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    Season Too is out NOW on VHX!

    Q: Why is VHX international only?
    A: In the US, Season 1 & Too will be on Seeso, but since Seeso doesn't work internationally, we'll be working out a different release platform. In the meantime, we thought we'd show you a teaser for the next season!

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    1. Lunar does everything

      The rail road man was definitely a scrapped Marty robbins song. I have no belief cyanide and happiness made that amazing ass song

    2. Jack Holmes

      Trains are cooler than planes

    3. DrexYiii

      Only just notice the star spangled bastard poster in the intro guys floor

    4. lautaro benavides

      *Psssst....* . . . *Railroad Man~~~~*

    5. sarah shaw

      Mr railroad man had a train going into China?

    6. Angel dust

      i love how the rails where going thro the bag 3:32

    7. Perrine Eleanor

      what's funny is if I remind my aviation history courses well, the Brothers Wright used rails to launch their aircraft

    8. Kharfre Wallace

      Was the weather forcast done in 2020

    9. Eric Bong 1827006


    10. Shiro Tora

      I had a Teacher like that. He always were like "JULIE, ARE YOU STUPID OR WHY CANT YOU DO MATH?! YOU ARE BLOND FOR SURE! DO IT FASTER!"

    11. The Fox Samurai

      All dogs go to heaven 2 Gordon freeman dies

    12. corrin com

      railroad man is the greatest song ever sung

    13. Willcom Laurentino

      This Americans, think they created planes 😂

    14. The Serious Chicken

      Wait till the railroad man hears of rollercoasters

    15. Muthu Vignesh

      Who else notice the line on the news fed that says local strip club temporarily clothed 😂😂😂

    16. Luke Montagu

      When the worlds ending at 6 but you gotta make it to work at 7

    17. Igal Haikin


    18. Pratik Shrestha

      2:15 well, hello there!

    19. Tabby McTabs

      It's a pretty catchy song

    20. Mahmoud Alsayed

      God fucking damnit, I loouuuve you guys ❣️

    21. Ben Altobelli

      This is easily my most favourite cyanide and happiness episode ever, it’s difficult competition but I absolutely love it

    22. Sam just Sam

      God damn the railroad man song is catchy as fuck man

    23. MissWho?

      This is basically when Gen Z take over the world

    24. suppercookie99

      Railroad man is a god level song

    25. Snail Force

      Why did I notice that at 4:54 there are clones in the video only now in 2021??

    26. mightycake 337

      good the puppies made it to heaven

    27. devilmok

      2021 ,2 trains traveling in opposite direction crashed in Malaysia during a pandemic.😱

    28. Bigfist LV

      What that message says in 7:01

      1. Sean694202474

        it says go f urself

    29. pootis's first person shooter & vlogs

      Rollercoaster 🎢 : (see's this video ) ALLOW US TO INTRODUCE OURSELVELSE

    30. Andres Zubieta

      My head canon is that because tommy did not finish the problem in time the apocalipsis happened since the teacher said "you killed us Tommy you killed us all"

    31. Mosuki!

      I just want to remind you that this whole video started with a very catchy song and ended with an apocalypse-

    32. Luke Montagu

      Earth: being ripped to shreds. TV channels that still need add revenue and have to stay on track:

    33. jamil Jalili

      I don’t know what I’m doing here

    34. I have become one with the v o i d

      did anyone notice the banner saying "clerical error bans straight marriage"

    35. I have become one with the v o i d

      dammit tommy

    36. bob     is     mad

      Top 10 best songs rail road man

    37. Kinko

      2:06 What is the name of the song? The original song.

    38. Ałëx UwU

      Tommy is me with math

    39. aint very ga1z

      We need a Way of streaming it on spotify

    40. LadyMecha

      Poor airplane man, the rocket man is going to kill your plan. Elon Musk has your number, soon you will travel faster brother.

