Cyanide & Happiness Compilation - Ancient History


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    Throw away your history books! Cyanide and Happiness has all of history covered in this new compilation!

    Cyanide and Happiness delivers daily comics to your face-hole on since 2005!

    The Invention
    The Cavemen
    The Execution
    Smoke Signals
    Land Ho
    Renaissance Man Part 1
    The Apple
    The Penny Farthing
    Worlds Greatest Detective
    The Cowboy Funeral
    The Tragedy

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    1. Fishy Smell

      I'm confused about the execution.

    2. TPWAV

      "hebrew" coffee was so clever

    3. Dark ScareCrow Fx's.

      Yep in a nutshell

    4. McMogg_Inc Mogg

      Tumble butt !!!!!!!!

    5. Dr Sausage

      8:40 I’m crying that’s hilarious 🤣

    6. Ghost10

      to tex

    7. Fajar Novantoro

      4:32 smart conversation exist

    8. Starph

      the caveman who died's son lived and went on to make trolley tom's blood line, hence the familiar "Okay Bye".

    9. foofoo3344

      The one where they cut off the horse's hind legs and added them to the front legs really made me HOLY FUCK!!!

      1. D_Dagger

        beautiful lmao

      2. PooCobra

        It's the only C&H short i genuinely hate

    10. Varju Nikolász

      I!think the execution was the first video and I think it's pretty old

    11. Cohen Boonstra

      For girls its the other way around when driving.

    12. Candy Peeps

      Land Ho seemed like it was pretty; historically accurate.

    13. Evonne L

      8:56 Poirot , murder on the orient express alternative ending🤣🤣🤣

    14. Neon

      0:35 I saw a tumblebutt 😐

    15. Casper Dziura

      The tiny invaders. I love jt

    16. Veronica Otaku

      Just saw an add for snack crate.... And that shit was creepy af

    17. Scarlet

      PETA must be disappointed

    18. Jeff the rock ps4

      To Tex!

    19. BLOEDJE

      0:35 pause CANT HIDE RROM ME

    20. Prestone Lite

      0:30 he unzipped his what?

    21. Emma Chavarria

      0:40 NASCAR And Daytona.

    22. aaa aaa

      11:18 😢😂

    23. Suzan Moe

      11:18 Is that… a cowboy bebop reference 👁👄👁

    24. Sans From Undertale


    25. Owen Miller

      Rip Tex😭😭😭

    26. J S-H Animation’s

      These shorts are... well short as that’s the whole point but when you think about it there is a lot of work put into these for example the one about the caveman not under standing baby’s the animators chould have easily had the baby just sitting there doing nothing but instead thay had it drawing on the cave walls it’s little things like that that show that the people making these shorts care keep up the good work

    27. Koonie_TF

      Koonie_TF sees you. run.

    28. Siddhant Dash

      We will miss you Daryl

    29. Mr. Pibbeds

      Has there ever been a renaissance man part 2 yet?

    30. Meme Man

      Time traveler: *breathes* The timeline: 0:40

    31. Mr. Black Crewmate

      Bro those jokes were sharp- No wait NO!

    32. Nasser Hoseinian

      I'm sorry but this was not funny Unsubscribed

    33. Fs20 rp roblox

      0:38 update on racing XD

    34. Matt Rothermel

      To Tex

    35. Darth Maul

      0:34 - Tumble-butt!!

    36. Furry Moth

      I thought the horse one was very nice... haha

    37. The kill count guy

      8:57 among us

    38. Spryporpoise687

      3:50 kinda sus

    39. Random person watching Youtube

      Woah did we just see the first tumble but

    40. Teddy bear 5

      Rip tex

    41. G- Switch

      Making a bad joke in 2021 ia punishible by death.

    42. corcky marty

      6:05 ho else saw the guy snif the sea snail

    43. corcky marty

      6:00 ho els saw the guy liking the starfish

    44. Diego Ramos

      Whats this some kind a joker the wheel

    45. The Phoenix

      Never seen the Michaelangelo one how is that possible

    46. Wild Side Gaming 1001

      We've gained better knowledge of technology but less courtesy and just plain knowledge in general standards are so low hahaha

    47. Aaron M

      How would the girls drive?

