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365 tis. pregleda248

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    Created By: Rob DenBleyker, Kris Wilson, Dave McElfatrick
    Directed By: Dave McElfatrick
    Based on Original Comic By: Dave McElfatrick
    Animation Director: Bill Jones
    Supervising Animator: Matt Thurman
    Animation: Matt Thurman
    Intro Animation: Paul Blair
    Animatic: Kris Behr
    Character Design & Props: Paul Blair
    Editor: Taylor Ransom
    Sound Editor & Mixer: Ben Governale, Cymatic Studios
    Sound‌ ‌Design/Foley:‌ ‌Nic‌ky ‌Federle, Ben Governale
    Voice Actors:
    Dave McElfatrick: Guy
    Kate McElfatrick: Mom
    Produced By: Adam Nusrallah
    Production Manager: Autumn Soeder
    Production Coordinator: Michael Stewart

    Datum objavljivanja: Prije mjesec


    1. mentra1

      Dude just threw him with the might of a god, that baby flew in a straight line for eternity.

    2. Emanuel Emi Poláček

      Whooom.:D :D

    3. dragon beast

      oh god the way he grabs him by he skin



    5. Zephyr

      This one's a classic

    6. the gamer of the country

      Yeetus the fetus

    7. JMJRulz


    8. ladrena davis


    9. The Video-Beast

      I think the guy is distantly related to a certain cave man

    10. Pizza Gamer


    11. Abheek Soni

      Isn't this the same from the "Oh, you like maths? Determine the Velocity"

    12. Zealot Of The Orchard

      If a dude says my baby should be a model i wouldnt want him to go anywhere near children

    13. 3GDude19 FDG

      *perfect spiral*

    14. Jaime Jimenez

      A model-o… Proceeds to drink baby 🍺

    15. F

      Would've been funnier if the title didn't give it away!

    16. erroneousdays

      This is disgusting. You don't choose a model based on the looks! You choose it based in aerodynamics.. He didn't even resize the specimen par the requirement before making it go for test-flight. Sort of like making a model go on runaway without wardrobe or makeup. Who does that?!

    17. Andrew Xiao

      Grasp and yeet

    18. T.E.G Studios

      Finally the meme got animated

    19. Supreme Leader

      All babies come with the ability to fly. Don't believe me? Try it with yours.

    20. Nuggie

      Yeetelydeet, That baby just got yeet

    21. mindlesstube

      Well model airplanes are for show not for flying/throwing.

    22. Nic Cresp

      What if you did something like this but an airplane is a victorior secret model

    23. Katie Cox

      Fuck I love this tol much keep it up

    24. good Morning xyz 1

      I remember this one....but with math?

    25. Loganator356

      Don't Yeet the Baby

    26. Danni Jensen

      What idiot throws a model airplane!? You display model (literally anything), in a case, preferably air tight.

    27. Hell Boy

      Finally it become a video

    28. Lewis K

      Shit video

    29. BrushyMite 6⃣ 0⃣ 7⃣ 8⃣ 7⃣

      Yeet The Child

    30. ItsInvis Mitell

      That went dark fast, god do I miss this

    31. JackDoesBFBandOtherStuff

      Ants: *holds his bags* oh the airplane is coming

    32. Tobias Christopher

      That got dark fast.

    33. Crey Gamer

      Ahhahahhahahaha Muahahhahahahahahahaa

    34. BRO, STOP DYING!

      I forgot the original after all the remixes

    35. The Blue Dragon

      Not where i thought it was going

    36. Dummy Dummy

      Let’s just hope the baby doesn’t hit 2 model buildings that look identical.

    37. Mash

      Who throws a model airplane???

    38. Koplopbop The Catsikune


    39. Judd Otto

      I've gotta try this 😂

    40. Sgt vickers desert ranger

      He’s the brother of the smoking for evil guy

    41. Red Bird

      Boy: Is this why you called me Jetfire dad?

    42. Lost Soul

      Well that one flew

    43. Daffa Hafizh

      why is the animation short?

