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    Created By: Rob DenBleyker, Kris Wilson, Dave McElfatrick
    Directed By: Dave McElfatrick
    Based on Original Comic By: Dave McElfatrick
    Animation Director: Bill Jones
    Supervising Animator: Matt Thurman
    Animation: Matt Thurman
    Intro Animation: Paul Blair
    Animatic: Kris Behr
    Character Design & Props: Paul Blair
    Editor: Taylor Ransom
    Sound Editor & Mixer: Ben Governale, Cymatic Studios
    Sound‌ ‌Design/Foley:‌ ‌Nic‌ky ‌Federle, Ben Governale
    Voice Actors:
    Jennie Mae Wilson - Gal
    Kris Wilson - Guy
    Produced By: Adam Nusrallah
    Production Manager: Autumn Soeder
    Production Coordinator: Michael Stewart

    Datum objavljivanja: Prije 11 dana


    1. Dreams Father

      Plot twist:the butterfly is John quinones in disguise.

    2. Javohir Lord

      discord predators: *nervously sweating*

    3. Henrique

      Oohhh I get it *agahhagahagahahahgahagahaga*

    4. Nitrogen Peep

      Plot twist: the guy is actually a lion that works for a secret animal government

    5. TJ

      this Is by far my favorite comic

    6. The Luis Show

      Eh I don’t see it. Butterfly: opens wings me: oh shi- ➡️to be continued

    7. John von Shepard


    8. Jaime Jimenez

      By predator, I thought it would have disguised itself as Predator, from the movie Predator.

    9. THEEND4444

      F*** I didn’t see that coming

    10. Thomas Harding


    11. Maddie's World

      Something is wrong with that girls right arm

    12. codeman7055

      Oh crap she knows time to get out that lead pipe.

    13. Cat v l


    14. Tatenda Kimbini


    15. TSWUIPS !


    16. Cupcake Monster

      Haha hes a sexual predictor thats the joke 😂😂

    17. GENERAAL eliot

      Oh no i am in danger

    18. Donni luukTi

      Needed a mask on the face part funny tho

    19. CometTamer

      That's just rude lol. Exposed him without any buildup.

    20. Simón Russo

      Why is he the nervous one if he is the predator?

    21. Heaven's Dick

      I had to search for predator’s meaning 😥

    22. Wolfger Lynel

      i dont get it

    23. Rabba Doodles45

      Which predator? An Apex predator?

    24. TheSmallestMinority IsTheIndividual

      Butterfly: Sir, take a seat.

    25. Mr Abdul

      Shes pissed bcuz she just realized she had been dating a butterfly all along

    26. Toon5B

      It's not a butterfly, It's the mothman

    27. Hacked


    28. Tammy Morin

      I dont get it

    29. Sanic Panic productions

      Well I would be damned...

    30. Da Tru Reaper


    31. Abnormally Large Frog

      The fact that they're just animating their old comics now is just giving me the slight suspicion that they're running out of ideas.

      1. DarthScott

        They've been doing it for more than 11 years, what do you expect?

    32. Akkharaphon Trakoonvorakul

      i not get it, plz expain, thank

    33. Aleks M

      Didn't see that one coming

    34. Bsoul


    35. Bsoul


    36. J_

      Not what I expected, feel bad for laughing but no major regrets

    37. darkpq

      Plotwist: Butterfly learned to frame/Slander people to be invisible

    38. Henrique Braga

      As soon as she said predator, I already knew where this was going.

    39. Lord Nelson

      I was thinking the movies preditor. Like alien vs preditor lol

    40. sir top em

      Plot twist its his chad twin that's the predator

    41. Mark Stephen Chua

      Make tha half off 3 pls hahahha

    42. Wow Squad Network

      Your videos are the best and I love your videos very much! I wish I should be a guest star of an upcoming short so I could be a role of Charles' girlfriend or something but I love your comics also.

    43. Tahmoney X

      I don’t get it

    44. combatantlife

      So....he sexually abuses butterflies?

