The Stockholms Ep 1: The Dinnertime Crime


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    Can Jasper swallow his pride when his family can’t swallow his “home” cooking? I have a feeling the Stockholms are gonna be okay.

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    1. ExplosmEntertainment

      We had to reupload the first episode, because of reasons. Episodes coming weekly! Go watch Ep 2 right now:

      1. Lisa Faith

        @ExplosmEntertainment Delete every episode of The Stockholms.

      2. Lisa Faith

        @ExplosmEntertainment Please take down all Stockholms episodes on HRaero.

      3. mikael gamer 08

        Baby 😐

      4. Ahsangamer 27 #4



        @ExplosmEntertainment hey Explosm what year is The Stockholms originally made

    2. Ken Coffaro

      We need season 2

    3. Marc The Unwanted Engine

      Sus lol

    4. Luis Mejia

      Is this a show?

    5. LazyMaster Killr

      Me just vibing to the theme song

    6. Alva Alfredsson

      Me being grossly disturbed by their tounge wen they speak... should’ve kept the black mouth imo😶

    7. Messorems_Joker

      I get the feeling this has happened irl. And probably in florida.

    8. Rasverix Xyleighraq

      One thing that's bothered me with this, probably a dumb hangup but: Although never directly mentioned based on her garb I think Charlene is supposed to be a Muslim. This doesn't make much difference to the story Arc but Muslims can't eat pepperoni and that's been bothering me about this scene lol. Just putting that out there

    9. Mike Ock

      tfw this parody family situation seems more healthy & wholesome than your real one

    10. Jerry Strickland

      The BEST ONE YET. Love the theme song

    11. Angela Church


    12. Mitchell Clark

      Someone needs forgot to check all the shows for the oscars, coz I don't see it in there

    13. Senpai Perez

      Sadly jasper died

    14. Duelfueled

      no way this was only a fucking month ago it feels like it was a year ago

    15. F. B. I

      Ok I’m ready to start a new series

    16. Jim Thomas

      There are kids in China who need mints

    17. ItzRosario

      So the sniper had 14-16 shots, one will only get in.

      1. sotrxll

        Watch the newest

    18. Galaxy

      Me watching this after the finale

    19. Kai Hu

      The singing in the beginning is a good Randy Newman impression.

      1. Kai Hu

        @The Pringles Man oh. Then its sound like Randy doing a Randy

      2. The Pringles Man

        It is randy newman

    20. Oreo and Mocha

      +Stockholms +pizza guy

    21. Kaya Sarangelo

      The intro has the same descending chord progression as Down in New Orleans from Princess and the Frog Right around 0:42

    22. Colby Adcock

      I love how the cops are treating this like a Reality TV show

    23. Blue Guy

      Spoiler alert: the sniper lands the shot on episode 10

    24. Zmilezs_V2

      Money Tight 0:29

    25. dReliq

      2:18 made Ned my favorite

    26. Jasmine Jacob

      Why does this remind me of wandavision?

    27. Mandalore06

      I can't bear to imagine how bad Charlene must smell after five months tied to a chair.

    28. goat leg

      This is the most retarded thing I've ever seen

    29. Florence Walz

      I just got Rick-rolled by an ad, 😐.

    30. MuhdibrahimVEVO

      1:02 Me When I Missed The Target In CSGO

    31. Crow

      Wait, didn't I already watch this whole series...? Why is it being slowly reuploaded?

    32. Angela Church

      Episode two will be tomorrow

    33. Norman Jackson

      this is amzing

    34. Some Internet Box

      I would watch a reality tv show if it was based on this

    35. CozyBoat275

      .-. Hm.

    36. Paweł Pióro

      So actual in these days...

    37. tony lu

      I hope this series becomes popular enough or you guys become rich enough to have the actual Randy Newman sing your theme song.

    38. Guppy's Head

      I hate it I laughed at dollareah I laughed at dollareah and I hate it

    39. The tea lord

      Wait did she say 5 months?

    40. Gander164 R

      Somtimes I just wanna MMMM Me:my guy speaks the truth

    41. Brandon Hughes

      We need a live action version of this-

    42. wotot w

      0:44 why is that so cute

    43. Vincent Nonsense

      Why does it seem like each episode is connected to each other 😅

    44. Kevins World K.W

      You normalized black and brown and made it not feel like the creator was cashing on BLM. Finally.

    45. Elijah MacDonald

      Anyone else notice the subtle Dogecoin reference?