    48. Cupcake Monster

      One of the cave men wasnt using a wheel he was just rolling like the tumble butta

    49. Jaime Jimenez

      I was never good in my history classes. But now, thanks to Cyanide & Happiness, I passed my history classes thanks to my parents’ money!

    50. cyber the animatronic fox

      Worst detective ever...

    51. Jonathan Rietz

      For women you need the special adapter

    52. Kane

      Still waiting for Renaissance Part 2

    53. J024

      The Titanic movie ending we wanted but never got.

    54. D3ATHCANNON Lv3

      Oh come on y'all why'd y'all do that he was just trying to take the edge off

    55. grim knight

      To tex

    56. Andres does youtube

      you gotta admit this is one of the most stupidest but brilliant idea ever

    57. GeminitePlayz Gaming

      Yeet the child

    58. IVI Durty

      When are they coming out with Part 2 of Renaissance Man.

    59. why creepy

      F*** Samsung

    60. Crusader_gaming

      To Tex

    61. DededesuccALT

      12:42 buttshark

    62. Where’s My Grasses?

      11:16 Was that a Cowboy Bebop reference?

    63. Zell E

      8:57 who else caught that murder on the orient express skit? I love it so perfect

    64. Covered Eye

      We first thought that they Ganna pee beside it

    65. Xetael

      the first short is the reason girls cant drive

    66. Lord o' Cheese

      Tex sure got around

    67. Calico

      D'yall know that cavemen were more than willing to eat the brains of their children?

    68. ToonNoon


    69. Dave Davis

      0:42 I thought they said a girl could do any sport a boy could…?

    70. Pheonix Force

      Make new

    71. A. Williams

      I like how the first two imply that they invented Zippers, Toilets, Books, and Catapults before having a grip on the wheel, the sun, or reproduction.

      1. C-c-combobreak YT

        Technically in second one they never haved a grip on reproduction

    72. SioxGreyWolf

      To Tex, the greatest man who ever lived.

    73. It's your boy Ricardo That loves quality content

      Whoever make it execution joke will be beheaded

    74. Eliasar

      0:34 Tumblebutt spotted!

    75. 4vlon Production!

      0:35 As you can see. This is the first sighting of the species...Tumblebutts...

    76. Seromind

      LOL LOL

    77. Harrison Love

      The first one though

    78. hmm guy

      top 1 reason why women can't drive

    79. Endo 546

      I never get any likes

      1. Endo 546

        @Home - eeeh

      2. Home -


    80. SMToon Surprise

      Humanity has come a long way and we have gotten smarter and smarter over the course of thousands of years, but there are some things we will never learn.

    81. Farid Kargar

      No ooga booga scene? 🤷🏻‍♂️

    82. conq 12

      So that's how our brain subconciously does tumblebutts... Damn it, ancestors!

    83. No Name

      Land ho had the biggest plot twist ive ever seen in my life.

      1. Pixled_Legend429

        The starfish one really got me

    84. Crystal Austin

      Please tell me I'm not the only one who saw the tumblebutt? 🤣

    85. random person

      I just saw a tumblebutt rolling with the caveman on the wheel

    86. life justs takes all the fun

      Fun fack during the renaissance if your dick was sall people thought that you were smart

    87. Twisted wolf

      Just because for puns they die wow

    88. whYLiE09

      Idk man, for my money I would've made a much better compilation....

    89. Shudoodle Nugget

      I wanna see Tex before hebdied

    90. cookies

      What the hell

    91. RedPandaPizza

      To Text!!

    92. Gamer Guy

      This is literally my fav yt channel, every vid is more funnier than the last haha

    93. 4star life


    94. A P

      52 to 2 would be more impressive if we didn't know she was still playing when her opponent was dead/mostly dead...

    95. Conphusing

      That subtle Cowboy Bebop reference tho

    96. star

      Guys in y'all next compilation do Rudy 2 on there please

    97. EndOfGreio

      being turned in to a horse seems worse than dying in this world

    98. Indrani Saha

      Apparently the people behind C and H comics are Hercule Poirot's (the world's greatest detective) fans.

    99. ScruffyFox

      'see you space Viking cowboy' 😔 you just had to remind me of Bebop didn't you