Stevie McBusinessman - Cyanide & Happiness Shorts


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    Stevie is back! And he's the CEO???

    Cyanide and Happiness delivers daily comics to your face-hole on since 2005!

    Created By: Rob DenBleyker, Kris Wilson, Dave McElfatrick
    Directed By: Bill Jones
    Screenplay By: Bill Jones
    Story By: Bill Jones, Joel Watson, Mike Salcedo, Connor Murphy, Dave McElfatrick, Rob DenBleyker
    Voice Actors:
    JIM - Mike Salcedo
    JILL - Trisha Mellon
    STUART - Bill Jones
    MAN 1 - Connor Murphy
    MAN 2 - Joel Watson
    MAN 3 - Bill Jones
    BOB - Geoff Galneda
    TALL BUILDING GUY 1 - Rob DenBleyker
    TALL BUILDING GUY 2 - Mike Salcedo
    ROBOT JOHNSON - Dave McElfatrick
    SECRETARY - Trisha Mellon
    Animation Director: Bill Jones
    Supervising Animator: Matt Thurman
    Animation: Matt Thurman, Bill Jones
    Character Design: Bill Jones
    Background Art: Denise Magdale
    Animatic: Bill Jones
    Editor: Taylor Ransom
    Supervising Sound Editor & Mixer: Ben Governale
    Sound Design/Foley: Nicky Federle, Ben Governale
    Music: Steve Lehmann
    Produced By: Adam Nusrallah
    Production Manager: Autumn Soeder
    Production Coordinator: Michael Stewart

    Datum objavljivanja: Prije 14 dana


    1. نواف محمد


    2. Belina Levente

      I would like an origin storie for stewie

    3. Prodigious Wolf

      Looks like Oscar is gonna have to "cut Stevie in half" in order to stop this madness.

    4. Isabella Mcroy


    5. Isabella Mcroy

      D heak

    6. wuoi zuiu

      “I’m gonna go to a black neighborhood and say the you know what word….they respected me for saying it.” Same vibes

    7. IizUname

      Maybe you right

    8. Joe C.

      Any person: says anything with the word “short” in it. Stevie: “So, you have chosen death.” EDIT: 1:42 Hey Grand Theft Otto

    9. Mister Magic

      One day there will be a man who shall stand up to Stevie's cruel repression and will manage to survive his god like power.... Survival

    10. Shapphire the wolf

      He can crush people with telekinesis…

    11. Moodi World

      Stevey must see tall Justin

    12. Rock girl


    13. Shazra Tano

      Huh, I expected this video to be longer...

    14. Felix Grant


    15. kawai chan

      Giving you all what you want then take it away in a sudden (death) is the crueliest revenge of Stevie.

    16. Dark Sun

      It was the raise part

      1. Rock girl


    17. Superlongmario64

      another stevie boi

    18. ghost dummy boo

      Gay stevie?

      1. ghost dummy boo

        Captions say he is gay

    19. Taboo X

      Regarding 3:11 Meat gazer!

    20. Kevin Zhao

      Does anyone notice Johnson robot exploded? turns out that Johnson is right, if he were there, he would have been killed by Stevie..

    21. DarkStarCake

      Midget boss. Oh fu-

    22. Claymation Dude


    23. timmy La

      Steve didn't make him suffer, he said "does this come with a "RAISE""

    24. Numbah6

      I wonder if “Stevie” is short for “Steven”....OH WAIT NO PLE-

    25. Abraham Robles

      “Never miss a short”

    26. block head

      i think he died because he asked for a raise

    27. ThePulsarZone 2106

      Stevie represents my demon side… I am not kidding.

    28. Dazzle Clinton

      cyanide : screw the youtube layout HRaero : screw your money from youtube 😂

    29. GameMasters C and C

      I think the video was too sho........ slgfhrasetg

    30. Bards and Sages


    31. Steven Walker

      Its honoring for me to be sponsored

    32. DirtInAPot

      its about time that these assholes show us "short people" some fucking respect

    33. ZtheYvngKid

      Shaggy vs mr mc stevie

    34. RandomAtics

      And in the next video the military organizes an attack on Stevie, only for a commander to make a short joke, all of them explode and the world falls into anarchy

    35. Rich Bum

      He is so passive aggressive

    36. Azul Samurai Diablo

      Yo put Tall Justin and Stevie in an episode together. I want to see how Stevie reacts.😂


      hes returned

    38. Rishi

      *It's time for Stevie to join Amazon Prime*

    39. Scorpionstrike7

      This was a BIG short! Right Stevie?!

    40. CharlieCollyer


    41. A-Tron

      Stevie is like the Doom Slayer. All humans fear him even though he looks human.

    42. Neonstar48

      Plot twist:stevie is shaggy

    43. Lycan_Jedi

      My guy would've lived had he not mentioned the raise. No boss wants to give you a raise. Ever.

    44. cader1096

      I wonder what stevie inc sells

    45. Hame Kharpuri

      I was hoping this would be Stevie meeting his match, like the dude was so done with the bs that he became immune

    46. Obsidian EPS

      just from "big,tall,long" to "small,short.."

