Cyanide & Happiness Compilation - #31


1,2 mil. pregleda546

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    Time for a fresh compilation of recent shorts!

    Cyanide and Happiness delivers daily comics to your face-hole on since 2005!

    Girl Fight
    Grand Theft Otto
    Fart in a Jar Martin Goes to Jail
    Freds Downtown Deli
    Grandpas Skydive
    Bernard the Butler

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    1. The Slayer

      The last one is basically vore

    2. Alfs Girl

      At 1:31, did they arrest that guy for dressing like a gun? And further more, did they allow him to keep the costume along with the prisonwear?

    3. Buckethead

      Martin is so stupid, THE GIRL THAT YOU DATED DID IT 2 TIMES, ONLY 2, BUT YA SAY ITS DISGUSTING EVEN THO YOU DID IT *1000* TIMES, and since she already told you about 2 times but you did once, the you should prove just do the other, *idiot*

    4. Alfie Mcginnity

      The best tie ever 4 the sh.t king

    5. Aaron De Luna


    6. Lollipop

      The rich guy in Bernard the Butler has the voice actor of Stolas from Helluva Boss :O

    7. chris lafoon

      Someone get that man a raise.

    8. Shadowstar Mephisto Eoxdus

      The butler eating the good for nothing who could not do a thing for himself that was wholesome lol

    9. Blank Duckling20

      8:20 who is opening the exit gates?

    10. Nicollas Val

      Good to see Bernard jumped in on the eat the rich trend

    11. Charles Banana

      1:03 *Cough* my invisiballs

    12. Juana Valera

      What the hell

    13. Santiago Lopez

      This goes to show how men have evolved to become more simp like

    14. Shelby Malone

      Wait if the automatic doors didn't work to let invisibill out, how'd he get inside the bank in the first place?

    15. T3dDy Gr1M

      These still exist?

    16. itsShadowNinja15


    17. itsShadowNinja15

      I already know that this video is going to be interesting to watch and nice video dude.

    18. Matthew Keen


    19. NoItsMyHead


    20. Bob

      something tells me that Oscar Todd and Otto are gonna do a ffa in a episode called Half Off 3: 2 for the pice of one

    21. Erasmo 03


    22. NitroGaming

      This comment section once was at 666 😳

    23. Aaren Israel


    24. forgetfulfunctor1

      Eat the rich

    25. NiTe

      why have cyanide and happiness gotten so shit since i last watched? feels more... family friendly... i dont like it

    26. Vantazzy

      I don't understand the ending. He ate him and then he walks towards the sunset carrying his full body...

    27. Kisaki ☆

      "That guy beats his girlfriend!" Proceeds to jump the girlfriend

    28. Jordan Williamsbarry

      Im really depressed atm and watching these make me feel a bit better :))

    29. Vinca Kemukujara

      Why did the prison door sounds like the doors in dbd

    30. Kevin Kev

      Is this another dimension of Rick and Morty, or why do i see "Morty" at 2:49 ? xD

    31. Minority Respecter

      I ain't laughin

    32. Vanini Sky

      He was cute when he ha his muchtas as a v upsidedown

    33. Nick Kar

      2:11 *bill burr*

    34. Drunk Skunk

      In grand theft Otto, what monster left their kids in the car

    35. Rosey RBLX

      Phuc and Yu

    36. Alien Soup


    37. Lion Heart

      You was going to skip my comment!!....get the fuck outta here!!

    38. XDcrazygamer12

      Where is the address for grand theft ottos

    39. Leanna Wang


    40. Joe Joe

      You know what everyone plays 3:19

    41. Imperiom

      that bernard guy is the best buttler i ever seen

    42. Imperiom

      i would TOTALLY PAY OTTO A VISIT !!! i have a lambo in mind...

    43. Fabian H

      13:25 is this the voice of STOLAS from Helluva boss?

    44. « snak »


    45. shamo Ali

      Oh my God

    46. Heagan Elsberry


      1. Heagan Elsberry


    47. TanginaMoMeansHiInTagalog

      "ow my invisiballs" got me wheezing😂

    48. Marco Bernabe

      The roach is a meat 9:53

    49. Mr. pug

      OHHHHHH Bernard ! Where are you?

