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    Created By: Rob DenBleyker, Kris Wilson, Dave McElfatrick
    Directed By: Dave McElfatrick
    Based on Original Comic By: Rob DenBleyker
    Animation Director: Bill Jones
    Supervising Animator: Matt Thurman
    Animation: Bill Jones
    Intro Animation: Paul Blair
    Animatic: Kris Behr
    Character Design & Props: Paul Blair
    Editor: Taylor Ransom
    Sound Editor & Mixer: Ben Governale, Cymatic Studios
    Sound‌ ‌Design/Foley:‌ ‌Nic‌ky ‌Federle, Ben Governale
    Voice Actors:
    Green Guy - Joel Watson
    Blue Guy - Rob DenBleyker
    Tall Justin - Kris Wilson
    Produced By: Adam Nusrallah
    Production Manager: Autumn Soeder
    Production Coordinator: Michael Stewart

    Datum objavljivanja: Prije 18 dana



      why did the guy with the GF become black??? XD

    2. Alen Mack

      Stevie meets Justin. Make it happen.

    3. Shapphire the wolf

      Cyanide and happiness isn’t perfect without some swearing

    4. Lachy The Potato

      He is the chosen one, the only entity capable of defeating Stevie McShortstuff.

    5. King robot Gaming

      Tall Justin must meet stevie

    6. Ramin

      He is Stevie's little brother

    7. Simon Gravel

      Tall Justin vs Stevie McShortstuff

    8. M1GarandMan3005

      Sorry, I just don't get it.

    9. Marcus The Albino Wolf

      The cousin of Stevie McShortstuff

    10. Matthison The Gamer

      tall justin vs stevie

    11. Dante Vergil

      😂🤣from the thumbnail, I thought maybe it was those two boys that dress up as adults and Tall Justin is their idol

    12. nssatomic

      Fuck that's not funny.

    13. Heinrich Van heerden


    14. Matthewplayz YT

      Tall Justin vrs stevie

    15. Crimson Mortal Slayer

      We need Tall Justin to fight Stevie McShortStuff I would be Tall Justin vs Stevie McShortStuff

    16. insufferableAnarchist OfTheLandOfChaosAndGraves

      Tall justin do be knowin how to please us ladies

    17. Shadowet

      Tall Justin is the best character you don’t have to animate his mouth it saves a lot of time

    18. Luis Solis

      I think he just broke the record for worlds tallest man.

    19. MaractusMishaps

      We need tall Justin vs stevie

    20. theblode1337

      no, i can't accept the delivery of the last line it needs a hair more awe to it, a little less mickey mouse

    21. Villager

      Tall Justin vs Stevie

    22. CMDR Mikalent

      The rival to Shorty Mcsteve, Tall Justin, who has the power to reach on top of shelves.

    23. MLGdoge

      *sneaks into cyanide and happiness Vault and steals Unreleased Videos*

    24. RubienR

      HoW iS tHe WeAtHeR uP tHeRe?

    25. Frost_ReflecT

      Steve mcshortstuffs competitor

    26. Apocalyptic Loli

      Tall Justin and Short Stevie duke it out

    27. Malfo

      Tall Justin is talk brain

    28. Gedison Wawoe

      Tall justin and short stevie

    29. vincent thao

      Is this the brother of tiny Steve

    30. War Lord

      Pervisouly on Steviey mcshort stuff

    31. Nick Bruhy

      We need tall Justin vs Stevie McStevinson

    32. Icybunz Animations

      Tall Justin vs stevie mcshortstuff when?

    33. Fevirre

      Stevie Mcshortstuff has a rival.

    34. Mysterious_Archive

      Tall justin needs to meet Stevie McShortstuff

    35. Gaming Clan

      tall justin vs stevie mc short stuff

    36. Cara Furry

      Me next to my friend My friend hits her head on everything

    37. Justin Peterson

      Yo I'm a tall justin

    38. Localexe_Edits

      Tall Justin should meet Stevie

    39. Bacon Winner

      Stevie and Justin need to meet

    40. Jerkoi 0409

      Ditching my therapist for Tall Justin

    41. Aracely Gonzalez

      Tall justin vs stevie anyone?

    42. MaxgamingPlayz

      everybody gangsta' until stevie mc *_[redacted]_* stuff starts showing up

    43. Shay Logan

      Ahh the wisdom of tall justin

    44. alibo hoo

      tall justin is the man

    45. Justin Muller

      Ok I’m here

    46. super smiley

      Hes looooooong boyyyyy

    47. PhantomPop

      Tall Justin vs Stevie

    48. Joe Wright

      whatever happened to the chair that had the ass of the man who could sit anywhere dewed to it?

