Cyanide & Happiness Compilation - #25


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    Time for a new Compilation!

    Cyanide and Happiness delivers daily comics to your face-hole on since 2005!

    Who is Mothman?
    Mr. Cobbler's Neighborhood
    The Park
    The Park 2
    Blind Date
    Bowling Night
    Gun Fight
    Agent 7: Part 2
    Half Off

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    1. unforgetable0chaos

      wow we still dont know who moth man is

    2. Random person

      Me when i find out that i have a math test today 15:24

    3. Chalix

      4:47 attack on titan

    4. Ryuzaki 117

      4:47 What kind of Attack on Titan is this?

    5. Fire's Development

      I need to tell you where the family gold is. *GRANDAM-A 599$ IS ON THE LINE*

    6. Sunstar Burst

      The episode with the coats was really funny.🤗👍👍

    7. ABBADULL reee

      12:13 plot twist it had an empty mag

    8. FellowNormie

      the park 2 had so many reused animations it wasn’t even funny

    9. Nick


    10. The weird squad leader

      Man that duck wanted his bread big time 😳

    11. dont read my username ولې دې ولې لوستلو؟

      cuts a atom in half *learns what happens if you split an atom*

    12. Caleb Cayabyab

      “I’ll be there... on the double.. *evil chuckle*

    13. anony

      i feel bad for that doctor antagonist, HE LOST TOO MUCH!

    14. LeviathanDrumming

      "I want chivalry and to be treated better by men because I'm a female, but I also want equality." Lmfao

    15. OchiDO

      I’m pretty sure gold is Way more valuable than 500$

    16. [Smiles]

      rip captain cupcakes

    17. Nathaniel Grice

      I feel bad for the villain in agent 7

    18. MR Murphy

      I'l cut my life in half. I'l cut my

    19. Roman Alexander

      Cobbler 😥

    20. Femaiden

      that t rex was actually closer to the t rex in the book than the one in the movie was. . .

    21. Reirei lovato

      1:02 is my fav part

    22. DangerDan*

      "Activists say there are too many people on this planet, that easy! Just cut them in Half!" Thanos: Could this be one of my people?

    23. Arzu Uzun

      Bro that scientist in Agent 007 was really deppressing but am i the only one who thought first his kid was a younger self of Kim Jong Un?

    24. Mattisfy


    25. Pickle __


    26. Alphas Pack


    27. Alphas Pack

      How that bird ran omg I got scared

    28. Enzo Luiz

      That "half off" dude actually seems pretty Nice, if he was real, that's the place i would buy everything i need

    29. m9nkeyman

      To this very day, that evil scientist is still there waiting for agent 7...... or he may have survived for th3 whole week, and was saved by agent 7, but he was very very hungry and very dehydrated

    30. zdwlees

      12:50 how American do you want it to be? Yes

    31. Ghastgamer 64

      1:47 that's sad

    32. Lunk 1113

      Cats and death rays don’t mix

    33. xEpicMariox

      Is 8:50 a reference to Futurama, because there is an episode where 2 of the main characters are stung by a giant bee and the person behind got the effects

    34. Cathy Ervin

      He just wanted to share his cobbler with everyone

    35. GG XX

      Everyone on that wanted board is colored........ 12:39

    36. Lucifer Morningstar

      7:55 Rudy's grave in the background

    37. TRAP_DiLLY

      😂😂😂 GUN FIGHT

    38. Night2014

      Damn, I find it funny when billions die but you can't just kill Captain Cupcakes like that.

    39. Spartan420

      I can respect that something they won't touch upon is violence against children.

    40. Some Dude Named Aron

      ROTD (Rule Of The Day):Always respect a princess.

    41. Pathetic Gay

      "Stay there sir do not open the door. The police are on their way." Meanwhile: 11:56

    42. Gabriel

      12:53 I think guns ARE toys.

    43. Sarahjean Hockenberry

      14:02 that's not funny like not at all The poor man lost his cat AND THEN HIS SON

    44. Toned_ Ambience

      The gun fight is so wholesome lol

    45. Elijah Compton

      Poor evil villain

    46. Pun'sNotFun

      They legit made a bridge to Europe?

    47. no.