    41. Hfchgc Nvcvhchf

      The rail road maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan

    42. KSM

      Santos Dumont

    43. cat milk lol

      railroad man: exists wright brothers: fuck you

    44. Nida Azfar

      Still a better story that twilight

    45. Frederico Traumann

      No one is gonna say anything about santo dumont?

    46. Ace Clover

      The part that pisses me off the most is that there are five cabooses and none of them are at the back.

    47. Alex the sar hingaro 🐉

      There are only 0.1 percent of comments in proportion to the view number but this video is good

    48. christopher yap


    49. RG gamer

      I lovd the song can you pls make mor songs

    50. Black Kat533

      Well thats kinda sad

    51. Bodylove Oriflame

      Railroad Man~

    52. Rienzo Reg Eledio

      And I hate the news

    53. Rienzo Reg Eledio

      I kinda like the song cause is western song

    54. Aquil Mercado


    55. Fire Arm

      Sory 4 my speling

    56. Fire Arm

      I couldn't read what the rail toad said

    57. Seven Words Music

      This made me happy :D !!!

    58. Zero z

      Props to the news reporters for keeping their cool.

    59. Lake dabings cz

      NOBODY: Ppl in 1920 new York: 12:19

    60. Abos Itera

      Is it just me who thinks the story of the railroad man would make a great movie?

    61. Itzz Goatking

      Who wants railroad to become an actual song

    62. Lechosław Juszczak


    63. music machine2000

      Bruh the news speedrun

    64. Vlogin god . 1M years ago

      7:17 what is this ep

    65. Lorcan Crowther

      The news is on fire

    66. Austin Scott

      breaking news!!!! the potato salad is done.

    67. KINGDXE

      Why would you make a school on a rail road

    68. RedstoneChippedSemmy

      twist: dog are killers, and they went to heaven i wanna see solution

    69. izuku midoriya


    70. VanzyPub G?

      🤣🤣 OMG this never gets old. I can't believe I watched this 5 years ago and it still cracks me up when it transitions to Chip Chapley's "There were no survivors" ☠️☠️

    71. 長瀞凛桜

      Devils? *Heavy-metal INTENSIFIES

    72. JaggedBird

      I love the railroad man song

    73. 42LMS

      The Railroad Man song reminds me a lot of Ebaums World Dot Com by Lemon Demon

    74. MR_Koko20

      Why haven't i seen this already? Usually i do... :I

    75. Spryporpoise687

      Their twitter is real wow

    76. Troty

      Santos Dumont >>>>>>> Brothers Wright

    77. Plopidopi

      The joke is........ Season too isn't even released! I can't find it anywhere!

    78. Caca Rot

      7:32 that was a nice trainsition

    79. Belecar Claros


    80. Anelie Alonzo

      I recognize dis song was toning catchy.

    81. Alleluia Darmadi

      FUCK the right brothers

    82. Elwars

      2020 be like :-

    83. Bass boosted Modz


    84. zakimih


    85. Zhuaine Praico

      the intro is oposite day

    86. Semitex

      ahh yes, another religions suck episode.

    87. Mentally main

      11:07 i love how most deaths are in Texas

    88. VAO

      Railroadman is the ancestor of Trolley Tom

    89. GantShort

      Sorry to ✂️ you

    90. Austin

      Daaang. Railroad man was a badass!

    91. K. K. Slider

      *2020 in a nutshell*

    92. Marc Schneider

      i love your chanele but can you not swear so much

    93. Marc Schneider

      i love the song


      Im a railroad man Im a kid working on umgeni steam railway

    95. Dino Nuggies

      Holy shit,The railroad man song was fucking epic

    96. guillermo gomez del rio

      The description of 2022

    97. Kyaw Joshua

      It’s so fucking funny you know why the teacher was like solve it tommy and boom the chalk btoked

    98. MissingNerd

      You know what's funny? You still can't legally watch this show in europe

    99. steamerfan221

      the song says that the rails were built in the USA but they were made in the UK

    100. 4Louis MC

      who tf builds a school on a train track?