    49. Kittenclysm

      These are the kind of jokes that Family Guy USED to do and need to do again. Not a lot of effort put in the joke, but still funny

    50. Returning May Be Eventual

      Tall Justin must be cracked… I’m very funny 🥲

    51. Mr. Tem

      Tall Justin and short Stevey

    52. Jhin Enjoyer

      Stewie mcshortstuff’s nemesis

    53. NoProblem 23

      Stevie Mcshortstuff has found his nemesis

    54. Nathaniel Grice

      It’s stevie’s brother

    55. Ttv Mrrainbows

      Stevie vs tall justin... I would but a ticket to see that

    56. Shawn Yankow


    57. Huckfinn

      I am literally tall Justin

    58. ASGB yt

      HAHAHAH Tall Justin and SHORT Stevie *explodes*

    59. SysGhost

      f..ck these classics are short.

    60. Carlos Bmgo Gaming

      Justin vs stevie who would win?

    61. Diamond Warrior

      Tall Justin vs stevie

    62. Puna7787

      He like insulted him but in a diffrent way

    63. Caiden Young

      The "fuck your tall" is what my friends say to me sometimes

    64. DODO

      Fuck this is short

    65. ahegao megumin

      Me playing with my sibling be like

    66. 傭兵Cloud

      He’s reaching to new heights

    67. connor dalton

      This ain't funny. It's my freaking life story.

      1. Justin Soulsby

        You're telling me

    68. xHUMBLExHUNTAHx x808x

      Battle between tall Justin and tiny pete

    69. Acepilot8 gaming

      If the climax humor of the part that cracks everyone up was supposed to be Tall justin: *goes on thoughtful meaningful rant about what women like* Guy 1: ....FUCK YOU ARE TALL!!! Then you have succeeded🤣🤣🤣🤣

    70. Zack Spencer

      As a 19 yo at 6’4, I feel you Tall Justin,

      1. Justin Soulsby

        As a tall 16 yo named Justin, thank you

    71. x JustInTime x

      All Justin's think alike


      This is perfect my name is Justin and i am 6.5 and give advice like that my friend sent me this🤣

    73. lone sebata

      Yep Thutry tall man

    74. Neo The One

      Stevie vs Tall justin

    75. Aaron Francisco

      Imagine tall justin vs shor- uh I mean steive


      What about tall Justin vs shorte mcshort stuff

    77. forsebiwithu 64

      Tall justin vs stevie

    78. Crazy Diamondo

      tall justin vs tiny stevie???..wait oh fu-*SPLAT*

    79. Auron Roy

      The rival of Stevie.

    80. ben d

      Justin is the bigger man in this conversation. Be like justin

      1. Justin Soulsby


    81. Justin Maclay

      I'm 6'5 and I have got this response once.

    82. jaimen allgood

      Tall Justin vs Mr MCshorty

    83. Balaka Minecraft

      Tall Justin vs Stevie

    84. Funkin23

      Tall justin vs Stevie mcshortstuff

    85. BigChinBois Animations

      Tall Justin vs Stevie McShortStuff

    86. Alike Ruby

      Stevie’s evilness vs Justin’s goodness. Who will win in the endgame?

    87. Filiberto Rivas

      Make tall guy and stevie the sort guy in a video

    88. The Fluffy Furry

      Hear me out... tall Justin and stevie become friends.

    89. Jaredyers 1130

      Stevie: I fear no man but Tall Justin: Hey Stevie Stevie: He scares me

    90. thomasthetrainfan2008

      My name is justin

    91. CubecAnimations

      Tall Justin and short Steve

    92. Drem Fan

      To tall Justin Stevie must be an ant, Small as fuck boiiiiiiii!!!!

      1. Drem Fan

        Sorry it won't happen.. at all until I die in real life, mc shortstuff can't kill me.

      2. Drem Fan

        You waiting for me to die?

    93. Louie Ferdinan

      Its not Stevie meh

    94. i gl, i r & I G

      this is the anti stevie

    95. SiTnRP

      0:25 that’s what people say to me

    96. Deadshead

      Plot twist: this is Stevie‘s little brother

    97. Spicy Bolt

      Tall justin vs stevie?

    98. Cinabutts

      Where's the joke

    99. Hollowed Heralds

      Tall Justin needs to meet Stevie Mc'shortstuff