Cyanide & Happiness Compilation - #30


1 mil. pregleda495

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    Time for a new compilation!

    Cyanide and Happiness delivers daily comics to your face-hole on since 2005!

    To Save A Life
    Crash Landing
    Monkeys Paw
    The Finger Trap
    Something Sentimental
    A Very Special Christmas

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    1. EverydayCrev


    2. Lil Wulf

      *howls* the snow that came dowwwn thooo

    3. Toxic Hipnotic

      First guy can drink the world beer supply and not get hungoved

    4. Piepie Guy

      The whale kidney one is wholesome kinda

    5. Roman Broggi

      That wasnt snow at the end

    6. JP M.

      Is that death? As a priest? Death back story confirmed?

    7. DieMation

      At 9:43 I love how they made their own version of careless whisper to not get striked 😂

    8. smolltaco

      I thought the whale would blow up

    9. Wiser Microbe

      1:19 I just knew that was going to end weird

    10. Yes this is Geography,maybe

      The pirate captain found a way to make it to the Earth's core

    11. cuphead cup

      9:44, now that’s a Mrs. claus

    12. Drevon Camacho

      6:21 lmao 🤣

    13. -Flaming Flagon-

      giant sized kidney :/

    14. REY🌛


    15. anony

      when i was a kid i considered being a priest... and now i see that if you want to become a priest, you have to learn to pilot a whole plane by yourself.

    16. Tristan Anderson

      the chinese finger thing went totally different direction thought lol

    17. Kehinde Adeniji

      other guy invented sensory aids, haha

    18. MooNay Soe8x

      So gay

    19. SLIME

      On the chinese finger trap, HOW DID THEY URINATE- 🤮

    20. Kingsley TO [10M1]

      Everyone loves “something”

    21. Skyler Yarroll

      Still kinda freaked out that Chris Sabat was in that last sketch.

    22. 1lmb


    23. Brianna Leal


    24. Brianna Leal

      Nice how they supported pride with the whale

    25. DrexYiii

      The man with the whale kidney could drink so much beer

    26. DMGamer_

      Just wait till that dude has to pass a kidney stone...

    27. Cameron Cunningham

      Beter stop making fun of god and his holy bible guys hes gon funk you shet up just sayin

    28. علی رحمتی

      And that's how Santa gives you baby brother , with f*cking your mother

    29. Pedro Henrique

      1:23 the good ending lmao

    30. Alphas Pack

      Were are his bones 🤣lmao

    31. Connor Muhlbacher

      All they had to say was no homo

    32. Cellular shark

      For the Santa one I thought:man mrs clause must be like-

    33. Schooby

      They weren't homossexual they were homiessexual.

    34. B U R R

      2:30 so that's what happened to that Malaysian flight

    35. Milan Weitzel

      Worst Cyanide and Happiness compilation of all I have seen so far. Totally predictable endings.

    36. Ace Balboa

      No homo bro

    37. Benji not benny

      All they had to say was no homo

    38. Eliplayz

      How big would that kindney stone be and it would hurt

    39. Markarth Guard

      If she just asked “is there a pilot on board” everything would have been fine

      1. Raine Wilder

        then there wouldn't be a cartoon about it

    40. Brandun Baker

      I remember when these were funny and nuts now they just suck

    41. Arthur Refslund


    42. JellyJam2011


    43. ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ

      The finger trap one sound like it could be bill and red in an alternate universe

    44. Creplar

      Can’t they cut the finger trap

    45. Eugene Makino P

      9:01 does the color on the door represent a place of the north or is it just me

    46. Nicholas Liu

      If the monkey paw fricks his wife is it still fricking his wife or is it fingering her?

    47. GerezAce

      how do they pee

    48. Dark Crow 8

      They risked their lives for the whale mak8ng it better cause sometimes they explode and can end in human casualty

    49. Onuorah Godwin

      This is hilarious

    50. Hayes

      *That first one was wholesome-ish*

    51. Nasir Campbell

      I was dead ass waiting for the whale to explode

    52. Joshua

      When the monkey paw got home i wondered how they had kids. My question was shortly answered.

    53. Bounty HunterSpeed

      5:00 why didn't they use scissors

    54. popo ong

      The priest:know da way

    55. Terminator

      I dont get the "Something Sentimental" short. Can someone explain?

    56. UwU_bxbycoco

      Monkey town

    57. FLASH MEME 9963

      Wow that's crazy

    58. Cursed cat image

      What the whale doin?

    59. Adolfo Quispe

      Waiting for hey I wanna taste something

    60. Rainbowfrog123


    61. Maria Rodriguez

      😂😂😂😂 52' n loving it!!!

    62. ThatOneKid

      2:20 was that a joke

    63. KermitTheKneecapBreaker

      OK sir, all your vital organs have been crushed, all your bones are completely turned into dust and your spine is now in 20 different areas in your body, buuuuuuut you saved over 100,100 dollars on health care.

    64. Aditya Narayan Rai

      Peter did it better with a Forklist

    65. Your cursed thing

      How did the bros survive winter without clothes

    66. Robbie

      It sounds like peanut butter gamer.

    67. lol !

      the cap went hell

      1. lol !

        while the plane went to haven

    68. You

      3:24 a monkey paw? 3:27 perry the monkey paw?!

    69. Kosta Katsoulis

      That guy is gonna be able to get VERY drunk

    70. Nabmcic

      2:18 is the same guy as 7:55

    71. Ghost Mode

      I love these videos, it’s just that they’re so repetitive


      Yeah bro........ Alll bro

    73. Chris Andre Romano

      9:43 It sounded like Careless Whisper

    74. JustSomeDrunkDemon

      7:10 this is kinda wholesome

    75. Mihnea Milutin

      posted on my B day!!! thx so much for the amazing gift!!!!! :)

    76. Justin Majors

      Who has an anchor on a plane?

    77. Varun Singh

      The real question is how did the two Bros pee though?

    78. pop cat

      The first one was kinda wholesome

    79. Carp1

      The monkey paw was uhh interesting

    80. John Preston

      The touch something had me on the floor when I realized

    81. Naro

      Oh god that monkey paw ...

    82. *SWEET* TREATS*


    83. CT-7567

      The Santa one was had careless whisper on remix

    84. Ethan Durrett

      I know the 1st one was odd but it was strangely wholesome in a way..

    85. ELFletch04

      I love the non copyright careless whisper 😂 9:42

    86. king x


    87. 𝗟1𝗟_𝗝𝗗

      I mean..they went to heaven peacefully

    88. thefighterguy2228

      The first one is very silly

    89. scout tf2

      I surely thought the fork lift would have worked in lifting the whale

    90. Fence 07


    91. MrBeastboybrown

      1:26 I was like.... Whale I guess that happened XD

    92. Rezky Aryaツ

      4:09 wait what

    93. noob gamerz life

      That Biggs be ripped

    94. TheMultiGoat

      Doctor: yep he’s dead Plane : we going down together

    95. strikerk

      Those bros would have had a lot more fun if they were gay. lol

    96. 𝕮𝖆𝖗𝖎𝖇𝖇𝖊𝖆𝖓海

      That first one is wholesome as hell

    97. Neeraj Singh

      The Santa one 🤣🤣🤣

    98. Cody Goad

      Damn who the fuck ages that fast in 20 years. They looked like they were in their 20s-30s

    99. Jackie Holley

      That mans pee will be CRYSTAL I mean you could probably drink it and it would cleanse your system

    100. [redacted]

      You do know you can just cut the finger trap with scissors 🙄