    46. chely ಌಌ chanಌ

      I just learned about this from that new episode, I'm here to watch everything now lol

    47. Swifterarmy543

      I probably should’ve guessed this was what the serious was gonna be when I saw it was name the Stockholm’s

    48. jamsonplayz plus


    49. Samantha!

      I think I have dollarhea but for poor people its called diarrhea

    50. Damone Jackson

      I wonder what they're sex life is like

    51. Cock and Ball Torture Connoisseur

      lol Charlene’s VA is the same VA as Hange Zoe in the AoT dub

    52. Cloakeda

      Just found out about this sweet family sitcom and already it looks promising. I hope they make 30 more seasons

      1. NoOne

        They can’t really make a second season.

    53. Chris Hughes

      1:39 why is there INK inside of the cash?

    54. SuperSonic91

      I just started watching this now cause I was bored. This is surprisingly good 😂

    55. AJ's Wonderful World

      Not mad about the reposts. Just reminded me to watch them again because they are good.

    56. Shadow Gaming

      3:03 1:46 1:11

    57. Noah Smith

      wait tf this came out April saw this last year what the fuck

    58. Thomas D

      So that’s why they do no-contact deliveries now.

    59. #RestlessGamer

      Now I want some Pizza

    60. Kojo Armah

      It's my first time watching these. This is such an interesting premise for a story 🤔

    61. Ahsangamer 27 #4


    62. Emily Belkowitz

      The randy Newman theme song is amazing

    63. Lilith the Firehawk

      This is so brilliant! Why hardly any views?

    64. Lahrni

      I there any chance someone could tell me which background music was used? I'd really like to do this in german but I can't find any music similar to the ones explosm used

    65. I Love My Dogs572

      so was this whole series reuploaded

    66. whYLiE09

      Idk man, for my money I would've made a much better short...

    67. Darcy Clark

      Just noticed the gun has no bullets… just look at the cover there’s no yellow bullets like a gun so weird

    68. Oscar J. Madrigal

      Well this is another series I have to look forward to besides Helluva Boss

    69. Cedgeemo

      so thats how familys are made

    70. Dino Boi

      I remember someone said this Plot twist the gun was never loaded Comes the ending of show and the person was right

    71. evanbrra36


    72. Dong Yü

      This is a reupload. But still willing to watch it all again

    73. BlueShift

      The outro remembers me sometkind on the "Dumb Ways to die" song.

    74. Ray Games

      I love the intro

    75. Jua Fletcher

      At I going to rewatch this series just to support the Chanel you already know

    76. Just An Egg

      Wait why did the dollar explode into blue sludge?

    77. EyesOfByes

      *"LÄGG UT!! LÄGG UT!!"* Norrmalmstorg reference 🇸🇪

    78. Schnidine Paul


    79. Schnidine Paul


    80. 21

      The cops be watching this like a movie

    81. joshua gaming

      this should be a cartoon🤣🤣🤣

    82. Hidan Kirito

      Who the phuck imagined this story? I wanna be your friend

    83. Spetto

      When you try to be diverse and you add a girl in hijab with a name Charlene *sigh*

    84. Whoever this guy is idk

      I just love the way Ned when their talking about getting food from him he just hops up and says "oh! Need something buddy?"

    85. Dan The man under his van

      I love this series

    86. Beter Otato

      This was the original WandaVision and no ones gonna change my mind, dont @ me

    87. Shroomluck

      You had me at that fire theme song

    88. Mayon Go

      This should be a nice youtube premium show

    89. L G

      2:18 my dogs when I go near the kitchen

    90. alpha omikron

      Classic Ned!

    91. Commen Cat

      The best bank heist you never saw on fox news

    92. Blue Morpho

      Is jasper Williams related to Jimmy Williams

    93. Padski

      Aw I remember waiting a week for a new episode good times

    94. Idiot Bloody

      Best Cartoon at all times

    95. sade allen

      * Still patiently waiting for season 2 of purgatony * This is brilliant tho

    96. Ian Kensington

      Is that Randy Newman singing the theme song?

    97. Return of the Gorgon

      Who are the 173 people who did it like this???

    98. Race Tucker

      This is beautiful, my friends☺️😂👌

    99. EarthToAccess

      see i imagine this ending up like. years from now, the money was put back and they walk out a legit family suddenly edit: well, this aged. that's it, it just aged.

      1. Cheez LD


      2. crazybrickstudios


      3. Spooder Lover

        Yeah, about that...

    100. Old Gregg

      Cool concept. Nice work.