    50. NUT

      The sound when fart in a jar Martin was in jail and toilet wine Terry farted in a jar basically the door sound was from dead by daylight

    51. Noah Willis

      How convenient cus toilet wine terries head looks like a toilet

    52. Chris Perrien

      It is really cool that Grand Theft Otto has ZZ Top backing his commercial

    53. Chris Perrien

      I liked being that spooky paint salesman, working at the hardware store

    54. Andrew Ballard

      I just noticed one of the prisoners is a huge gun. @_@

    55. sneaky time

      Waching women box is like watching a dog chase its tail like ur not getting nowere just end the fight and call it a draw

      1. Stealthalquinn

        Same could be said bout men's

    56. Lucas Portela


    57. Ahsangamer 27 #4


    58. Naruto uzumaki

      The first one doe if he was in visible how did they not see his clothes

    59. Saiyan Demon

      I love girls like that because seeing a girl with strength is very attractive and I’m a masochist

    60. X T


    61. A Aer

      Asdf movies for adults

    62. Nana Ranjan Baruah


    63. Soldie24

      True love

    64. Nick Crowe

      I wonder how often the girl fight situation happens in real life with MMA fighters and wrestlers.

    65. Alan Gamer

      When you are invisible you cannot see

    66. Gman's Gnarly Science Show

      The girl fight one is probably what it’s like for Rhonda Rousey’s husband.

    67. Sprint Wyvern

      Awwwwww...That is sweet

    68. Dante KingJeter

      The lesson is nothing do whatever when it comes to invisible paint lol

    69. AceTV


    70. Fatalis_Shiro

      plot twist, fred's restaurant is an absolute dump because he wants his brother luigi to succeed in life.

    71. usere6l3 886ovv

      The 2nd is definitely one of my favorites in all Cyanide and Happiness shorts

    72. J_IS_DABOSS

      on Grand Theft Otto, I was just imagining that someone would walk up to Otto and say, "Hey, can I get a AR-15, or any machine gun of sort." and Otto's gonna say, "Sir, this is a car dealer store." just know i didnt know what was gonna happen in the future of this clip, but it was about car deals

    73. Bradferd -_-

      martin a bozo

    74. Rzypas

      11:24 (what i got to lose) me ) your life

    75. Stephen Wagner

      Yo what's the name of the sketch that shoots Steve is originally from

    76. Derp

      Invisibill more like visibill

    77. Axolotl

      at the end so thats what they meant about eat the rich

    78. Chazesin Higgins

      This really lost its funnie they tried so hard but eventually went to shit

    79. Rohey Sallah

      Is the ExplosmEntertainment HRaero channel or YoMama HRaero funnier

    80. Rohey Sallah

      Is the ExplosmEntertainment HRaero channel or YoMama HRaero funnier

    81. DOGE DR1P Plays roblox and more

      That was worth it 13:01.*FOR HIM*.

    82. knight gamer


    83. A Rock.

      would you quit it with the stupid fart dude its not funny and im real tired of it

    84. Victor Bryan

      What a prison. They don't even check your picture when they release you

    85. Alvin Tejada


    86. the lonely cookie

      It's not grand theft otto it's grand theft auto

    87. Kaly

      ‘I’ve got deals so good they should be illegal’

    88. Yao Hey

      8:19 dead by daylight

    89. Arianne Grenade

      "My invisi-balls"

    90. Agneeva Dutta Gupta

      dude, i was born on 9th december, 2009 at around 11:30. I dont think this is a coincidence.

    91. FNF


    92. Delicious Pancakes

      I like men

    93. Bandup.___

      0:50 then how u get in

    94. The_Hunter2K19

      Ara ara

    95. The Blue Blur

      The fat guy in jail is CRAZY!!!!!🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣7:35

    96. dickus suckus

      Invisibalss.i see

    97. Metalogical

      That's what I thought grand theft auto was when I first heard about the game.

    98. °FrozenWhites

      Blood epic

    99. AviOwl

      One day the jail break will happen. There’s been so much foreshadowing