The Stockholms Ep 9: A Man, A Van, A Getaway Plan


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    Someone is robbing the bank! Little does Jasper know, the robber is a long-forgotten friend. What Jasper does know is that the Stockholms are gonna be okay.

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    1. Emani Onasile

      Sleeping noises

    2. John Burner

      Willy's real flexible.

    3. Mike Ock

      Given their other cartoons I really DON'T know if they're gonna be alright

    4. Ahsangamer 27 #4


    5. Soe Oo

      2:04 meh favorite part

    6. Hacker sponge

      i thought the black shawdow of willy was fart in a jar martin XD

    7. The kill count guy

      So 5 more kills 3:22?

    8. The one with no identity

      huuh its queff in a can anne i mean fart in a jar martin

    9. shahrulbariahsb

      Final episode jasper die

    10. GokilBisa!

      So how look face of jasoer

    11. Jovany Gabriel

      I instantly recognied the silhouette as fart in a jar martin 😂

    12. Moony_ Haru

      I know Willy, what if I told you hes been keeping a secret, something he doesn’t want anyone to know about, a secret is so distinct to him, something that had happened a long time ago, Like one time…… back in forth grade

      1. Moony_ Haru

        For those of you who get it woo hoo

    13. bébé phoque

      It's Zach! :D

    14. Optional Eagle

      Zach Hadel made this good

    15. sanstheskeleton:)

      *yeah I'm going to the airport- WoAh is that Chris cringle* 2:07

    16. Robert Gray

      This is reposted I watched the original in like October

    17. Yellow_men1

      Makes a LOT more sense why he carried the bat with him now does it?

    18. Salted Kaijus

      I love that the characters psychicpebbles voices look heinous. Dishonest Willy and tiny G

    19. Issakal

      Is that Fart in the jar martin?

    20. Sullieduser611

      Is that zach i am hearing

    21. SophyTheCat13

      I thought that was fart in jar martin, is he voiced by psychicpebbles?

    22. staah butteflai


    23. Alexis Scales

      Months....uber driver😂😂😂😂😂😂😂💀

    24. PuppyshippingsPuppy

      *Hears 1 word* Oh hi Zach.

    25. Archive

      "Stop resisting" ....

    26. Jim Thomas

      Why can't you oh yeah the chair

    27. Oreo and Mocha


    28. NEKODARK117

      OMG OMG OMG is zach

    29. OchiDO

      I thought octopie made this

    30. Goose &Fish

      Only a "dishonest" willy would be floppy while watching this.

    31. Benny D.

      Why didn't Willy steal a CD instead of listening to Mambo 5 a year and a half?

    32. Martins Bitans


    33. S N

      Why did they hire a goblin to voice Willy?

    34. Mr. L

      2:30 ITS JUST ONE SONG!!!!😂

    35. KoLithod Madness

      Robber: I'm not your dad LongBeachGriffy has entered the chat

    36. ْْْْْْْْْْْْْْْْْْْْْْ

      Money tight... wallet's light... Wishin' you had somethin' more... Your balance low, don't know where to go... Then someone walks through that door... Now you got a brother and a sister and mom and a dad The family that you never knew you always had Not allowed to leave, but I'd much rather stay I'm lovin' all the way to the bank!

    37. khamjaninja

      I love that random shade thrown at Lou Bega. "Lou Bega's Greatest Hits! It's just one song!"

    38. Block Frisbee

      Wait a second, this episode was released a long time ago, and we’ve already seen episode 10?

    39. Larisa Ștefania Ivan

      Where's ep 10

    40. that guy


    41. End Times

      Shoot the dog, kill everyone else. Have the the robbers actually get away with the money then celebrate with a bunch of women and cocaine.

    42. Lisa Faith

      @ExplosmEntertainment Please, take down Stockholms episodes on Sunday.

    43. Thaly

      Don't watch the final episode if you enjoyed the more light approach this had. 10th episode goes full on C&H style and kills the wibe.

    44. Ty Hargrove

      Gun❌ Bat✅

    45. Russian Milk

      he gets shot in the head by a sniper at the end of the series I am calling it

    46. Chippy

      Do they call it the Stockholm’s cuz all of them have Stockholm’s syndrome?

