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    Created By: Rob DenBleyker, Kris Wilson, Dave McElfatrick
    Directed By: Kris Wilson
    Based on Original Comic By: Kris Wilson
    Animation Director: Bill Jones
    Supervising Animator: Matt Thurman
    Animation: Kris Behr
    Intro Animation: Paul Blair
    Animatic: Elizabeth Del Rosario
    Character Design & Props: Paul Blair
    Editor: Taylor Ransom
    Sound Editor & Mixer: Ben Governale, Cymatic Studios
    Sound‌ ‌Design/Foley:‌ ‌Nic‌ ‌Federle, Ben Governale
    Voice Actors:
    Fred - Kris Wilson
    Produced By: Adam Nusrallah
    Production Manager: Autumn Soeder
    Production Coordinator: Michael Stewart

    Datum objavljivanja: Prije mjesec


    1. whYLiE09

      Idk man, for my money this is a really low effort short...

    2. WolfPony!64

      Scooby just has a blank expression the whole time.

    3. Mat The Nerd

      Wow! What a twist!

    4. KL HIM BLUE

      I doyt get it

    5. SuperWilliam64

      Old man skeleton?!

    6. Eric Moreno


    7. Ahsangamer 27 #4


    8. joshua park

      that jokes has gone over years years and years.

    9. Ricky Mercharles

      shaggy looks like he on ccrack

    10. Sharik Harib

      Fred be hitting the gym

    11. Luis Fernando

      I don't think the question is how strong Fred is but how the hell he can skin a head like that, he would need something very sharp and a lot of patience it doesn't matter he could lift a whole building like nothing...

    12. The guy who does things

      Wow I didn't know that skooby doo and friends prefer genocide

    13. Fatih Farras

      I guess shaggy won't be a super saiyan that only use 1 percent of his power this time

    14. Danielle King

      Why is Scooby so small and scrawny? lol

    15. Jan Berkemeier

      Drawn Together used that joke to great effect "This isn't a genius werewolf!" (takes off werewolf's glasses) "It's simply a nearsighted Armenian woman!" "This isn't a fat monster!" (rips Toot's head off) "It's a blood fountain!"

      1. ChainsawGenie

        Fred: Let's see who this monster magician *really* is. **pulls off mask, revealing...** Everyone: Fred?! (real) Fred: But that's impossible. **pulls off another mask, revealing...** Everyone: Velma?!? Velma: **folds her arms** Preposterous. **pulls off yet another mask, revealing...** Everyone: Don Knotts?! Fred: Well, that just raises all sorts of questions. **pulls off one more mask, revealing...Koh, the Face Stealer** Fred: What the--? Shaggy: **ZOINKS!!** [The sinister spirit steals every (frightened) face in the area and beyond,] [leaving their former owners to grope the remaining smooth surfaces, if not the surrounding area, fruitlessly] Daffy Duck (to Koh): You're dethpicable. **loses face** Daria Morgendorffer: In ten seconds, I'm going to snap my fingers and, hopefully, remember none of this. **loses face** [Daria snaps her fingers anyway]

    16. Lara Verspaille

      They've killed Frankenstein.

    17. Max ghost105

      Shaggy: ZOINKS i drop the soap man Scob: bend rover raggy hehehhe *ZOINKS sound intensify*

    18. Forgettable

      In the end, they were the monsters all along.

    19. TrumpetTrash

      If this gets taken down due to copyright, its Canon

    20. Marinda space

      Next up on Scooby Doo, dropping the soap

    21. ImSomeThingElseThat is not isis

      Shaggy could just easily break out of jail

    22. Romeo Snowblitz

      To be honest this sort of made a great first show for Scooby-Doo just boring bland leave a like if you agree cuz I've seen it all and it is boring

    23. Blair Brown

      Soooo,let me get this straight.... The Scooby gang is in prison because For the First Time, in their long and storied history, they actually managed to capture a monster? Whom they proceeded to kill, albeit accidentally, by ripping his face off? As they have done with many, many previous suspects in the past? Makes sense,I guess.... 🤷 🤔😐😑

    24. Anastas1786

      How much time does Desecration of a Corpse get you in whatever state Coolsville is in? If the monster's face comes from multiple people, do Scooby and the gang get _multiple_ counts, or does he only count as _one_ body once he gets up and leaves the reanimation site on his own?

    25. DJTrickyM

      ok i need to ask WHY ARE ALL THEIR TEETH BLACK!?!?!?

    26. Arkeeny

      I've always hated the scooby do cartoons even as a kid. I wish they finally ended it. This would be perfect.

    27. Len Engquist

      Seeing the mystery gang in C&H style is cool.

    28. taskmaster


    29. Amber Tacocat

      So that's what would happen if it was face paint :0

    30. I Heart Yaoi

      Fred forgot not everyone wears masks. Some wear makeup.

    31. Charie Splatzer

      It's a real monster.

    32. Charie Splatzer

      It's a real monster.

