The Stockholms Ep 10: The Last Mambo


352 tis. pregleda361

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    Jasper’s getaway driver, Willy, holds Jasper’s hostages hostage! Little does Willy know, the Stockholms will remain okay.

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    1. Fake Account

      I forgot it's ExplosmEntertainment until the ending ( cyanide and happiness )

    2. Jeremy Ramos

      Jasper getting shot didn't.. sad sorry ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    3. ronnie


    4. ronnie


    5. SPM


    6. Frank L

      Will there be two seasons

    7. Jonson1o

      I saw that ending coming...

    8. Al Capone

      Omg he killed him

    9. William Knee

      “Maybe I’ve stockholmed you, or you stockholmed me. Well, so be it. I guess that makes us The Stockho-“ *KAPOW* Every time this scene comes up I just can’t help but shout “NO!” for some reason.

    10. Elliot Omedo

      If we don’t get another season then just make a funeral vid that’s all I ask

    11. TomKe

      Hello, we'd like to have a second season, how much will it be?

    12. Joker

      That ending... I guess we got stockholmed!

    13. - Ohmz -

      If you pause at the right moment in 3:50 - 3:51 you can see “The robbin’ Williams will return.” when the sniper fires, the screen will turn white for a fraction of a second, and you’ll see the sentence on the lower left corner.

    14. King Wang

      Rip jasper but... *The stockholns are gonna be ok*

    15. Aiden Strickland

      I thought Jasper said Soviet even though I realized he said so be it

    16. Zepuuu

      "I love you so much I would take a bullet for you" Or two



    18. Luis Mejia

      Why why

    19. Luis Mejia

      Why he die

    20. é isso ai


    21. é isso ai

      My heart is in pain ;-;

    22. Miss. Danni Tiger

      Awwwww how sweet what a quick death

    23. Graveyard Banana


    24. Malo Has Fallen

      I live in stockholm

    25. John Burner

      Boom, headshot.


      OMG Jasper!!!!

    27. The One True fusion

      is this a reupload?

    28. Ahsangamer 27 #4


    29. Il Gabibbo

      I KNEW IT THAT behind that mask there was Vin fucking Diesel

    30. Miko Umazake the 3rd

      Damn man sucks that it had to end like that i was really really enjoying this and the fact that it was only 10 episodes made it feel way too short. At least it ended on a even number.

    31. Balachai Ross


    32. Angel Dust

      It's the end of the series. I counted 4 'craps' from the shooter on the hill. We lost Santa. And fortunately dishonest Willy is in an another dimension. It is one of the best series i've ever watched. 😊

    33. Jonathan Huerta

      Hehe, Zach is in this

    34. Xavier Saavedra

      This whole series in a nutshell: Explosim entertainment: hey guys what if we made our shorts a full series.

    35. gamecraft gamer


    36. Mirage Main

      awwe ;-; that ending was so sad

    37. Big Hygiene

      Jasper has serious experimental surgery and comes back to rob the bank again

    38. Banu Inceoglu

      OoOOOooOooH my GOoooD robbin Williams will return

    39. Mr. Skull

      ayo why tf edp445 in a dog suit 😂 😦🤣😟🤣

    40. Echo

      So Santa fucking died, Ned shit on the floor and accepted becoming a real life furry, and Jasper gets rounded in the head by the sniper with the aim of a pelicans nutsack. *What a happy ending!*

    41. Levi Gibson

      Six seasons and a movie

    42. Djay T. ඞ

      *The Sniper*

    43. Joshua Graham

      later the sniper got promoted while ned got fired for good

    44. Full-Speed Mucacha

      Jasper getting shot hurt me...

    45. King Emerald

      Not Your Dad

    46. Grzegorz Sobkowicz

      I was hoping sniper would have his moment.

    47. papyrus plays

      Is there gonna be another episode?

    48. RebelSoul8 _

      “Jasper, you rubbed my nose in it...”

