Once Upon A Time | Cyanide & Happiness Monday Mashup


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    Once upon a time... in a kingdom far far away...

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    1. Sonic THD

      Wow i had no idea the second one had a continuation

    2. Joni H

      I like trains

    3. Bwalston910

      My first Cyanide and Happiness shorts. I feel old.

    4. Ruward Gxii

      Dang I missed this

    5. Necromorph790

      LUNK, I forgot about lunk lmao

    6. Bryan Lainez

      Nobody talking about the Minecraft foot steps in Repulsel?

    7. m᷈i᷈z᷈e᷈y᷈ Hamisi

      Definitely saw the hair bit coming 😂😂😂😂

    8. :3 Jackie Lee :3

      Did anybody else notice how many dislikes this video got nobody change that because this is perfect

    9. Emanuel

      0:40 his name is defo steve

    10. Jaw


    11. Book_ Davies

      Great voice there, princess

    12. Jasrul Ridzuan

      1:53 this bruuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuh

    13. Jose

      Where was this made from before?? I don’t remember the cartoon

    14. Armando Heredia

      Mind broken moment

    15. Marcus Young

      Best part is he was thinking of her too

    16. #024# SUS


    17. CJB

      Some of the sound effects in the first clip sound suspiciously similar to some sound effects in Minecraft.

    18. UnnecessaryBerry

      They used Minecraft noises

    19. Тимур Бро

      тут есть русские

    20. Worth, The Shiner

      When he's backing up from her hair, are those goddamn minecraft walking sound effects??

    21. XCAL 345

      its curser than curse

    22. Teh Leels

      I was really excited that you made a new one only to find out that i should have read it's just another compilation of things I've already watched.


      oooh i get it now... i get it now :(

    24. Crazy Q

      He licked that pube on his way back down

    25. AMPERE MAM


    26. kowzex

      Why everyone talking about cannibal things

    27. johnson matred

      Minecraft walking noises

    28. AstroBoy

      I didn’t expect the grass to sound like grass from Minecraft lol Also the reason why they probably did that is because that is the time period where the game takes place

    29. Jaime Jimenez

      HOLY COW! Was the guy with no legs the same guy that she sang about being “so strong” and “needed all along”???

      1. Lee Majikija

        Good eye! I just realized it now

    30. Nancy Staley


    31. Francisco Monje

      Come on guys!!! Create new content!

    32. RamenRamRod

      How she keeps her pubes straight is beyond me…

    33. Antonio TenOreos

      I just realized they used Minecraft sounds for the first animation in the video!!

    34. Zach Brennan

      Love how the horse ran backwards so they didnt have to re-animate it

    35. Daunt

      0:40 Minecraft grass be like:

    36. viv

      anyone realize they use minecraft sounds for the grass walking

    37. Finn the Gamer

      U know the first one am u know the way the lad climbs back down and when he touches the grass and walks it sounds like the Minecraft

    38. Brodie Taylor

      Make something good for sad Larry And how they used Minecraft sounds for walk in the first short video

    39. PuffyMaster


    40. TheKYoungin

      0:40 nobody talking about those Minecraft sound effects tho

    41. Nuggie

      Anyone realize that the sound of the guy walking on the grass in repunsel is the Minecraft sound

    42. Robbie S

      Good ol' Scorpion putting holes in them condoms...just to be unsafe! 😁😁😁

    43. deaddu

      I like how she rejected him but he was the only one happy. He don't need no woman!

    44. cali

      0:40 sounds like Minecraft noises(no I'm not a Minecraft fan)


      I can’t see rapunzel hair the same again🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    46. BlackDragon-1223

      These guys hit 10M before Tommy innit

    47. Indira T.K

      Let down your hare🐰 Rapunzel:I won't come to your concert Hare: ok Me: you let your hare down Throws out bunny*

    48. luke. C

      Tought that was a beard..