      4:14 ITS MATT

    48. Nathan Valle

      I had a BLAST

    49. K G

      Not Captain cupcakes

    50. the smiling man

      14:01 in nevada


      mega simps

    52. Cursed Soldier

      My Lady

    53. Human Haker9

      Yo skedadudlers

    54. claresorman

      Poor cobbler dude

    55. AussieTrain Gamer

      Mothman is an experiment conducted by the US government because the US government liked batman but couldnt recreate him because that would be copyright so they made Mothman instead which was a good choice because mothman is far superior to batman

    56. Time Scotch

      14:25 this hit me so hard I was crying, I have 3 cats.. it's like a punch in the gut

    57. lol !


    58. David Cook

      I was expecting the mosquitoe holding the professor to be eaten at the end of that sketch. Would have been fitting.

    59. TheInfiniteProject

      1:47 I did not expect that, and being a lesbian myself- I loveIT

    60. CluelessDragoon

      Yeh I had to pay almost double on my atom prices this year...

    61. Mr. Grimm

      1:00 No coats were soaked during this clip

    62. Predator Killer


    63. Chuchi Cadag

      Cyberpunk 2077 11:00

    64. Augustus Rojas

      What is wrong with you

    65. yuan du

      Chivalry more like simpary

    66. Dr. Smile

      Sometimes peoples are stupid ... She just needed to tell ya where the family gold is buried. Family gold bro... Ludicrous

    67. ThatDapperPlat

      Milfred is just the gmod physics engine going wacky, that is his super power.

    68. Skinny White Boy

      "Gun fight" was 100% either the product of sleep deprivation or drugs

    69. Dustiie


    70. AMPERE MAM

      I honestly don't think there's any human making these cartoons 😂🤣🤣😂😂 just party funny 😂🤣🤣😂

    71. CoreyZek

      Ma lady 😊👉👈

    72. PassivIncome

      Nice e30

    73. Jonny Phillup

      "think this commercial is too long il cut in in half" the sec he said that i got a ad

    74. Seth Zhatrianni Calingacion

      Is he q dumbest person in the game his grandma will tell him where the family yopd is :/

    75. Mad Dawg Moody

      M' Lady just walked the entire Atlantic Ocean without a break 💪

    76. [CFFA]Dare devil

      he realy cared about 500 dollars instead of the family gold his grandma was gonna tell him lol

    77. JustAnOrdinaryGuy

      1:27 when every bois in da school has a crush on a 6th grader

    78. the darkness

      7:55 rudy grave in the background

    79. lanatsif

      Bowling night is a pure gem 🤣

    80. Aiden Shimizu

      Gun fight stupid idea unless they’re unloaded

    81. Aiden Shimizu

      My lady my lady my lady my lady my lady my lady my lady my lady my lady my lady my lady my lady my lady my lady my lady my lady my lady Me:lol

    82. Brandon Trout

      I wanna visit *Big ass misquote park* just for shits and giggles.

    83. Pepelepound

      Look in the background of 7:54 its a reference to the person who said bad words their entire life.

    84. Sunbreaker7

      Big ass Mosquito Park, Oh dear God have mercy on our souls. That is simply a terrifying thought if giant mosquitos lived among us.

    85. Parker F

      “Half guy” was the best. I liked the fact he could cut the conjoined twins. I also liked the fact he cut the atom and then the earth was in half. Wait what? THE EARTH WAS IN HALF?

    86. The Cat Channel

      Why did the cat have to die to the laser? :(

    87. alex

      The mothman one is part is part from batman i love it 🤣

    88. Mary Butler

      I really really like the frog dino

    89. Naomi Burton

      Ig this is why they say chivalry is dead. 😭

    90. Aliou Kone

      0:55 sad plot twist: *he never caught a fish*

    91. UndertaleAU Geno

      What the actual fuck did I just watch I think I’m just going to * Brain explodes all over the place* Mom: Well there’s that I knew that damn phone was going to be the end

    92. Nameloc

      Im not old im dead iM DYING

    93. JonnyBgamer

      can't wait for the showdown between half-off Oscar and the quartermaster it'll be wholesome entertainment

    94. SimpFor2dMen :P

      17:38 "cut it in half-" *ad starts playing*

    95. Vlog Mr.Hải


    96. kirt lyle taboclaon

      za hanzo 16:51

    97. Zombified Gaming

      Yes 8:50

    98. Sombrero Flower

      Too many comments? *I CUT IT IN HALF*

    99. Reyana Grant

      Cut it in half 😂😂😂

    100. Reyana Grant

      Cut it in half 😂😂😂