Cyanide & Happiness Compilation - #4


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    Wow, four compilation #4! How many videos have these guys made?

    Don't Do It
    The Weatherman
    Return of the Purple Shirted Eye Stabber
    Beer Run
    Too Early
    Le Telepathe
    Yummy Pie
    Action Stan

    Cyanide and Happiness delivers daily comics to your face-hole on since 2005!

    Datum objavljivanja: Prije 4 godina


    1. Najma_palsYT

      the tortoise is From the kung fu panda the turtle

    2. Purple

      I feel so bad for Sam. He just wanted people to go to his party and he got beat up...

    3. Fallgist

      Bugs bunny

    4. John Ramir Rabosa

      Are two pregnant ladies just two babies having a mech battle?

    5. supermarioplushes


    6. Zeides 42

      I can forgive drunk driving that inadvertently helps people, but saving the purple shirted eye stabber at 8:00 is just too far, what sick monster you have to be to let that man roam the streets!

    7. TC SUB0

      Those babys are going to have brain damage

    8. Snycblood Ps3d

      I love how his screaming is louder than the car

    9. Pyeicedup FreakNasty

      14:13 my god 🤣🤣

    10. Monk Wright

      Love the street fighter reference

    11. Gremlin :)

      14:31 DAMN grandma has some cake 😳

    12. SgtChip6356

      Cleveland, Ohio having -30 degree weather is great. Source: Am in Cleveland.

    13. smolltaco


    14. Spectrum Sisters

      5:50 I knew that would happen

      1. Spectrum Sisters

        6:35 I didn’t know that would happen though


      0:09 MUCLE MAN

    16. leo lol maniac

      3:16 Bunny life is so short

    17. Jacob Vigil


    18. Makaylah Thomas

      we cant replace the DIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIICKSSSSS u orderd

    19. Getsuryu

      I still don't get the tortoise and the hare skit

    20. skicon 511

      These videos r my existence

    21. Precious Robinson


      1. Precious Robinson


    22. Patrick's Music

      “Keep an eye out!”

    23. Skipper

      4:02 mens if they can be pregnant

    24. Chaz Battle

      I’m sick

    25. Thabang Makhayi

      7:27 Fasted easy to enter a car

    26. PPG


    27. Tammy Chatman


    28. IQlvlZero

      why is this content meth?

    29. Xaiver The G.O.A.T

      weather alert!!!!...............fuck you chip

    30. The weird squad leader

      A movie in a movie in a movie in a movie! That was hard to tipe

    31. DrennanTheViking


    32. Tuner Guy

      Lmfao "Fuck you, Chip!"

    33. Arzu Uzun

      That purple eye stabber reminds me of Micheal or William Afton😅

    34. Shooman

      yummy wummy

    35. Derpy Chicken

      When he said: DIICKS. I really felt it

    36. Corpo _Ethereal

      Pregnant women fighting should be an Olympics sport

    37. Redwolf Maddox

      Beaten on the news hahah

    38. Julie Noel

      Today is my birthday

    39. Flower fell frisk

      15:07 look! it's Harry the handsome butcher's mom!

    40. Ryan Russell

      Now, I have won.

    41. Delaney Cech

      Can you stop with the puking noise after the co.if please! Its really gross. So stop please

    42. Syarif Badaruđin

      Gay men's favourite movie is 13:45

    43. MO Forrest

      To youtube

    44. MO Forrest

      His I'm new

      1. MO Forrest

        Oops I meant hi 👋

    45. That one Dead meme

      Is pregnancy linked to child birth the results may surprise you. Lol

    46. Junior Gyamfi

      So yummy wummy

    47. Xbxbzjzn Givini

      Who wants to shot the jet pack man down

    48. Starkiller

      8:00 okay he stops a robbery but this video makes it look like he saved the purple shirted eye stabber😂

    49. Olugbeminiyi Joseph

      I love this channel very well

    50. Endo Studios

      RIP lab tester 🌹

    51. popular gaming

      14:20 that thing got a sister?

