Cyanide & Happiness Compilation - #8


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    Sad Larry
    Agent 7
    Atta Boy
    Sad Sad Larry
    Ghost Cops
    Ghost Whisperer
    Sad Larry in Love
    Ladies Night
    Looking Good
    It's a Sad Christmas, Larry

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    1. ツBonzay_ Op

      I am starting to feel so bad for larry dude

    2. ChonkyCat

      Larrrryyyyyy 😭😭😭😭😭

    3. bruh bot

      I know Larry is a fictional character but I really feel bad

    4. That Honda Guy

      I feel bad for Larry lowkey

    5. Riley Bonse

      Damn! Sad Larry is really sad

    6. Alex Alex971

      poor Larry

    7. Squishy The Vampire

      Is Larry Australian?

    8. صلاح ايمن

      I'm suck just like larry 😭

    9. Hiple

      lets all be honest larry is kind of a asshole

    10. Jensen Kynishi Tano


    11. Piepie Guy

      Me getting the noose after sad Larry

    12. Charmaine Williams

      In the second one he calls an fn ps90 an assault rifle even though it's a smg

    13. __

      I feel you Larry...

    14. Alastor

      The dismemberer rly said “you suffered enough “

    15. Gamer-Chan Plays

      I just want them to give Larry a happy ending

    16. Violet Grimm

      We can all relate to sad Larry

    17. Chris J

      I can relate to what Larry's going through

    18. Jefherson Salazar

      happy Barry

    19. who cares

      I can see why everyone gets tired of Larry, just having someone so down who just constantly tries to drench you into their own miserable life sounds so tiresome

    20. Chris Sanchez

      Sad Larry kills my heart

    21. 書

      12:58 wtf??!?!?!!

    22. RyaNN

      Normal people when they die: cry Sad larry: slowly smiles

    23. Bex J

      Oh sad Larry... let's watch terminator + get high? I'll cheer you up bud 😁

    24. Jeff M

      Sad Larry makes me sad

    25. Greyson

      So sad😭😭😭😭

    26. TheMaskedRonin

      Sad larry huh? Well at least now i know who God decided to base my life on XD


      Bro Larry on tinder thoe u have been banned

    28. Thabang Makhayi

      Oh... He is blind and deaf... Thank God 😂🤣🚮

    29. Lilith Du Sacrier

      Larry is super annoying, I'll send him to hell too. XD

    30. Colby

      I'm sad larry

    31. Mike Tese

      Hey hey I’m just leaving

    32. Cassio Silvana

      trash grandpa hates larry le kills grandpa

    33. Alli kun

      15:15 what the turtles doing

    34. Eras

      But really… what WAS the question?

    35. KIKO

      13:00 daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaannnng

    36. علی رحمتی

      One simple fact that we all know it but we pretend that we don't know : true love doesn't exist

    37. Hazza Jacko

      man i feel so bad for larry, great storyline with him bless his soul one day

    38. OOF LORD

      Sad Larry genuinely makes me sad

    39. Marc Garcia

      Sad larrys life is so horrible that life refuses to let him die

    40. All Scale Modeller

      Is agent 7 voiced by tomska

    41. nate

      I wonder if sad larry becomes happy larry

    42. Pedjox

      24:43 what wos the question? really

    43. Anime Chan

      Man I just want to give Larry a hug....

    44. Annie Harrison

      At least Sad Larry got his happy ending at the end of the last episode.

    45. Keon Franklin

      The turtle is getting rip tonight rip that 😸😸😸😸

    46. Da bois vids !

      Larry... we love you we hope you get better and I honestly feel bad for you love for Larry ❤️

    47. Sakurae

      Dang, the Larry stories hit hard...

    48. Rayane GamerX

      Im glad this was posted in my birthday

    49. Weaponized_ Fox

      Hey, did you know you can put food in an icecube tray and the food will be in the shape of the icecube tray.