    47. Superbros101

      Hold on am I the only one or did this and the finale episode come out before because well first spoiler warning ⚠️ if I'm right but the ending is jasper being shot by the sniper

    48. Dagger -

      Ain’t nobody talking how he kept a car running for 19 fricking months

    49. AgentKam146

      This whole thing reminds me of Spinel’s backstory.

    50. GOD

      He is lucky that there’s no John Batman and moth man after him.

    51. Angelo Reyes

      Is that ZACK

    52. AmKam Omega

      Brace for the next episode y'all, it's gonna be sadge

      1. artorias gameing


    53. Noah

      Ain't no bullets never was

    54. Green Ceva

      Continue tony purgatory pls

    55. THE MEME GOD

      Wait a sec is that fart in jar martin

    56. King Mar

      This is cyanide and happiness so I don’t think the Stockholm’s gon be ok

    57. Mutraxation

      Willy got some real desperation, because of being willing to wait for 19 whole months for someone who cant do a robbery properly

    58. TheArmoBro

      I love how he grabbed a bat but he's had the gun in his hand for 19 months

      1. Inspector512

        It has no bullets

    59. Mr.Countryball

      10 10 10 10 10

    60. Sensei Blaze

      Y are they reposting this shit

    61. Dushan Milinda


    62. Halloweener

      There is no better person for the voice role than Zach

    63. Dorime

      :0 we about to get some abuse in the next ond or is it gonna be an actual hostage situation?

    64. The MARIO Masher

      Am I the only one that remembers the end because in these comments it seems to be treated as though he didn’t get his brains blow out

    65. Xvic

      Griffy vibes I'M NOT YO DAD

    66. Dutch Van Der Linde

      Is this a reupload because I've seen it before?

    67. R'Vex Noonien

      None released that they reuploaded same video...

    68. Wave Equipped


    69. Brittany Strutz

      This is the biggest plot twist that this channel I never expected

    70. iye_Viking

      This is the stupidest thing in the world. And I’m totally in love with it. Absolutely amazing.

    71. xander Rasmussen


    72. Canzandridas Joe

      God I HATE the singing voice but at the same time I crave for it.

    73. KillerKinkstar

      Now this is the character development I like to see

    74. Alexandria Collier

      I love how it’s suppose to be Randy Newman singing the theme song!😂

    75. Alex Bear

      What happened to ep 10

    76. 02protoman

      I thought this series was done

    77. Josh Russell

      This was my favorite episode.

    78. unknown- bat

      The best part of this show so far is how the cops are basically the viewers of this show, like they've had multiple opportunities to help the hostages escape but nope they jest watch and I love it

    79. UnlikelyPerson

      I got déjà vu. I feel like I’ve watched this already

    80. Just some random anime fan 1

      The cops really are useless in the cynide and happiness universe

    81. dReliq

      Anyone else thought it was fart in a jar marvin?

    82. hardcore banana shorts

      Wait did he or did he not die last time I watched this?

    83. Patrick T

      Damn, what did I just walk in on?

    84. EcstaticAlloy96


    85. ScarrowRaze

      Willy is Earthworm Jim.

    86. robson silvano


    87. christian basaere

      We are close to the end

    88. Vaiibhav PrabhuChandhar

      this is the most wholesome Cyanide and happiness series.

      1. Idiot_That_Animates

        Wait till the next

    89. Damone Jackson

      *Yawn* Charlene why cant u- oh yeah the chair

    90. Armand Du Preez

      "Is that Chris Hemsworth " is this a joke on that photo of him where his upper body looks much bigger than his calves because of how these characters are drawn?🤔

    91. MrSauce


    92. lynnsundrop

      Police dreaming about police brutality lol "stop resisting"

    93. Lazy Cacao


    94. تيم GF HD BF🎤💞


    95. Nr T277 hyyyuh1b NS


    96. Meaty Donut

      I know Zach’s voice when I hear it

    97. Chartreuse Maiden


    98. Jarip plays

      Let me guess Jasper gets shot in the last episode

    99. Ishaki goshmier

      You guys are great everything about is so well done.