    45. Some Random Smith :3

      Gonna be honest, didn’t see that comin

    46. Pumpkin Queen

      Orange sus

    47. Diego Ramos

      Ok is very nice it's that butterfly 🦋😍🤔 thery something

    48. Fred’s Ascot

      Bruh this has me geeked

    49. Coffee Music Official

      I wish everyone who clicked on this video the most love, peace and abundance. I love you💜

      1. BlackFlame951

        Awww, thanks! :) I don't know you at all, but I wish it for you as well!

    50. Shikhanshu Agarwal

      what KIND of predator though?

    51. John Clark Jr

      I’m surprised there isn’t a catching a predator based one.

    52. TheStoneMason

      Ditto is trying to frame orange shirt man

    53. A duck with a YouTube channel

      “Come on, kiddos. I’ve got candy right behind this tree…”

    54. JhonnyTheJeccer

      "Shes mine now john"

    55. NovaClapp

      You forgot the cupcake 😂😂 (edp445 reference)

    56. SMToon Surprise

      It's great to watch before going to bed

    57. Larva الهند

      There's nothing to be disgusted about if a man is a predator to a butterfly. Right? sweats nervously

    58. Shamir Melendez

      The butterfly: it’s totally him! Orange shirt: oh shit!! The girl: well… explain yourself!

    59. Colonel Banana

      Fake news.

    60. Bronzu Gayo SHINEE

      Dark plot twist: she was just 16

    61. Danielle King

      Hmmm, how convenient for that butterfly to show up just as they were walking by.... 🤔

    62. One One


    63. KT-creationz Official

      I tried to copy your art style and make some animations in my native language. Can I do that?

    64. Am Naah

      Next slide "Take a seat"

    65. Daequan Hendricks


    66. Charlie Kalk

      I thought the original comic just showed a naked dude on the butterflies wings

    67. Isaac Schrader

      Plot twist the butterfly 🦋 is bill cosby in disguise.

    68. Bearly Alive

      Does that mean other animals are afraid of predators? It makes s3nse

    69. Lord REAPER Blacklagoon

      Honestly I like all his videos before I watch them because they always live up to my expectations. 👌🙃

    70. Regular Invader

      God bless that butterfly for setting off the alarm for the girl.

    71. Josh 0

      Wow, that one got me good :D

    72. gabes crazy

      The intro is still louder than the content

    73. Klorollen Halter

      Huh, weird, the video wasn't 60% ads, don't really know what to do with this one

    74. warcraftkid

      explosm always finds ways to pop out content with no effort; monday mashup, comic classics

    75. whYLiE09

      Idk man, for my money I would've made a much better short...

    76. Darth Vader

      Sorry, Im from Poland. I didnt understand this.

    77. All My Loife

      Orange shirt guy is Drake Bell

    78. Arraufan Satryo

      I expect that butterfly is mothman but eh what am i expect from all of this plot twist

    79. reillythewin gaming

      Was not expecting that ending

    80. Mr. Gigi

      Can someone explain the joke? I don't get it

    81. Pescador Gallo97

      "Please take a seat"

    82. Herp Derp

      Its a JoeBidenfly. A rare subspecies of the bill cosbyfly.

    83. The8bitFreak


    84. SanicTheAnal Penerator


    85. Anonymous 9000

      This time I guessed this would happen

    86. why creepy

      F*** Samsu‌ng

    87. Nacereddine Challal

      Oh a butterfly that looks like James charles . Eeeewwww

    88. King Wang

      Lol 😂

    89. Ninjaflash_

      Hes the predator is that funny or what?!

    90. Just a peace of cake

      I don't get it 😕 -booooooo

    91. Szczoteczka22

      Running out of video ideas? Just animate older comics! Explosm: *stonks*

    92. Jeff Brown

      Plot twist: the orange t-shirt Guy is a canibal

    93. nerdsof thecorn

      Why does the butterfly look like drake bell?

    94. RebelBossUnicorn1823SS

      That butterfly is nowhere near camouflaging 🙄

    95. RebelBossUnicorn1823SS

      That butterfly is nowhere near camouflaging 🙄

    96. I don't know her.


    97. Empanus

      4chan mods hate this video

    98. Arthur Dantas

      I dont get it ;?

    99. ????? le ????

      Hmmm... this butterfly looks like the discord logo....