Something Saga


1,2 mil. pregleda647

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    Something Stupid
    Something Scrumptious
    Something Spacey
    Something Sexy
    Something Sentimental

    Datum objavljivanja: Prije 4 mjeseci


    1. Christopher Harris

      That’s not something spacey that’s tripy

    2. Stephanie McLeod

      The best part of all of this is the football player

    3. Lol1928 baa

      3: im kinda sick man....*INTENSE SNIFF* am I on drugs?

    4. Piepie Guy

      I back with no life

    5. Damon Aura

      Wanna feel something braising? ( that's me referring to every single c&h episode). C U Y

    6. •Classic Catty•

      Something Classic

    7. Guadalupe Ramirez


    8. Guadalupe Ramirez

      One percent hope i make it through the video im at something sentimental

    9. James Wallace

      What’s the genre of music do use for Spacey?

    10. James Wallace

      What is the genre of music used for Spacey?

    11. James Wallace

      This guy is clearly in hell

    12. DarkLeviathanYT

      Is the next entry in this series is experience something from the looks of it

    13. [redacted]

      2:25 is it me or did he say kamusta

    14. The Apex Minecrafter

      The chair is a ladder. I just now caught that reference

    15. Tyler Sands

      I love that music in something Spacey, I must have it, I Shazamed the song and got it, up for air by Varroa

    16. Vix

      i wonder how much the football player got pay for all of these

    17. Caleb Kief

      We never got a last Ah what the fu-

    18. white foxy


    19. Jamesjackjames 11

      Aww what the fu-

    20. Piepie Guy

      This is the legal way to experience lsd

    21. lordravenblade

      All he had to do was stay out of the featureless white cubic building.

    22. Mr Explo


    23. Kevin The Kid

      1:38 he can’t smell because he has COVID-19

    24. Adam Shepherd

      This needs a sequel with the sixth Sense.

    25. Guillermo Rodríguez Moreno

      And then I go and spoil it all by saying something stupid like oh, dude what the fu-?!

    26. Sans

      AH what the fuc-

    27. Dom Frei

      Saxophone music?

      1. Jonathan Sauceda

        I like your hat is the song I think

    28. Nature Imposter

      Damn dude I want to smell something spacey 😁

    29. Christian Bauer

      Wait a second I just realized something: this series touches on all five senses. - SEE something stupid. - TASTE something scrumptious - SMELL something spacey - HEAR something sexy - TOUCH something sentimental.

    30. shadowsa2b

      Well that surely was something

    31. JarlN

      Well Spacey would fit into any Heavy Metal compilation

    32. Flying Cow

      I wanna smell something spacey

    33. Rockstar Miami

      wanna see something stupid? *points at kids with anime pfps*

    34. Gabba gool

      Something spacy is something sacred

    35. Connor Thompson

      Something Stupid: Man decapitates himself and then blows his head up Something Scrumptious: Man turns himself into a hot dog and feeds himself to his friend Something Spacey: Man turns himself into cocaine and *_ASCENDS_* Something Sexy: Man turns his head into... boobs? And gets his friend hard? Can... can we skip this one? Something Sentimental: This one's just nice

    36. DoctorX17

      I wonder when Something Saga 2 will come out

    37. Jack Stramara

      Something Spacey Was Like What It Feels Like To Listen To Pink Floyd

    38. Sliver Jack

      I like the psychedelic Pink Floyd nature of "Something Spacey" .

    39. Flocky Jackson

      guy got his balls wrecked at the start

    40. Yeeticus The pale

      Love how the football player doesn’t age

    41. Voidless

      That guy has seen some shit

    42. something sus when


      "Pretty dreamy, huh?" "Wait, how the fu-"

    44. MrWhatdafuBOOM

      7:44 *"Hey, you wanna dream something scary?"*

    45. Doggo M8

      The football guy is the best reoccurring character in the series

    46. sagad ali

      Intro title card: Something stupid title in the video: Something Saga What? How?

    47. Daylight

      I only just realized that the ending is "Sense something scary"

    48. rikkie en bodie van aarle

      how did he suvive!!

    49. Diryx X


    50. Jamall


    51. Piere Rves

      Hey You wanna Drink Something Spicy

    52. Greentoes B status

      0:00 something stupid 0:37 something scrumptious 1:32 something spacey 3:15 something sexy 4:45 something sentimental 7:14 something stormy

    53. Moses Oveo

      I love how in every vid whatever the wtf dude is doing is the exact opposite of what the guy is trying to show him

    54. Why


    55. Areyem

      Just a white dude doing some white things

    56. Cornelius Cornstock

      Something Spacey has gotta be my favorite Something Saga

    57. potato with a gas mask

      Wanna see a funny comment

    58. Gamerm Cheems

      The football player need his own video

    59. Irish Engine

      7:17 pretty creepy huh?

    60. Carl Lrac


    61. ロ


    62. Darwin Valladares

      0:27 what the fu- 1 1:23 what the fu- 2 2:57 what the fu- 3 4:33 ah what the fu- 6:57 oh what the fu-

    63. Chris Boyd

      Hey want to see the smoking

    64. li neage

      Pretty lovely huh Me:Ugh what the fu-

    65. Elle Gillon

      This guys like invincible

    66. Thomas Hogan

      *ending* WHAT THE FU.....

    67. Lord Forg

      This was a real something

    68. The Raging red

      Well that was definitely something

    69. Jake The fox

      "dude what the fu-!?!?"

    70. Thomas LaParne (Student HBHS)

      that spacey scene reminds me of a cool trippy scene from somewhere but i dont know where i remember it from

    71. Badger

      Ah yes, weird guy and normal guy.

    72. just_some_random_channel

      other peoples dreams: good things happening to them my dreams: 1:54

    73. blazing dragon

      *Pretty something huh?*

    74. The Maloc

      Make more

    75. MC Dexpo

      I just realized... Each thing the green guy showed started with him asking yellow to do something pertaining to the 5 senses... *See* something Stupid *Taste* something Scrumptious *Smell* something Spacey *Hear* something Sexy And *Touch* something- (finally gets cut off by yellow shirt)

    76. Dig Bick

      Just notice that guy was siting on a ladder the whole time

    77. Noob From Roblox

      I love how there is always something Involving the football player

    78. Kellan Miller

      Watch it in x2 speed

    79. jaybles cashews

      Loved the ending

    80. Yu Pei

      He probably weed

    81. Yu Pei


    82. Yu Pei


    83. novy gaming


    84. Zachial Adams

      This man is being tormented by a bored fae god.

    85. JP artz

      How that blac man still on da table

    86. Xinyu Chong

      It always ends off with WTF

    87. nerdycookiebunny

      Notice how he always messes with the black guy...the question is why what so special about him? Is it because he says dah what the f- everytime? Or does he just enjoy messing with him all the time? Or is it just a constant loop or torture? For him with them making him think its dream?

    88. 4 Ma ReFlex


    89. Parálisis demon

      The only explanation is that those two are beings of emense power with the only purpose to instill fear

    90. Mr. L

      Man that guy hates the something dude soooooo much

    91. SecureGrypon

      Another name for this is: Perfectly Cut What The Fu-

    92. SxvenSouls

      this sure is something.

    93. Jacorie Carter

      He just looked at him a he said"what the f******k"

    94. BeatsboxFox

      Pretty scary huh... What the fu- (Outro plays)

    95. The Impostor

      the something guy is fucking immortal LMAO

    96. im the coolest please subscribe please

      Oh fuck is he alive

    97. im the coolest please subscribe please

      This is to sad😥😥😥