    33. swagerdager

      I feel like the gag of Fred pulling a monster's face off is as overdone as mario taking mushrooms and getting high people in 1903 were making this joke

    34. John the Echidna

      I guess the real monsters were the friends we made along the way

    35. LG4

      Scooby doo but realistic

    36. Ton345 Gaming

      They need to do this as a mini series

    37. ZX


    38. Regular Invader

      There needs to be more classic cartoon parodies in this channel.😆

    39. Bird Secretary

      It was Fred's arch nemesis. THE SKELETON!

    40. Edison Gutierrez


    41. Jacob Bogdan

      Turns out the monster was us the whole time

    42. QuakeWorld[TR]

      It was funny before it's been done a thousand times.

    43. Enzo chatklao

      The real monster is a skeleton

    44. Lorox Makevids EXTRA

      It looks like they were the monsters all along.

    45. Joel Polnareff

      0:13 (Internally): Oh. Oh no.

    46. Bernardo cromado

      Miss oportunity to have freddie saying: i guess i was the monster all along

    47. Supar Actions

      And that’s the end of Scooby Doo

    48. BIGGZ SHAN


    49. Jose Gonzalez

      We’re the monsters gang

    50. KobeAwesomeGamer

      Can shaggy just use 0000000.1 % of his power to broke out o jail

    51. Shifsabre

      It was Fred. Fred was the monster.

    52. zainy_inc


    53. zainy_inc


    54. Charismah K.A


    55. JoeDaBruh

      Mystery? Solved. Time in jail? Indefinite.

    56. Colorboy Gaming

      "It's us"

    57. Gulan33 3

      What is the name of the intro song?

    58. Wout' Ritzen

      Now its another mistery was there paint on his face or was he truly a monster

    59. AnonymousMusic 2625

      Famous Last Words

    60. ELvro pg3d

      lmfao 😂

    61. FatKrab

      Idea for short: a man jaywalks to get to his friend and the friend says, in a joking tone: "Wow, i could pass you a ticket for that!". The man then laughs and the friend then says, on a very serious tone: "I wasn't joking.......". Then all of the sudden, a cop car with the arrives, with the sirens playing, and the man gets arested. I only dont have a name for it though.

    62. THE EYE XZT


    63. Mutraxation

      Mystery solved! It was a REAL monster!

    64. Jaime Jimenez

      It wasn’t a monster 🧟‍♂️ it was a skeleton!!! 💀

    65. Itz Tashy

      I- wow congrats you found the monster .

    66. GachaMarv

      In the second movie, there actually was a joke where he tries to pull one guy's mask of just to find out that the guy didn't wear one.

    67. Floof

      what da scoob doin?

    68. No

      Why doesn't he just rip the bars off of the cell?

    69. A. Salvatore

      No.. Scooby no...O.M.G....

    70. burhan kapdawala

      What the dog doin..

    71. Top 7 Countdown

      Well Fred just ended the whole gangs career Nice one Fred

    72. THE TKY_Clan

      Plot Twist: They're the monsters and just killed an innocent bystander whom was being framed.

    73. Gen Z Hours

      Maybe the real monster was the friends we made along the way

    74. Kasen Studios

      but the monster was a monster and even if it was a human why would the rest of the gang go in jail

    75. olo the3rd

      "Like scoob I'm getting investigated for tax fraud man"

    76. Lewis K

      Shit video

    77. Пше Киллер / Pshe Killer

      But the only guilty one is Fred...

    78. The Other Pickle Boy

      And they would've gotten away with it to if it weren't for those meddling cops.

    79. ##

      MAD magazine did it

    80. Bushyboimax

      I can’t believe it how could you sans

    81. Riceasaurus • 9 years ago

      Like, ZOINKS Scoob! We gotta, like, hide the body! There are no scooby snacks in prison! Ruh Roh Raggy! They're gonna put me down! The cops are coming! Let's split up, gang!

    82. SuperLuigi

      Unexpected ending lol Nice

    83. thealexguy1

      I like how the entire gang was arrested for Fred's crime. I really want to see what happened in court

    84. Josh Creator GALAXY

      0:15 That’s the Reboot Scooby Doo version🌌📺

    85. Fire Nightmare

      Ahh I knew it , A SKELETON

    86. Gamer Bamban

      Heh guess the real monster is the one inside us

    87. UDtheAesir

      That is how the Scooby Doo show should've ended, none of that repeat stuff per episode they did.

    88. Sirenade Snipe

      "And I would have gotten away with it too if it weren't for you meddling kids!"

    89. Diavolo De Angilo

      turns out that they were the real monsters the whole time

    90. Shannon Tynes


    91. Dead Red

      turns out the monster was them all along

    92. Sonic Z

      Scooby: Ru RoH

    93. phewfenix


    94. Davtwan

      It wasn’t a dead guy. It was someone with a great makeup job.

    95. Werwerwerqq2 Prankeo

      I can't believe how Fred has that much power to rip a whole face off.

    96. John A Steadman, III

      Scooby doo in a nutshell

    97. KobeAwesomeGamer

      Can shaggy turn urtra instinct to get out of jail

    98. Hank J. Wimbleton

      Shaggy used 0000.001% power to get them all out of jail

    99. tony lu

      So how long until you do the one with goofy and the two girls talking about his huge feet?