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    A few good guys with guns

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    Datum objavljivanja: Prije 17 dana


    1. DailyOreo

      "A man of culture." Taken to the next level.

    2. Parker F

      2:55 They had us in the first half, not gonna lie

    3. BlackBoxster

      This is one of the rare channels that earns my instant sub

    4. chris lafoon

      1:59 iv seen that animation a hundred times in the past and never noticed he had plasma pistols, right on.

    5. Benjamin Muratore

      Who or what is the blue, fish looking creature at 1:42?

    6. Vodka The Boca

      Borderlands players 2:29

    7. Son Goku

      The robbers left after the first gunshot

    8. #)eliazar(#

      Jajajajaja me iso reir su video 😂😂😂

    9. Romeo Snowblitz

      What the fuck is wrong with you you can't just let this is just bad that's just bad you can't just get to just pissed me off of one you just can't just let go them kill a bird and then make it look like it was a baby why like why that's not the bad idea man oh this is really took my day off

    10. Emma Chavarria

      1:25 Don't See That Part!

    11. Ema Works

      Never seizes to be disturbing and entertaining

    12. death menace117

      Well if you think about it the seed pistol is good too because people with smaller farms can plane them easier and cheaper

    13. Eden Altare

      🤣😂🤣😂👑 your such a missing piece people forget about the solar threat. Not you though... Not you though... 😂🤣😂🤣😂👑☝️

    14. JuneBug


    15. Itz_ya_boy77

      1:38 Americans

    16. whYLiE09

      Idk man, for my money I would've made a much better mashup....

    17. Rymond Dog

      Can't believe you didn't even include Gun Fight 🙄

    18. Riley Fletcher

      The first one made me think it was going in a roald dahl kinda way (as in he turned into the bird he killed)

    19. sammy sik

      dood i wasnt laughing at the first clip until i saw the little kid with acnes lmao

    20. Storm2784

      POV: Your American

    21. Sovik Dey

      Gun fetish

    22. Son Goku sama

      I must say this is America started playing in my head for this

    23. Kelly

      *suck starts shotgun*

    24. random hacker


    25. DerpyPenguin

      First skit, guess it was a misscarry

    26. Maxx yates


    27. DJ Pictures

      1:25 ...and that is how you summon, digivolve or digi-modify multiple Digimon all at once.

    28. the smiling man

      My favorite show

    29. Matas Kaulinis

      I have a question, do u allow people to copy ur content and pastz it on their page on tik tok? Others do it and have 500k+ followers bcz of it...

    30. Cringe videos Here

      Bring Purgatony back

    31. Sean Peacock

      still waiting for that last one to go off...

    32. charlespk2008

      last clip is the epitome of "home defense".

      1. Kro tch LickmEugh

        No, it literally isnt.

    33. TheMoonT1

      dude they shitted out before if ure a s t o r k a s s

    34. Tyler Severin

      The most American thing I have ever seen

    35. Mr. Alfred Pennington Jr. the 7th

      Guns are awesome. They just are.

    36. Dwaine Higgins

      Aah the noise at 3:04

    37. Entertainment for The Soul

      C&H idea: *Race against time* Person is getting back into his car after a dinner out at restaurant. He sets his GPS for home; GPS claims he has 22 minutes until destination. Guy wonders if he could race the clock by accelerating a little more. Suddenly the guy is going 100 mph and time on GPS is decreasing fast. Police appear behind the car, chasing the guy as he's trying to beat time. Guy looks in mirror: "I DON'T HAVE TIME FOR THAT" and proceeds to speedup. GPS: Your destination is in 3 minutes, 2, 1! Guy crashes directly into his garage and cop car follows. End scene: Guy replies; HA i knew i could beat it!

    38. AsianHistorian


    39. Aditya Bhadra

      hehe....seed gun....

    40. Toon5B

      Seed gun? What about a seed bazooka?

    41. Gumball Watterson

      This entire video is representing america

    42. Gene Catu

      "Ive got tickets to the gun show n im not givin em to ye im going with your tickets."

    43. Monke F.B.I. Agent

      I can’t believe they turned off comments

    44. Ankush Chaudhary

      You guys don't have to show us the very last clip, when he didn't shoot before we knew what's gonna happen but oh well... Good one

    45. thea end

      I feel bad for the plant gun guy because his gun was able to not only plant things but instantly fully grow them

    46. Ax Ol

      This should be called American compilation

    47. Hungry Refrigerator

      Did somebody say guns? I’m in!!!!!

    48. The Incredible Max and Puppy dog

      i found this very entertaining 👍👍

    49. Torgie Madison

      The baby speaking with an adult male's voice ... :(

    50. Matthew Keen


    51. Kiara Woodfine

      I like to think about the fact that someone actually had to come up with the idea for this

      1. BOOT STUDIO

        Yo,,,IDK but is it true that the funny animations I make is underrated?,, please help review ♥♡♥

    52. Savage uchiha!

      You could say "he sticks to his guns"

      1. Savage uchiha!

        @Andre Huie not as bad as your channel

      2. Andre Huie

        Bad pun

    53. Spryzen

      Who remembers every episode except the first one ! Only OGs do !...

