of why I don't want the stop feature

    19. genocidalpotatoes

      I never see the twists coming lol

    20. Sonsil Kaooat

      0:15 purple guy

    21. NOOB_HIRO

      anyone else like the way it say mega

    22. Blue face

      Prison pie gets me every time

    23. Josst28

      4:11 that scream… it’s freakin’me up !

    24. TheOverseerGaming

      the last one was funny to me

    25. Chinedu Opara

      MothMan FTW!!

    26. Potted Panda

      The moth man was a real thing

    27. funtime fazbear

      and he had to be purple

    28. 【Kiwi_LoverLOL】

      That 1st one reminded me of Wiliam Afton or is it just me? 🙂

    29. Najma_palsYT

      EYE REVEAL LOL 29:55

    30. Artemios Panagiotakis

      My childhood

    31. jacob spears

      6:38 pov: everyone named karl

    32. Backslay

      I really think it's not a coincidence that the serial killer wears a purple shirt xD

    33. Duru Uche

      I love you're video's so much 😊

    34. jerry

      0:46 the legendary a"ahhhh"

    35. sagad ali

      0:00 I Feel nostalgic

    36. Gepard mic

      Lol they are great :-)

    37. UNI WRLD


    38. Maria McAndrews

      The Mothman shorts never fail to make me laugh! 🤣


      ere yemechachu

    40. L U M I D I U S

      Mothman had me dying

    41. Brandon Delgado

      Video: A kid cry Subtitles: Laughter 👍

    42. HaxHD

      0:35 wait a minute.... IT'S PURPLE GUY ( I think this is a FNAF reference)

    43. Michal Baranowski

      The Last one was the best. Hehe

    44. Hannaban Ye

      In the mothman 2, were the polices' badges pinned to their nipples?😂

    45. AlvinXkills

      Time to HRaero and get girls

    46. Ali Seydi Kılınç

      she can break the glass 8:26

    47. Kitty S

      "Wanna Netflix n Chill? No, I wanna Hulu and breakup. 😂😂 Well, time to P**nhub, and cry."

    48. KJay Cameron

      That Wilhelm scream though

    49. ZeroZero Racing

      Should have had the house on fire but the fire is water

    50. Trueraider777 8

      13:38, why does he look like pedro pascal lol

    51. Jamar Barnes

      People are making mobile ads with your style

    52. De Wildcam

      The video starts with purple guy

    53. Cassidy

      If dark humor evolved

    54. RAFAEL

      They would rather die than do the dishes

    55. Daniella Vitolo

      news saying a lot of peapul dead fond only got stabed in the eyes

    56. Kelli Wallace

      omg like ive seen this soo many times and they still have me wondering "wtf"

    57. Danielle Watson

      The first one 😂😂😂

    58. luki Mood

      0:17 OH NO, THE PURPLE GUY

    59. Crazyemokid Rawr XD

      After watching the opposite day episode a million times i never noticed the moon came up instead of the sun lol.

    60. C-ofe aka. Gavin Mahoney

      i hate this one because im so sad about the puppy being put down, and after that, she does this: 2:36

    61. Tee Mart

      Didn't this dude realize there was no blood?😆

    62. An Unoriginal Excuse For Unhidden Agenda

      Netflix and chill or Hulu and break up or porn hub and cry man the options are so vast lol

    63. Epi..mű

      Ssshïtt'zen'gggllzz.,. Brilliant 🙌🏼🙌🏼 LOVE2ALL 🙏🏼❤️🕊️

    64. Elmich29

      The intro: Other skinned people:

    65. who cares

      4:38 idk why but she reminds me of Alice from the Resident Evil movies

    66. Sam S.


    67. Kirby zone 64

      0:21 we found purple guy! Someone get Mat pat over here! He needs to make a theory about this!

    68. Clare Francis

      I never thought I'd be this happy seeing so many eyes pierced😂

    69. Cursedwolf Gaming

      Then the dog collapsed I started bawling bc I had to put my dog down last week.

    70. Alex Watson

      The note was so trivia murder party

    71. Godzilla King of monsters

      Purple guy

    72. 3:21 im done..

    73. E.R.I.N

      "Who's that, Daddy?" "He's the hero our city.... Has." Gets my every time XD

    74. tiffany

      Does mega sound like nigga to anyone else?

    75. The Alerted Twins

      WHY THE EYE’S?!?!?!

    76. Jacrispy

      Can I hire moth man at my grandmas birthday party ?

    77. the BonnieLass

      27:21 the biggest twist would have been if he didn't go into the room.

    78. Kristen Sharbono


    79. Tina Li

      Oh my God moth man

    80. Orangedex

      Plz make more moth man

    81. Maxwell

      The "serial killer" aka the purple shirted eye stabber is actually a *spree* killer due to the fact that he Killed over 4 people and didn't rest between the kills.

    82. Furiusjack Gohan

      The sad ending is technically the Canon ending

    83. Bigrignohio

      Stay OUT of the room on the leeeft . . .

    84. Spacewolf Reacts

      6:12 isn’t that kinda racist

    85. Bex J

      Ahh the dude getting home from work + just losing it? thrills me 😁 everytime.

    86. Meepy Meepy

      When the starred at Timmy I said LEAVE TIMMY ALONE! Emmett

    87. minecraft creeper

      spy from tf2 be like 0:40

    88. Lisa Gibson

      29:06 wtf is in that black ladys mouth ? O.o

      1. Rᴇᴛᴀʀᴅ• 69 years ago

        @Lisa Gibson yeah

      2. Lisa Gibson

        @Rᴇᴛᴀʀᴅ• 69 years ago doo doo colored gum?

    89. Dillon Bernard

      Moth man is a girl

    90. Mr BBOY

      I love the fact how in the sad ending is some nazi footage

    91. An!me K!d

      Bad parent 7:34

    92. J.D. Matthias

      Mothman is a real crypto-zooligic mystery in Pennsylvania.

    93. Bgl Hero!

      Don't waste your life watching television

    94. YoutubeWithBen

      27:14 😂😂🤣🤣🤣

    95. just_some_random_channel

      these are the things that make you say ''what the fuck did i just watch''' 7:17 cant she just break the glass with the FUCKING BOWLING BALLS IN THE BACK?

    96. firestonegraywolf

      Hulu and break up 🤣

    97. Leon Morgado

      ima kill my self if I see a nether dog die

    98. Jacorie Tooks

      The dog had to die 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😖😢😢😖😢😢😭😭😭😭😭😫😫😭😭🙃😖😭😭😭😢😭😭😭😢😭 wihy gust shot the dog

    99. zReNAgAdE504