    47. kent galceran channel

      that universe i say

    48. kent galceran channel

      steeevee is the universe strongest man in the universe

    49. Ev Ch


    50. Diego


    51. SCHURIK4N

      New universe is stealing your videos guys and this is unacceptable

    52. Poe Moo


    53. The Coin Channel: Coin Roll Hunting, and more!

      You see, you may think Stevie is a cold, heartless monster for killing new CEO at the end, but in reality, Stevie was sad. He appreciated the man's honesty, and was angered after realizing all of his workers lied to him. He had hope for his new CEO, perhaps to help his business in the right direction. Unfortunately, after realizing that all he wanted was money, his new officer just wasn't a good fit anymore.

    54. Ofxzh Urhsvi

      Ay yo STEVIE!

    55. Samuel Chau

      Johnson survived

    56. soiung toiue

      Theory: Stevie used to be normal height until one day he was “cut in half”

    57. Evil Individual

      “Take the shot”

    58. Kar1r1guzo 0ra

      What does Stevie inc make?

    59. Jack The Fennusky

      The link and balls absolute win

    60. Layna forbes

      I love these shorts Wait stevie I didn’t mean to wai

    61. DJ Kane

      More of Stevie!

    62. Surge Music

      average 'the boys' episode

    63. Tre washington

      Never fuck with Stevie

    64. JAM Swag


    65. Some dumb spammer

      haha. The boss has no time for anything short. wait a minute- no- NO- AAA-

    66. Blue Swallowtail Butterfly

      Stevie only bet on the long side in stock market.

    67. Folio Fico

      Guys dont make short com.... WHAIT I DIDNT ME... AAAAAGHHHH AAA 🫀 🧠🦴 🫁 🩸

    68. Joris Milleret

      The greatest threat of the Earth

    69. nieooj gotoy

      why the honest guy lived longer was probably because he was letting Stevie know that he was being lied to and how everything is short and down

    70. Ghastgamer 64

      This was made like 6 days ago make this a series

    71. Snarffles

      Ok, here's my thoughts.... Stevie Vs. Tall Justin. Finally...a worthy opponent! THERE BATTLE WILL BE LEGENDARY!!!!!!.

    72. Vrikkiegikk

      Cyanide and Happiness Longs

      1. nieooj gotoy

        2:10 an epic battle will begin

    73. Jay

      He may be short but he’s height isn’t XD

    74. Darth Sans 06

      Kinda reminds me of carrie, but instead of telekinesis, he’s like the cornfield kid but can kill anyone in anyway he wants. He does act like the cornfield kid. Not allowing anyone to talk negatively about him.

    75. Mario Party Bros

      2:00 when he says “tiny ideas”’it sounds like mr. Krabs

    76. Naruto_uchiha🥵


    77. yrussq

      Definitely had to have a "Cyanide and Happiness Sh..Longs" in a title

    78. Roy Mustang

      You should make one where he meets his match . One person who is immune to his telekinesis. Once he sees it doesn’t work he panics and starts talking and gets the shit beat out of him . Fuck you Stevie .

    79. bcvbb hyui

      meeting their death in the hands of Steve? We'll soon find out

    80. Gentleman Wolfpig

      Wanting a raise is what killed him

    81. HaydenTCEM 2

      One step closer to Dr. Manhattan in the C&H Universe

      1. bcvbb hyui

        Why do I think a tall person would be the counter to steve?

    82. S. Jacob Katz

      Hey Stevie!

    83. Somnusance

      AYYYY STEVIEEEEEEE Please help he took my family and is threatening to give them back

    84. ✇ OVA ✇

      Let’s be real Stevie is fudging adorable and the biggest star

    85. White Hayate

      So did he die cause Stevie wanted to play with him or because he asked for a raise?

    86. Nathan McCullough

      2:10 an epic battle will begin

    87. Anastas Winn

      w h a t

    88. Mauri Corey

      Now this only "raises" the question: Who's more powerful Stevie McShortstuff or Half Off Oscar? Think Stevie is short now? Wait till Oscar cuts him in half!

    89. unexpected me

      Make a RIVAL for him TALL BOYS HIT TOWN

    90. Joe Hobin

      Guess he was short sighted

    91. Enrique Gonzales

      The short is about the same length as the first short. there was no growth like his business

    92. Bolo Bijoy

      Frist you guys uploaded video on HRaero. Then grownup your channel. And now you guys making an app and insulting HRaero? This maybe the rule of stevie

    93. ProGoinggo202

      Does he relise he is in an opposite of long movie and that he is not tall at all He has veey bad ways to resolve situations I never said THE WORDS so im safe

    94. Ethernity 999

      Stevie: hey, can i have 5 dollars? Employer: srry boss I'm short of money lately. WAIT IM SORRY *Explosion*

    95. Dave Dan

      Why do I think a tall person would be the counter to steve?

    96. Power Stones

      Maybe if it hadn’t called Stevie short maybe something different would have happened

    97. Zach

      We need to know how Stevie got his power

    98. DreddDizzah

      Rest in peace to the guy that made the title

    99. Slim shady

      I wanna see an episode with stevies parents