Fatherly Fails | Cyanide & Happiness Monday Mashup


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    Happy Fathers Day!

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    1. MaxIsNotHavingIt

      is it me or am i a psychopath for laughing at 2:00

    2. Ahsangamer 27 #4


    3. LowEndGameplays

      My question is In the first one, he went his entire life without food, water, a shower, and was naked through all the seasons How the fuck did he live through that

    4. Eclat Shwartzbaum / cybertune

      I oddly guessed that he would say “who the *k was that! “

    5. ItsWoopy

      I dont know what to be scared of. The fact that they never went outside, or he grew up only eating screen time.

    6. L.A.D

      i just realised that baby in the first skit was larry

    7. Lamb & Wolf

      I wanna do the first one

    8. Iman laslos shahazeb

      1 st no 😂😂😂

    9. Sam Salazar

      How did they never come out for 20 years HOW

    10. Jay Clout

      Did that couple really go all those years without leaving their front door

    11. XxxMAPLE GALAXYxxX

      Mother father I must leave the heck that all about

    12. Kylee Botha


    13. VGL Studios

      So... did they never leave their house in all that time? Even if they never used the front door, they'd still need to drive or walk past it to get to the road.

    14. Arcanecarott

      Hello guys today was are doing a unboxing video of this nice casket we got here.

    15. Christopher Campbell

      “Who the [____] was that?”

    16. abditijger Dauud


    17. Noah Provencio

      Why does livvy have blonde hair when neither of her parents are blonde

    18. 1tsYaJ3ster

      2:24 bro wtf that isn’t fucken cool that is straight up fucked up, how do I know because older sister did that shit she made a go fund me and kept the money to her self

    19. Lillian Adams


    20. Lillian Adams

      The 2 was stage

    21. Koua Her

      Dad dies few years later dearth Vader I am your father

    22. Spacegamer

      She didn’t even need money to keep him alive he legit was like 21 and didn’t even need to eat

    23. Haydens Journey

      0:02 why couldn't you just go one house down god damn it

    24. I am your paint roller

      Motherly mishaps

    25. Nightmare sans

      I’m sorry but I have 3 questions One how did the baby survive the baby has to have food and water to survive and grow up Two how did The old people not even leave their house Three How the freak did nobody noticed the baby on some random peoples porch

    26. Josh Fernandez

      anybody know the song in the beginning?

    27. Johnny Icee

      History:deleted Computer:yeeted Holy water:needed

    28. Jose Morgia

      2:10 filipino youtubers be like

    29. ZX

      The last one was hilarious! 🤣

    30. Alyssa Dijkshoorn

      Was the mother sad Mary? Is that why she's always sad?!?!!

    31. missdaley27

      They didn’t go out

    32. xXTypical_ ReaperXx


    33. ExodusProductions

      There are moments when your cartoons are funny. This isn’t one of those moments

    34. king puma

      she did not care about her dad she probley killed him for the likes

    35. Ethan got gaming


    36. April Hall

      I love that video

    37. Pucky Nguyên

      First one is dark

    38. Tali

      Thumbnail: *something to think about HRaero: Its fine

    39. Awzy_577

      Everyone saw the 69 reference right?

    40. Scpwhy

      They didnt go out of their house for like 20 years

    41. Andrea Navarrete


    42. Gerard Perera

      Could someone plz tell me that how can I learn to make this kind of cartoons.. big help...

    43. Dunk John

      They never came out of their house

    44. JACK Theilemann

      I love it how the house number is 68

    45. Spooksly

      That girl who was vloging is Logan Paul's sister POV: You know why

    46. Simply J


    47. Louise McGonagle

      the second one made me cry because my dad died by hitting a tree

    48. AnimeMemers

      he's rich bench

    49. Chandler Alves

      Hey, how much for you benches to fudge this duck? I'm rich, bench.