    52. Volted and ???

      on the bunny one, *BUGS?!*

    53. Houdini Doobie

      Should have had a jet pack

    54. Stonemane

      during the pregers fight,,, me waiting for the upercut @ midnight that sends the other mom falling into the spike pit.

    55. Ra1drFN

      I love these vids they are hilarious

    56. madmax 334 reborn

      We cant bring back the DIIIIICKSSSS

    57. 🍋LemonTeddy🧸

      THE PURPLE SHIRTED EYE STABBER IS BACK haahshaysyajhahahahahahaucy Dhdysy

    58. sammydogg123

      Was this ever on TV?

    59. HazzerdGaming

      13:45 his face says it all.

    60. Mark Fan

      15:43 piemations: chip chirply Cyanide and happiness: chip chapley

    61. ItsSachi

      Was it cold in florida????

    62. Harrison Jay

      Perfect for being bored as fuck at 3:00 A.M.

    63. Hadzo Lonis

      Harry the handsome butcher mother

    64. Gongoozlised

      Weather update: Fuck you chip.

    65. Александр Килиевич

      The best horror film I ever saw!

    66. Callum Law

      ᕙ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)ᕗ

    67. Kory


    68. Dude Tustan


    69. Szymon Hudy

      2:14 WTF is this?!

    70. CoreyZek

      Chip Chapley is the GOAT

    71. Zander Coleman

      My eye

    72. ZadVarX •

      Blanka caught me off guard lmaoo

    73. Andrew P


    74. Gabriel


    75. kristianna Robinson

      Legit thought the tortoise was gonna murder them

    76. jennifer rosa

      Oh s*** I forgot the ice mean while help me get this car off of me.

    77. Ghost Face

      Bugs noooooooo!

    78. frank paparo

      Watching this shit high is fun ash

    79. Guess I’ll Upload

      I like how one of the rabbits name is lab tester

    80. Quidney

      Nathan summers Ethan Winters Good reference

    81. John Conner


    82. Dollie Gray

      7:46 *top 10 People that can Beat Flash In a Race* Also too early the first I ever watched was told early also P.S the reason the Same Button from too early that sent the man back sent him to heck is cuz it send back people not due, it sends people who are evil and died at there time, or people who commit suicide to HECK.

    83. James Huayta

      Guys the turtle only waited like 2 years to finish his line

    84. AAaaAaa

      Wtf .-. :edit sub to meh sis befroe she changes her acc and here it is @eli afton ▼・ᴥ・▼

    85. Satan

      The music in the tortoise one was FIRE

    86. SCP Foundation

      1:38 WEATHER ALERT! *Insert suspenseful music* *F* *U* *C* *K* *Y* *O* *U* *C* *H* *I* *P*. *starts fighting*

    87. King von Frmdao

      14:13 WTF

    88. Im_Not_Impressed

      “Nathan Summers” sounds like the opposite of Ethan Winters, does it not?

    89. Nether World

      Purple shirt eye stabber

    90. TR - EgeGamerX

      15:06 Yummy Face

    91. kechupanimationsYT

      dude is the guy in the "le telepathe" strait or bi

    92. tf2. soldier haha funny

      pie yum

    93. Britton Dallape

      Weather alert: fuck you tom

    94. Forgotten-child

      Weather alert: Fuck you Chip

    95. triobros 9824

      7:46 racing games in a nutshell

    96. Gabriel Gomes

      "now you're dead too" "Fantastic!" All of us in a nutshell

    97. Elijah Concepcion


      1. Elijah Concepcion


    98. Average Check It Face Enjoyer

      3:15 it is now confirmed, bugs bunny and roger rabbit’s father and mother is mrs hare and mr hare.

    99. Blown Oofer

      this is literarily "they had us in the first half, not gonna lie"

    100. SWAROOP Tom

      Legends say that the movie still didn't finished