    49. M B

      For some reason I always remembered Repulsel as Repussel

    50. Olendra Studio

      Nice video 😆😂👍,,,

    51. baked bread

      Well he say her hair should've been more specific

    52. Ayush Bansal

      0:40 footsteps sounds is actually the seed planting sound from MINECRAFT I was just replaying the vid 5th time without watching it and realised

    53. SomeGuy

      Ah yes...classics

    54. The Wojak Known as WSF II

      2:01 Christ, that bit with the scorpion always gets me lol

    55. kenric troyz

      What the heck is that RAPPANZIL and that preens

    56. SMToon بالعربي

      The fact that the slime of the slug could be used as lubricant back then terrified me 😣😣😣😣😣😣

    57. Lara Verspaille

      I loved the minecraft sound effects. UwU

    58. Lord REAPER Blacklagoon

      He instantly got crabs after that lol

    59. Somwon

      Gonna *MASTERBA-*

    60. Refuse Jack

      The moral of the episode "princess" is that if you see the sign chivalry anywhere get the fuck away from there immediately if your a woman

    61. Jaxson Zoggas

      The first one was the guy was like OH HELL NO

    62. Anaya Bryant

      Oh my

    63. No Name

      Bruh why they had Minecraft grass sounds 0:40

    64. Neptuneball


    65. Joshua Tucker

      I miss the second one

    66. MPBC85

      Did y'all hear minecraft too😳😅🤌🏻

    67. Veteran YT

      I laughed so hard on the second one

    68. VVF vestles


    69. Ben Blake

      DEAR GOD IN HEAVEN.... i have no words...

    70. Sawan Kumar

      Who need a good writer, just random story

    71. viola Nicholas


    72. Kevin On The Road

      I know it before it happened ahah

    73. Sunshine_ByPolar

      0:27 😐😐

    74. Bren Chan

      0:42 Wait was that minecraft grass sound effect?

    75. war crimes man

      the grass sound in the first one reminds me of my minecraft world back when i was 7 or 8

    76. Sheldon Williams

      I just lol

    77. Caven Chew

      Wait a sec did I hear minecraft at the rapunzel scene

    78. danny donaldson

      I wonder if he's a man too

    79. danny donaldson

      That's what u call a HAIR PIE

    80. danny donaldson

      Bushy !!!

    81. lanatsif

      At first i thought she was doing a handstand 🤣

    82. Dagur Gudjonsson

      The minecraft sound😂😂

    83. XXX69,420i'm nervous please be nice to me69,420XXX

      i ain't no prince charming but i gots a lotta money

    84. akini dingus

      I just realised the hair was pubic

    85. Sean Peacock

      the third one caught me off guard more than it should have, I was expecting Lunk in the second one, but I remembered that he is not a Cyanide character the first one just needs a trim, but I can understand the shock he must have felt.

    86. Girish Kv

      I bet none of you noticed that Minecraft sound effects were used when the man got down and walked away

    87. Joey Ibanez

      I just realized that the first ones grass sounds effects were minecraft

    88. why creepy

      F*** Samsung

    89. Koichi 19

      On the first video when he got dawn they use Minecraft sound effect good one.

    90. GuestComfirmed

      You cant keep getting away with this reuploading youre own content

    91. Damien Juarez

      Bro I think ima give up I've been saying every episode for like a month about ghost toast Classic but it's never going to have it happen.:(

    92. mauricio spicher

      Minecraft steps sounds i didn't remember that lol

    93. blazedark

      No wonder why she's named repulsule

    94. Frosty Azurez

      This is a feminist’s worst nightmare

    95. Nathan Mason

      Lol the minecraft sounds at the end of the first one

    96. Ramos Zyrus

      old videos still funny

    97. nobody Flores

      I just realized in the first short when he started walking backwards it’s the Minecraft Grass stepping sound effects

      1. TrashMammal

        And forward

    98. Zander M.Ganaden

      Umm why is the frog prince have two bones coming out of its body?

      1. hack pogi

        Our body have bones

    99. Waffenfabrik

      I just noticed that in Repulsel, when we slides down the hair to leave, while he is walking, it’s the Minecraft sound for walking on grass blocks.

    100. Master_Agency

      These are tuesday mashups for me