    49. Girish Kv

      What we all thought : Jasper is the protagonist Reality: It was the sniper all along

    50. Gabriel Nguyen

      Bruh I would slap and legit gun the sniper I’m not joking

    51. Pawwier

      Casting Zach as Willy was a great choice

    52. Io K

      One two three four five why are all of you still alive

    53.  Luigi Warrior

      3:50 I don’t like where this is going

      1.  Luigi Warrior

        And I was right

    54. Carter Gaming

      A little bit of money on my sack A little bit of this thing in my bag Now this Star Trek poster in my bag Now which one of you should I kill first

    55. Carter Gaming

      That rhyme in the beginning is good

    56. AviOwl

      Mortality clarified in a single blow. Jasper is on deaths door.

    57. TheSafierdrgn

      Wow...I'm sad that this is over.

    58. Zacariah 0

      0:59 1 2 3 4 5 0:59 Why are all of you still alive? 0:59 0:59 0:59

    59. Zackalope

      Please say that isn't the end

    60. S Sa

      Damn I hate that ending but it’s realistic

    61. Ethan Watkins

      Spoilers | V Headshot

    62. Pastasketti

      this is a cinematic masterpeice

    63. msufan590

      I at least need an episode showing the aftermath of all the characters

    64. msufan590

      I got Stockholmed too😭 forgot cyanide and happiness are what they are and i should've expected this ending 😭

    65. Darkness Lord

      ... jasper

    66. suls is done

      I loved this series

    67. MC Doki doki

      Nooo they were building some Character development and it was a setup for a joke noooo

    68. winkerdo wink*

      Plot twist: it was the sniper's ketchup

    69. Kaylin Rajah

      Ngl, I was expecting the usual Cyanide and Happiness outro theme to kick in exactly after that ending

    70. Not_Bardock


    71. martanek10

      C&H never happyend 🤣

    72. The one with no identity

      yay sniper guy gotta happy ending

    73. Doom Saints

      Zach Hadel is a great voice actor

    74. Logan Estrada

      her chair is going to have dodo marks, pee marks, and a butt print

      1. Matt Attack

        It's probably fused to her body at this point.

    75. Bolo Podoleo

      They got us. They fucking got us.

    76. Martha reyes

      Yes the gun guy got his 😁chance

    77. Almighty Bree

      Stockholms x Purgatony

    78. Kacha ijij

      :( relly?

    79. ss king gamer

      wate is it the end

    80. Ali Hodzic

      Yes he died

    81. Carbonated Beverage

      that ending got me lmao

    82. Eli Kajmo

      Me: "I hope we get another seas-" *BLAM* nevermind

    83. ZeroX_NoCommentry

      A 1 shot silence for Jasper U can go home now.

    84. TV Alberto9 Names

      Published on 22 Jan 2025

    85. Kim Natschew

      Is this the end of the series?

    86. Jaime Jimenez

      Ah, so this is a story of how Jasper became the friendly ghost 👻

    87. wolf gamer

      Guy ruining family. me:MOTHER FAW

    88. Belisario Solis

      Was it the end or making more of this or he just die..?

    89. Markus Ruiz, The God Of All, Supreme Overlord,

      I didnt expect that.....

    90. Gifting Geezer

      I mean, there are some cases where people have been shot in the head and survived with little to no brain”The Stockholm’s gunna be ok”

    91. Jarosław Falarz

      Soooooooooooooo its end?

    92. hawk222

      Look, if Trolley Tom can die, then come back to life, then die again, then come back as an angel of death, then become a demon in hell, then come back to life yet again, then I think Jasper's gonna be fine.

    93. Memetopia District

      This is a satisfactory ending.

    94. Squeezed Baker30

      I really liked that one, two, three, four, five why are all of you still alive!

    95. Super Twister Steven

      0-0 yeah it’s the end of this series…

    96. Bernardo o Alien


    97. That1guy

      Negotiator dude is a furry

    98. JcCreations

      Did not see that coming