    50. Jewel

      lol the caption fot the ghost whisperer were hilarious

    51. TheDawkturr

      I truly hope Larry finds peace.

    52. zdwlees

      This is so depressing

    53. nuclear fallen king

      15:14 turtles is funny

    54. Kcnl

      Lady's night 🤣🤣🤣

    55. Yasir Sonic

      Do something with larry man plZ

    56.  The Nugget2000


    57. Ello there

      I feel bad for Larry

    58. Ello there

      Poor Larry

    59. ALIAR

      Sad larry, im really in paim

    60. Big Cow Productions

      At least Larry got what he wanted in the end.... I feel you, Larry..

    61. Keith Reynald Natividad

      Bro I wanna be friends with Larry and kill who hurt him

    62. happy and optimistic vs sad and pessimistic

    63. Joe Gould

      Give sad larry a happy ending you cowards!

    64. Marcus Fairfax

      Sad Larry 😭 is so lonely nook

    65. oh noes productions

      Do I hear tomska?

    66. K G

      Woman depression hike bot made cost to cost in Canada male depression hike bot died got hit with bat stabbed shot and shot in

    67. ashwin tripathi

      Happiness is not for everyone

      1. ashwin tripathi

        Some live out without happiness till the end


      @9:10 Closed Caption 🤣

    69. Grey The strange

      Someone give Larry some Xanax Jesus

    70. BanzuroXTK05

      How to handle Larry's Depression 101 Do the opposite of comforting him and give him a bad life in existence and kick what's in front of him at his face. Except if that's the rule then it's at one point they don't have felt sever depression am i wrong tho?

    71. ADR Unbeatable

      15:15 dang those turtles 🐢 be doin it tho

    72. Biyi Akangbe

      Who else is dying to know what they asked Larry at the end?

    73. Theo Nugget

      I think sad larry really got some problems..

    74. Dylan Nance

      We are all laughing at Larry's pain 🤣🤣🤣

    75. Dj Jdubz

      Good thing I have captions on

    76. HuseRman

      I'm so sad for Larry 😔why his life is so difficult 😞

    77. No name needed🦋✨

      I really feel for sad Larry. I really think he deserves a happy ending.

    78. ParkerPi

      15:15 noooo not the turtles

    79. standard man

      9:15 turn on captions

    80. Deedging All The Way MSM

      For those who aren’t aware, Agent 7 is played by TomSka/Thomas Ridgewell, the creator of ASDFmovie and Tom in Eddsworld

    81. Titus Justin

      13:00 bruh wtf is he doing mans weird

    82. Eddyo 1

      9:09 but turn on captions

    83. Elmich29

      Larry meets his parents again

    84. K I L L I N G P O P

      Like becouse of tom

    85. SuperMarioWii2007

      Wooow just wooow 13:00

    86. Colønthefury1

      Some Fs for Larry he needs them ;(

    87. dork loser

      I feel Larry my life sad to

    88. Aliou Kone

      plot twist: *sad marry is actually sad larry hidden sister*

    89. Just Fiona :)

      am i the only one that feels kinda bad for larry??? lol...

    90. Rolly's Animal storys

      Imagine if sad lary and sadder larry fighted to see who is sadder

    91. Nathaniel Grice

      Larry is having it hard

    92. Patrick's Music

      I only just noticed the two turtles fucking while Larry was walking away from the robber in the park lol

    93. emilys_reborn_nursery_

      I’m a gay dancing cupcake

    94. Prasenjit Chakravarty

      It was not funny at all instead it is depressing .

    95. AmPro

      IT VIBRATES?! Finally something to put inside my girl so i can play games freely

    96. •*unedited*•

      Poor Larry 😭😭😰

    97. Grn day official

      i love sad larry

    98. aguleB


    99. REDFIREBALL627

      Realy sad Larry 🙁

    100. Stxr_Child

      10:50 this guy is a savage