    50. B00G3Y MAN

      So we aren’t gonna talk about how the baby became an adult without food

    51. Hemang Saini

      attractive thembnail ngl

    52. Lukáš Ampapa

      Man, that house number, just +1 and you cannot make it? You're fucking disgusts me

    53. Luna

      Livvy Bubbles is literally every influencer ever

    54. cyber the animatronic fox

      Fathers are horrible...then the offspring is horrible...we're all gonna die...

    55. Malik Clarke

      How did he even learn how to talk how did even survive he had no food

    56. Saul Villegas

      Wait did the family never use their door?

    57. JustSomeDrunkDemon

      1:11 yo crusaders, i know I’m a demon but can you end this person for me

    58. IAmGenius

      Winning Numbers: *the dad wins 10 million dollars* Me: Don’t worry. The herbes from all the sex will kill him and THEN the son will be rich by inheriting it.

    59. Haze

      So ur saying they havent left the house for at least 20 years

    60. The Official Roomie

      The water in front of the house never dried up

    61. The scary closet guy

      Mate they went like 20 odd yeahs without opening that door

    62. Inuzo999

      Unless he wasn’t human or was possessed that baby would have died in a few weeks at the most from either dehydration or starving

    63. mamasitamelinda


    64. Dillon Banh

      Did they not leave the house all these years lmao 😂😂😂

    65. Ze Doggie

      The house number should have been 69 it was almost perfect

    66. Keyonna Beaty

      I love this one too much 😍❤️

    67. StricTMad

      I guess they stayed in there house there entire life

    68. a a

      So that couple never once went outside, looked outside or had a visitor in over a decade?

    69. Lachlann Crawford

      Oh heeeeel no

    70. Charlie Whitehead

      In that first one did they just not leave the house for 18 years 😂

    71. Ender Foxy

      I had to make it six hundred and sixty-six

    72. Ender Foxy


    73. Ender Foxy


    74. Ender Foxy


    75. Ender Foxy


    76. Ender Foxy


    77. HateHater

      Did it really fit behind that basket handle?? CaH does no justice he must have needed something to do growing up

    78. Blake Cooper

      Knowing culture during "LivvyBubbles" stream. While they were crying about her dead dad. People were probably saying Pog in chat

    79. Flying S. Monster

      That LivvyBubbles vid first came out the evening I found out my dad committed not-breathing anymore. Seems we’ve come full circle, like a pancake, like my dad…

    80. Purple guy at 3am

      Best video idea Reacting to my dads death😮😦😢😭

    81. Death Tyfying

      The fuck?!

    82. Ace Rain

      Those people didn't leave the house in 30 years. What the hell.

    83. XxFastmotionplayzYT!



      Would have been better in the first one if the couple came home from holiday to see a shrivelled up baby carcus on the ground in a basket

    85. Jaime Jimenez

      0:40 how the heck did he learn how to speak English?

    86. why creepy

      F*** Samsu‌ng

    87. THE MEME GOD

      He just grow without feeding or teaching language bruh 😂😂

    88. Lan Nguyen

      They haven’t leave the house for a long time

    89. ꧁WitherDestroyerV꧂ Gaming

      [Dad's] curse of vanishing [Dad's when you win lottery] curse of binding

    90. Ashenvale

      That was sad marry who left her child in the first one

    91. 灕_

      Hello, fellow benches

    92. Shadow Stalker95

      How did I know exactly what he was going to say?

    93. Hunter Hagen

      The last one you just smash the jar and slice at the father!

    94. Brave Sir Robin

      The mystery here is how their lawn remained perfect

    95. Houssem Sadeg

      So close to house 69!!!! 0:18

    96. Jasper Moth

      Wait so they never left there house

    97. J L

      Thank God he's doesn't eat or need water

    98. Master Blek

      Guys remember to use the same numbers of the Lotto and use them on an actual one.

    99. Voidless

      68 , not nice

    100. MrScaryJoe

      She could have left the baby at house 69! Because it would be more.....Nice