    44. Evan Glasscock


    45. Rocky Noriega

      Everyones gangsta until the baby flies into the twin towers

    46. music Studio


    47. Happy AAL

      Plot Twist: There’s a plot twist

      1. Justen Payne

        Plot twist is like a time machine

    48. Ceiran Davies

      Yoo one I’ve actually seen before

    49. Creator Disney

      thats how boss baby was born

    50. ChronoXShadow

      But wait! You're not supposed to throw model airplanes! You build/paint them and then hang them up or balance them on a stand.

    51. Grim_king


    52. I am your paint roller

      I remember

    53. None

      *Y E E T T H E C H I L D*

    54. Chris Perrien

      Give me two "Sleet -Skeets"(if you knew what those were) and i could make a P-38 out of them that would take off, fly around and land properly. -that was a really good day . 45+ years ago :) BTDidT

    55. Daniel Bojidarov


    56. Damien Juarez

      Ghost toast PLEASE!

    57. REDACTED

      Bruh that dude was a savege

    58. Napoléon I Bonaparte

      I thought he was literally going to be made into a model aeroplane by that doctor-carpenter.

    59. Android 21

      "A module air plane" *Yeet*

    60. Big boy townimations

      POV: your watching this again because explosm changed the thumbnail

    61. McBenMan 1

      I guess you could say, that aviated quickly

    62. ray wang

      dad: what are we having for breakfast honey? mom: the baby is cooking in the oven

    63. the blue knight

      XD imagine watching this on the toilet 🤣

    64. FartBoi

      Sergeant: this squad will be like none you’ve ever leaded soldier Soldier: I’ve lead every squad *later Soldier: BABY SQUAD ROLL OUT *babies with guns

    65. TSWUIPS !

      aw, man, please.

    66. SirenHound

      That guy is clearly an asshole that should never be around children. But he has one hell of an arm on him!

    67. Darren Papi


    68. Lil Mike

      This is dedicated to all the parents and grandparents who think thier hideous CHUD baby is adorable....(it's not...sorry)

    69. Omega Legion

      Fucking EPIC!! My kid should be a model as well

    70. q0w1e2r3t4y5

      This was the first ever not funny video in the history of C&H. For me.

    71. E. J.

      Model airplanes *always* break. Thats not looking to good for the his odds.

    72. shadow the wolf

      Cruelty to babes

    73. Joshua Gonzales


    74. ChocoBlob

      First it was the dad that yeeted his baby, now it's a guy that yeet somebody's baby

    75. Mr. Suspicious

      Wow how aerodynamic

    76. Thunder Basilisk

      Pfffft hahahahaha!!

    77. Morgan K.

      Aaah... good ol' times...

    78. Jeremy Deutch

      Some C&H trivia : The whooshing sound effect that you hear when the baby was flying was actually recorded from a baby that is very good at making sound effects.

    79. Pan Everfree

      Yeet the child!!

    80. ZX6uoPlayz


    81. darkpq

      He should work for the mafia

    82. PICHU Pictures

      I Requested this one in a past episode lol

    83. purple melon

      Yall ran out of ideas

    84. purple melon

      So lame

    85. jkor

      This model is mh370 once u throw it won't be found......*laugh jokerly*

    86. TrueAussie

      I look forward to the day the editor corrects the music volume on these classic clips

    87. Ethan Work

      Shouldve had quadruplets that way two of them could be model airplanes and the other two would be the twin towers

    88. Logan Dubin

      He's got quite the arm.

    89. Cartoonking3

      That was the ending twist I was not expecting to see 😆😨😳!

    90. MarekCMonster

      You got a big career ahead of you, kid

    91. Joseph Howard

      Well that's stupid... Planes don't fly like that. That's a model helicopter at best.

    92. Arceli Biagtan

      Just a Meme Guy: What is his age? Girl: 32 Months Guy: oh so you like maths? (Throws baby) what is the velocity?

    93. Cal

      this is asdf movie comedy but in color. change my mind.

    94. DuckaDoo

      Didn't they already post this video?

    95. Intoxicanyx

      So what did you do when you are baby *I BLEW UP MALAYSIA*

    96. Popetato -

      The fact that he could throw that baby that far means he’s been practicing or has lots of experience throwing babies

    97. Yash B.

      The comments here are funnier

    98. KCghost

      Damn the kid is very aerodynamic