    54. Spryzen

      0:35 Ok this .... this one was God Level

    55. Peanut In a Tree


    56. Jack Yoto

      My grandma need seed shot gun lol

    57. Weasen Weachana

      3:03 If I have my gun, I guess I would do this too😂😂😂

    58. A B

      I get it's a joke but that seed gun would actually work better than the seed shotgun. The seed shotgun would end up planting most of the seeds too close together and would definitely not plant a whole field. A field is pretty huge. The area that guy was standing in wasn't a field, it was a plot. There's a reason it takes a full work day for a group of people to work a field. There's a LOT of crops in a field

    59. preston affleck

      if i was some one who bought both the seed gun and seed shotgun i could make an entire field of fruits and vegetables with some fields required for each of the types of plants and seeds i need

    60. 洪

      fucking awesome

    61. Poplarino

      Me, a Canadian, when I think about Americans:

      1. BOOT STUDIO

        Yo,,,IDK but is it true that the funny animations I make is underrated?,, please help review ♥♡♥

    62. Jb Dignadice

      1:48 it's stealth time

    63. Coffee Music Official

      I wish everyone who clicked on this video the most love, peace and abundance. I love you💖.

      1. BOOT STUDIO

        Yo,,,IDK but is it true that the funny animations I make is underrated?,, please help review ♥♡♥

    64. Falk

      the seed gun dude is one of the only ones that actually make me feel bad

      1. Falk

        he also has a really good brain for that whole tree grow instantly

    65. tangy tablets

      Is it weird I think the first one is nice since the hunter guy sort of adopts the babies instead of just leaving them behind or being kinda racist about it?

    66. Donruz

      Happy Monday 🎈

      1. BOOT STUDIO

        Yo,,,IDK but is it true that the funny animations I make is underrated?,, please help review ♥♡♥♡

    67. FLOX CAT

      Where is 'baby with a gun'?

    68. Gecklon[Project 51]

      Yoooo you sent my aunt a deck of your card game thing ( she owns imbibe) soooo yeah thank you!

    69. goose

      That first guys smile is so wholesome

    70. lucus narnia

      That's enough HRaero for tonight

    71. Ikora's Protege

      2:00 he narrowly missed those grenades

    72. Rennan


    73. Harold Gino Helgeson

      Anti gun is making this unsubscribed.

    74. c0n22

      Man used bullet seed It was Super Effective!!!

    75. Randy Ay

      i think the person who made the seed gun shoude make a seed mini gun

    76. Rick

      mexico no mercy its a free movie look it up


      A lot of people are gonna ask for refunds

    78. the dot giver


    79. Rawr Dino

      Seed gun would be good for doing small jobs and gardening

      1. BOOT STUDIO

        Yo,,,IDK but is it true that the funny animations I make is underrated?,, please help review ♥♡♥

    80. Aden Cooper

      Americans be like2:00

    81. Dlontong.71

      The hell is the first one😂

    82. Winter Val Thanne

      Yo! We need them seed guns they’re environmentally friendly!! Edit: The ending was unsettling

      1. BOOT STUDIO

        Yo,,,IDK but is it true that the funny animations I make is underrated?,, please help review ♥♡♥

    83. cole julian


    84. XXX69,420i'm nervous please be nice to me69,420XXX

      the first segment was wholesome. sort of.

    85. Yis Pinto


    86. Jesse Carstensen

      That first one was kinda wholesome...wholesomely fucked up.

    87. Theodore Tekkers

      2:56 scared me a bit 😱

    88. laba kumar chaudhary

      Then shotgun released a huge load in his mouth

    89. Blue Knife

      1:23 His last words were "nutter butter"

    90. Shark Dentures

      Can't help but feel bad for that seed gun inventor! All that work wasted.

      1. Kro tch LickmEugh

        What work? Shoving seeds into the cylinder of a revolver? I mean if thats your idea of work. You wont make it long in this world. Also without a cartridge, powder and a wad. That gun isnt going to be shooting anything

    91. Andrei Comanescu

      i like the pump action double barrel

    92. Trent Bollhoefer


    93. Benjamin Christman


    94. Heianwood


    95. LukeMaster0728


    96. Harjeet singh Sunnar

      Must be a Monday

    97. Noah Zegart

      Love the plasma pistols from halo!

    98. Edenjung

      1:59 are those plasmapistols from Halo?

    99. MarushinGaming

      that first hunter dad knows a lot of traditions huh?

      1. BOOT STUDIO

        Yo,,,IDK but is it true that the funny animations I make is underrated?,, please help review ♥♡♥

    100. XDsos TI

      My brain:What the f*** is that? I LOVE IT.